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23| caught and putting it all out in the open

A/N: Chapter will contain a lot of strong language. So heads up. . . . and I hope y'all enjoy chapter though tbh I think it's... sorta sucky lol but hopefully y'all enjoy!



It is the first thing I think when I see a red-faced Westley standing in the doorway anger, disgust and hate filling his green orbs. Claire stands behind him, eyes raking over Drew as she bites on her bottom lip. Hunger in her eyes.

I place my hand in Drew's and send her a look. Telling her he is mine! “I said what the fuck is going on? Why the hell are you all over my daughter!? Your niece?!”

Drew tightens his grip on my hand and pulls me into his side. “Step-niece and I wasn't all over her. I—”

But Westley isn't hearing it he turns his glare on me. “You. Get your ass over here this instant little girl!”

“No,” I state calmly. “No? No! You listen to me you are my daughter. You are seventeen, a child and you are in my goddamn house so you will fuckin' listen to me!”

Veins begin to pop out in his forehead and spittle fly from his mouth with each word he speaks.

Drew scoffs beside me gaining everyone's attention. “She's eighteen Westley.” Drew seethes out making him frown. “I think I know how old my daughter is Drew and she's not eighteen her birthday isn't for another month. You fucking incestuous child molester!”

Drew flinches and his grip loosens on my hand.

This time it's I who speaks up. “I turned eighteen yesterday.” I remark “and what I and Drew did or do is not incestuous. We are not kin. He's no blood relation to me—”

“He's my brother and I'm your father!”

“I have a father and it is not you. You are nothing to me, except someone I sadly share DNA with. Besides, you don't seem to know the first thing about being a father! Just as Claire doesn't seem to know the first thing about being a mother.”

Claire's draw drops and Westley steps forward his hands clenching and unclenching, chest heaving in anger.

“Do not dare talk to me like that! I am your father and you are a fucking whore just like your mother!” he chuckles “though at least your mother didn't fuck her uncle.”

I flinch back, his words hurting.

Drew steps forward going up to Westley, his shoulders are tensed and his eyes narrowed. “Do not speak about Rose or Neveah like that. Rose did what she had to do when you and her poor excuse of parents abandoned her, threw her away like trash! She did what she did to take care of her and your daughter.” Drew's voice resonates throughout the silent living area, deep and dominating. “and I will not have you speak about the woman I love like that or her mother.”

“Come on Drew you don't love her. She's just a young piece of ass. At least tell me this. Was she good in the bed—” before he could finish his sentence he's laying on the floor blood pouring from his broken nose.

“You broke my damn nose!” Wesley whines. “You're lucky that all I did.”

Claire moves over and grips Westley's arm, helping him up.

“You're no brother of mine no more.”

Drew let's out a dark chuckle “You were never my brother so no hurt feelings there. . .”

Tension fills the room only to be broken by the sound of Lizzie crying which gets closer and closer until Gracie enters the living area, holding Lizzie in her arms. “I-i'm sorry but I can't get her to stop crying.” Gracie murmurs her blue orbs taking in the scene before her, widening when they see the blood covering her ‘uncle'.

“Give me my baby you brat!” Claire snaps walking up and jerking Lizzie from Gracie. Gracie jerks back and rushes to me and her daddy.

Lizzie screams louder.

“She's hungry and needs her nappy changed," I say making Claire roll her eyes. “I know what my daughter needs slut."

“yeah, different parents.”

“What did you just say?!” Claire yells out. Well, shoot... I roll my eyes and sigh not replying.

“She said Lizzie needs different parents.” Gracie clarifies in a ‘duh’ tone, placing her hands on her waist.

Mine and Drew's eyes meet and his sparkle with laughter as do mine.

“Why you—”

Lizzie's screams amplify.


Hours later and finally the drama has come to a somewhat close.

“I still think it's incest,” Wesley grumbles crossing his arms and glaring at Drew who has an arm around my shoulder, and one around Gracie's.

Drew sighs,

“Look Westley I'll admit that I was wrong in pursuing a relationship with Neveah. But I am not sorry I did. I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her.” my green orbs stare up at him and I feel my heart melt into a puddle.

“You sick bastard—!” Westley shouts compelling Lizzie to begin screaming as she's woken from her sleep.

“Ugh! Look at what you did Wes!” Claire groans, “you've woken the baby.”

Westley shrugs “Who cares, all it seems to do is freaking cry.” he grumbles sending a scathing look toward the innocent little girl.

Claire yanks Lizzie out of the bouncer roughly making me shriek out “Watch it, you're going to hurt her!” Claire rolls her eyes “She's my baby so mind your damn business!”

“Yeah, and I still don't understand how someone with no parental genes got blessed with such an angel.”

All eyes fly toward me, hatred simmering in Claire's blue orbs as well as Westley's green ones, laughter dancing in Drew's blue ones and aww filling Gracie's.

“What?” I ask confused.

“You said that out loud, ” Gracie tells me in a whisper making my eyes widen before I shrug “Well it's the truth. I mean come on what parents leave their newborn baby on a couch by herself? And then just disappears without making sure someone is going to watch her?”

I give a pointed look toward Claire and Westley.

Westley looks ashamed while Claire just looks pissed.

“Until you have a baby mind your own freaking business! Because you know nothing—”

“Claire she's right.”

Claire gazes at Westley brows knitted together. “Wh...what...?”

“I said she's right. We're horrible parents.”

“How do you know that? We haven't even been parents for a week yet.”

“I've been a parent for seven— eighteen years and I know I'm not parent material and neither are you.”

After that, a screaming match begins and I stand along with Drew and Gracie.

“Uhm, we're going to go.”

I say to no one in particular when I'm stopped by Westley handing Lizzie over to me “take her with you.”


A week has gone by since everything came out in the open. Now there's no reason me and Drew have to hide our relationships. Everyone now knows we are together... Well except my parents who will find out shortly. As soon as we arrive.

“You okay love?” Drew questions glancing over at me. I nod. “yeah, I'm fine. Excited to see mom and dad and a little bit nervous. And worried about Lizzie, I hope she's okay."

I didn't want to leave her behind but... I'm not her mother so I couldn't bring her with me. I just hope Claire and Wes actually watch her. It would hurt me badly if something happens to that sweet innocent baby.

Drew reaches over and clasps my left hand in his right one. “Don't be love. Everything will be fine. And I've asked Jenna and Draya to ‘pop’ by for a visit every now and then to make sure Lizzie is okay.”

I give him a grateful smile and squeeze his hand in thanks.


Gracie's sweet voice calls out and I turn little ways in my seat. “yes, sweetie?”

“Will your mama. . . like me?”

I grin and say without having to think about it “Absolutely. She's going to adore you.”


“Oh! My baby, I've missed you so much!” my mom cries out squeezing me into a tight, air-taking hug. “I've missed you too,” I tell her, squeezing her back just as tight. Tears stream down both our cheeks as we hold each other.

“Don't I get a hug?” Quinn asks grinning. I pull back from my mother and rush into Quinn's arms. He kisses the top of my head “It's good to have you back sweetheart.”

I kiss his cheek and move back. After mom and Quinn greet Drew and Gracie we all make our way inside where I then grab Drew's hand and Gracie's.

My mom looks at our clasped hands and shock, confusion, worry, and happiness crosses her features. “Mom, dad. I have something to tell you." I say nervously. But before I can say anything else Gracie jumps in and squeals out “Daddy and Neveah are a couple!” a grin splitting over her lips.

Drew chuckles “Sweetie I think Neveah wanted to tell them that.” Gracie flushes and looks down at her feet “I'm sorry...”

“It's fine sweety, " I tell her giving her a smile. “I was kinda nervous to tell them anyway.”


Mom and Quinn seem to take the news rather well. Though Drew did get a promise from Quinn that if he hurts me in any way he won't live to see another day making my mom give him a proud smile.

After that, we all ate dinner and spoke about everything and nothing. I told them about Lizzie and how I hope Claire and Westley decide to take being a patent seriously.

But altogether, it turned out to be a wonderful day.

And tomorrow I will finally get to see the triplets.

Excitement fills me.


“Are you sure you don't want to stay here?” my mom asks once again and I laugh “I'm sure mom. I'm going to stay with Drew and Gracie.”

“But wouldn't you rather stay in a house than a motel?”

“Drew owns a house down here mom, it's about thirty minutes from here.”

“Oh, okay.” she pulls me in another hug. “I love you so much and am so proud of you.”

“Thanks, I love you too mom.”

“Oh, wait a moment!” she commands me “Quinn honey?”

“Yes, darling.”

“We need to give Neveah her birthday present.”

Quinn grins and strides toward him and mom's room coming back shortly with a small box. I open it to find... “Keys?”

Quinn and mom smile real big and pulls me out of the house with Drew and Gracie following us and into the garage where Quinn removes a tarp to show a brand new car.

A black Chevy Blazer.

“Happy Birthday sweetie!” my mom and Quinn tell me. I give both of them a hug “Thank you, thank you! I love it!” I squeal out.


“Do you think Lizzie is okay?” I ask Drew as I lay cuddled up into him. He hums “Yeah, I'm sure she's fine love.”

I sigh “I hope so.”

He continues to play with my hair as he speaks “We'll call them in the morning to check, okay? I promise. And if everything isn't fine we'll get on my jet and fly out there.”

“m'kay... I love you.” I murmur my eyes closing.

“I love you too.” he places a kiss on my head and darkness decent on me with one thought.

I'm so glad I was forced to visit Westley.

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