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24| marry me?


I can't help but smile as she speared her shrimp in frustration. Her beautiful chestnut-colored hair is tucked behind her ear, a pout on her full kissable lips. She's the most beautiful creature on the planet and she is mine.

Well, soon she would be at least. If everything goes like I hope it will.

I watch as the candlelight makes her green eyes shine like a beacon and the red in her hair more evident.

I notice the waiter shuffle his feet impatiently as his eyes rove over Neveah. Taking a deep breath to block him out I put all of my attention back on my love. Watching as she eats her main course with a salad fork. I know I should have told her long ago that it wasn't the right fork but it is endearing. I love it. I love her.

“Aren't you enjoying yourself at all?” I ask trying to get her attention.

“What?” she looks up surprised, her cheeks flushing. Had she been so focused on her thoughts that she had forgotten I was here?

“Oh, Ummm, yeah I guess.” she mumbles letting her hair fall over her face. “just feeling a little out of my element.” she smiles sheepishly. “this is all just so... Strange...so new. . . I never went anywhere like this with mom and Quinn. And I don't even want to think about how much all of this will cost”

I nod understanding but “Love don't worry about how much anything will cost. Just enjoy yourself, please? I have plenty of money, you know.”

She gives me a small smile and a soft laugh escapes her. “I'm sorry Drew, I'm enjoying my self I promise. I just. . . hate you spending so much money on me.” she moves her hand to her right wrist that is adorned with a diamond 14K clustered white gold bracelet that matches the necklace I had gotten her three months ago for her eighteenth birthday.

Reaching across the table I place the hair that had fallen in her face behind her ear and caress her cheek. “Well don't. I love spending my money on you.” hopefully soon it will be our money.

She smiles at me, eyes shining.

I put my hand under the table and out of Neveah's sight, and then motion for the waiter to walk over with the tray he holds.

On the silver, the tray is one single rose, with an engagement ring nestled between two leaves. As the waiter comes closer Neveah gives him a polite smile.

Then her eyes catch what is on the tray and her smile fades into a look of shock. I take a deep breath, then grab the rose — dethroned of course — and kneel in front of her.

“Neveah, you are everything I will ever need. With every breath you take you remind me why I breathe, with every beat of your heart you remind me why I hear, with every step you take you remind me why I move, with every laugh that leaves your mouth you remind me of why I speak, and with every kiss, touch, and embrace you remind me of why I live. So I ask you this, Neveah Sky Coleman, will you marry me?”

Two girls that had heard my little speech begins to cry while another looks pointedly at her boyfriend. They don't matter at the moment though all that matters is Neveah's answer.

Her face takes on a look of extreme shock, tears stream down her cheeks and she stares at me mouth agape.

“Drew...” she chokes out. I feel my heart thud dramatically, my palms begin to sweat. Please, please say yes. I beg silently.

“Yes. Of course, I'll marry you!”

I release a huge puff of air and grin widely before standing and pulling her into my arms. “She said yes!!” I shout out laughing.

People begin to clap.

Neveah giggles and buries her face into the crook of my shoulder, blushing furiously from all the attention.


The moment I pull up to Neveah's home though not for much longer her mom who has Lizzie in her arms and Quinn rush out of the house along with Gracie. Neveah looks over at me and I nod answering her unspoken question. “I couldn't ask you to marry me without getting their blessings.”

She smiles and leans over the console to peck my lips quickly before rushing out of the vehicle and toward her mom who quickly hands Lizzie over to Quinn before meeting Neveah halfway. “Did you say yes?” Neveah grins and nods enthusiastically while showing her mom the engagement ring. It has a thin 18K white gold band with a huge red rose diamond in the middle and clusters of smaller white diamonds around it.

Her mother squeals and pulls her into a tight embrace. I chuckle and make my way toward Quinn, Lizzie, and Gracie.

Quinn quirks his lips up into a half-grin “I'm taking everything went as planned. Seeing as my wife has turned into a squealing, blubbering excited mess.”

I nod. “Yea, it did.” Lizzie reaches out for me and I take her from Quinn. “Hey, baby girl.” I coo out to her before placing a kiss on her forehead. I look down at Gracie who is starting toward Neveah and Rose (Neveah's mom). “Why don't you go join them, baby?”

Gracie sighs “I don't wanna interrupt their mother, daughter time." She whispers her shoulders drooping. I sigh. My divorce was finalized two months ago and it has also been two months since Gretchen has seen or contacted Gracie. And it's hurting her. But I think the main thing that hurts her is how badly she wants Neveah to be her mother but is terrified she won't want to be.

I catch Neveah's gaze and nod my head toward Gracie. She frowns not understanding what I'm trying to say that is until she looks at Gracie. “Hey, Grace sweetheart come here!” She hollers out waving Gracie over. Gracie grins and skips over to Neveah who pulls her into her arms and kisses her head.

Lizzie begins to fuss and I excuse myself to head inside.

“I'm so happy.” Neveah chimes out starting up at me. “Me too, love. Me too.”

And I am. Our lives are complete and just getting started.

“I really hope Claire and Westley don't change their minds about giving custody of Lizzie over to us.”

Claire and Westley decided a month ago that raising Lizzie was too much and asked if we would like to take her and of course Neveah and I said yes.

We love that little girl.

“They won't love. They know we are what's best for her.”

“Yea, you're right.”

I smirk. “I'm always right darling.” she huffs “you're so full of yourself. Do you know that?”

I chuckle “I know that I love you and that you have five seconds to be on that bed.”

She giggles and bites her bottom lip. “or what?”

My eyes darken in lust. “Or this.” I lift her up and drop her on the bed, crawling over her, one of my hands holding her wrists, keeping her hands above her head. My lips move to her neck and a moan leaves her. “You should've listened love.” I murmur in her ear before twisting her around so she's on her stomach. Her hands still above her head.

“Mmm, what you gonna do to me... Uncle-Daddy-Drew...?”

I groan.

“I' ma spank ya then I'm going to fuck you, real hard.”

She whimpers. I smirk again. “and then I'm going to make sweet love to you.”

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