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03| meeting and goodbyes



Today is the day...

The day I leave my parents to stay with him...

“Neveah, honey come down here.” my mom yells from downstairs.

I look around my room one last time and feel a pang of sorrow before walking out and heading downstairs, when I get down there it's to find my mom and dad talking to a tall man with black hair in a cut off blue and white checkered shirt and faded blue jeans.

He looks over when I enter and I stand frozen while staring into his bright baby blue eyes.

He is the most stunning man I have ever seen.

Oh, god! He can't be Westley! I think to myself before rolling my eyes at myself, of course, he isn't Westley, we look nothing alike and if he was my mom wouldn't be laughing and smiling with him if he was and Quinn wouldn't just be standing there with a smile on his face.

“Oh, Neveah, honey, come here. I want you to meet someone.” My mom says when she spots me.

I slowly walk over yo where they are. My mom smiles at me her brown eyes twinkling, “Neveah, I would like you to meet Drew Jameson, your uncle. Well, step-uncle.”


“Nice to finally meet you, Neveah.” A husky rich voice says before a tan hand is held out.

“Uh, um... Nice to meet you too.” I say, shaking his hand.

His hand is big and rough while mine is small and soft.

I feel tingles shoot through our clasped hands and up my arm, so I hurry and jerk my hand out of his. My cheeks turning hot.

“Where's your stuff so we can get it loaded,” Drew asks, “because we have a long flight back.”

I point over by the door where a black and gray suitcase and bag is. He looks at it then back at me and raises a brow. I shrug, “What? I travel light.”

My mom and Quinn chuckle at this. “Believe me she's not like I was at her age, I can barely get her to wear makeup more less dress in cute dresses, she's always wearing dark clothing, black or gray!” My mom says.

Drew chuckles and looks over at me saying “I think its a good thing, we men don't need every girl to be a girly girl who takes hours to get ready and wear pink all the time.”

Quinn laughs, “True.” Mom hits him on the shoulder and pouts “Oh, I didn't mean you, I love how you take hours to get ready.” He says wrapping his arm around her waist, making her roll her eyes and huff, but there's a smile pulling at her lips.

A few minutes later and its time to go, I hug my mom first. “I love you, baby girl.” She sniffles out, trying not to cry. In my whole 17 years, I've never been apart from my mother for longer than a handful of hours, “I love you too, mom. I'll call you as soon as we arrive.”

Pulling away from my mom I walk over to Quinn and he pulls me onto his strong comforting arms, his warm brown eyes glossy with tears. “Call us if you need us, or just want too, okay?” I nod and lean my head on his shoulder, “Take care of mom.” I whisper because I know this is going to be super hard on her knowing I'm staying with him. “Always sweetheart, I love you.”

Kissing his cheek I say, “I love you too dad.” Before pulling out of his grasp and walking out of the house, tears filling my eyes. I get in the lifted black F150 truck and stare out of the window, while biting my lip hard, to hold back the tears that want to fall.

I'm still staring out of the window when I hear Drew get in and feel a hand on my knee, I look over at him to find him staring at me, “Don't worry love everything will be fine, your father-” I scrunch my face up in distaste and spit out, “he's not my father!” Drew nods, “As I was saying Westley isn't as bad as he used to be Claire has straightened him out.”

“Claire?” I question.

“Yeah, his wife.” He replies before cranking the truck and pulling out of my home driveway.

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