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04| boarding the jet


“Hold on a minute, so Westley is married?” I ask.

“Yeah, he and Claire married five years ago and are expecting a baby girl.” Drew replies.

I sit frozen, as expecting a baby girl keeps running through my mind.

“Hey, love are you okay?” Drew asks worry written on his face and sounding in his tone of voice.

I nod my head and mumble out a soft, “yeah.”

Not even five minutes later and we arrive at the airport and head to the plane or should I say private jet.

It's like nothing I have ever seen.

Boarding the shiny black jet I explore.

It gas silver and black exterior, luxurious leather seats and a couch, black carpet that you sink into, a 55’ inch sized flat-screen TV, a huge bathroom with a shower, an even bigger bedroom with a king-sized bed draped in silver and black, a small walk-in closet, a love seat, and a flat-screen TV in there as well.

“Wow!” I breathe out making Drew who had been following me chuckle, “You like?”

I turn to face him, not realizing how close we are, our bodies are inches from each other, I tilt my head so I can look up into his eyes, yeah he's that tall at least 6'2 to my 5'8 frame. “Like? I love, it's gorgeous!”

He brings his hand up and moves the few pieces of hair that had escaped from my ponytail out of my face and behind my ear, his knuckles grazing my cheek making my skin tingle.

I lick my lips nervously and look away from his gaze, not looking at the feelings that run through me.

“Come, love. Let's sit, we will be taking off shortly.”

As I stare out of the jet window looking out at the sky, I wish summer was over already. I've been looking toward summer all year, I thought I'd be spending it and my birthday with my parents and best friends - Amy, Andrew, and Alex. Not with a man I despise and his pregnant wife.

Why does he even want to see me when he's expecting a baby girl? Why wait till I'm almost 18?

Sighing I look over at Drew, “Can I ask you something?”

He nods, “Of course love.”

“Why did you come to pick me up instead of Westley? I mean he is the one practically forcing me to come.”

“Because he didn't want to leave Claire what with her being 8 months pregnant. He was going to send one of his friends to come and get you but I offered because I figured you'd probably feel a little bit more comfortable with me then one of his friends, cause they sleazy, - excuse my language - motherf*ckers.”

Nodding I look back out the window when suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder, I look up to see Drew standing beside me. “Come here.” He says, holding his hand out. I hesitate a minute before unstrapping myself and taking his hand. He pulls me over to the couch and gently pushes me down onto it before he sits down beside me. He pulls me into his arms and holds me. I look down at his chest, cheeks blushing and start absently playing with a button on his shirt. A hand gently cups my cheek tilting my face up so I'm looking into his eyes, blue clashing with green.

“I know you would rather be home with your parents and I wish more than anything I could take you back to them but your mother told me what Westley has threatened to do and believe me I don't agree with what he's doing. At all.”

“Yeah...” I softly reply.

“Look I know you don't really know me that well but if you don't wanna stay with Westley and Claire all the time then you can stay with me.”

“Why?” I can't help asking, “why would you let me stay with you?”

He smiles at me and I feel a flutter in my stomach, “Because I loved your mom like a sister and still do even though it had been years since I saw her or last heard from her. And what Westley did to her... to both of you... Nobody deserves that.” Chuckling he adds, “Plus it doesn't hurt that you're not like other girls.”

Rolling my eyes I chuckle sarcastically, “Thanks.”

"Welcome love," he replies, “So are you hungry?”

I start to shake my head when my stomach lets out a loud growl. Flushing bright red I look down and mumble, “yeah..”

He laughs loudly, head thrown back and I can't help but look at him.

I feel safe with him. Comfortable.

Maybe just maybe this summer won't be a total disaster...

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