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05| unpleasant interactions


I step from the black car, gaping at the large mansion that sets beyond the sidewalk, towering over me as if attempting to intimidate me. The cream coating of the paint shined as the sun beat down on it, causing me to squint. Uniquely twisted fencing keeps the house enclosed, neatly trimmed hedges surround the house. The roof is peaked, slanting down at an angle. The windows have royal purple curtains hanging on the other side of them, drawn so that the sunlight can stream through.

As I step onto the sidewalk I notice a marble fountain sitting towards the right side of the lawn. An angel holding a flower is perched on top, looking up towards the sky. Water spurts from its other hand, which lays gently out in front of it, as if waiting for someone to take it in return. The waterfalls gently towards the crystal blue pool beneath it, causing ripples to form and wave out until they are no more.

It is breathtaking.

“Beautiful isn't it.” Drew comments coming to stand beside me. I nod, “yeah.”

“Come on love, let's get you settled in.” I follow Drew to the extravagant house, down the little stone bath to the black door.

Where he then stabs the doorbell, which glows with a yellow light surrounding the white button. Hearing a faint ‘ding dong’ I huff, waiting anxiously for someone to come and answer.

Moments later the door is opened by an older like a lady wearing a black and white uniform with a royal purple apron on, her graying black hair in a neat bun, her brown skin wrinkled, her dark eyes twinkling. “Ah, Hijo veo que has vuelto con Seguridad.” The woman says in Spanish while smiling widely at Drew, and I can't help but feel glad I paid attention in Spanish class otherwise I wouldn't know that she had just said ‘ah, son I see you've arrived back safely’.

“Sí, Rosa.” he nods before taking my hand and pulling me forward, "This is Neveah,” he tells her before looking at me, “Neveah this is Rosa. She takes care of this place and she will be here for you if you need anything. ”

“Sí, of course, I will be querida,” she replies softly before coming forward and pulling me into a tight hug. I stand there awkwardly. After a few seconds, she pulls back and holds me out at arm's length, “Hermoso, Simplemente Hermoso Como in angel.”

I blush and look down at the white and black linoleum floor. She said I was beautiful, beautiful like an angel.

“Where's Westley? ” Drew questions but before Rosa can reply a man's voice speaks “Drew! Where's Neveah, where's my daughter?” I didn't realize I had moved behind Drew out of view until the man asked that. I peek out from behind Drew and stare at the man, Westley. He's around five-foot-ten, two inches taller than me, he has short chestnut brown hair slicked back, clean-shaven face, green beady eyes, and a wide broad nose. His left arm is wrapped around the waist of a tall very pregnant blonde-haired woman with brown eyes and a sour look on her face - like she'd just eaten something bad.

“Neveah, love,” Drew says softly to me. I look up at him and sigh before moving out from behind him and into Westley and whom I'm guessing is Claire's view.

“Oh, my! You look just like me.” Westley breathes out moving his arm from around Claire and walking toward me. I flinch back and grab onto Drew when he reaches out to touch me. Anger crosses his face and he adds on “and not like your whore of a mother.”

I straighten my spine and step toward him, my green eyes narrowed. “Do not ever talk about my mother like that again,” I spit out, “at least she isn't a deceitful, backstabbing, ignorant bastard!”

His eyes widen in shock, mouth gaping open.

“Don't talk to my husband like that you little brat!” the woman snaps, walking or better yet waddling over. I roll my eyes at her before looking at Rosa who watches with a blank expression. “Can you show me to the room I'll be staying in?”

“Of course querida.”

“Right this way,” I follow her into a huge foyer room and up a whole bunch of stairs, down a long hallway - passing 5 doors that lead to 3 guest rooms and 2 bathrooms before stopping at a door at the very end of the longest hallway I've ever had to walk. “This will be your room,” she tells me, opening the door. I nod in thanks and enter.

The room is huge, the walls coated a light purple, the room theme royal purple with a dash of light purple and white lace. There's a queen-sized bed in the middle of the room with a royal purple comforter and a mix of royal purple and light purple pillows with white lace trimming. There are royal purple draperies with white lace along with the 2 huge windows in the room. A white nightstand on the right side of the bed, a dresser on the far right - against the wall. On the left there are 2 doors — the first leads to a huge walk-in closet – the second one leads into an attached bathroom. The color theme in the bathroom is white... completely white. The rags, towels, rugs, toilet covers, everything.

Altogether the room is gorgeous, but I'd rather be home in my normal-sized bedroom that contains my regular sized bed with my black comforter, and gray pillow cased pillows, my gray painted walls covered in photos of me and my family – of me and my friends, posters of my favorite bands, my vanity that's packed with different kinds of stuff, the mirror covered in even more photos...

Ugh! I miss home.

I miss my parents.. my friends...

“Neveah, love, why are you crying?”

I look over to the door to see Drew walking in with my suitcase and bag, he drops them just inside the room before moving over to me and pulling me into his arms, a hand raising and wiping the tears that I hadn't known fell.

“I.. I wanna go home,” I mumble burying my face into his neck and crying.

“Shhh, I know love.”

He keeps me in his arms, rubbing a hand up and down my back in a comforting way, cooing softly to me while I sob like a baby.

Ah, Hijo veo que has vuelto con Seguridad = ah, son I see you've arrived back safely

Sí = yes

Querida = dear

Hermoso, Simplemente Hermoso Como un ángel = beautiful, just beautiful like an angel

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