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07| getting to know one another


“Wow! It's.. so beautiful... ” I breathe out while staring at the small yet extraordinary waterfall surrounded by beautiful flowers, pink, purple, white, yellow.. The sound of the water crashing from the rocks and into the crystal blue water was calming, the smell of the exotic flowers intoxicating...

“I figured you would like it.” Drew states before grabbing my hand, interlacing our fingers and pulling me with him to a flat rock and sitting. I sit beside him and enjoy the beauty before me. The warm breeze blowing gently, the sky a clear blue.

We sit in silence for a while before I finally decide to ask him - why he calls me love -, instead of Neveah like everyone else. “Drew,” I say turning a little ways so I'm facing him, “Yes, love?” he says staring at me with his striking blue eyes. “Why do you.. um.. call me love instead of my name?”

I watch as his cheeks darken a tinch and giggle when I realize why. “Oh my gosh you're blushing! ” he rolls his eyes, “Am not,”

“Are too!”

“Am not!”

“Are too!"

“I am not blushing love! ”

“Mmhm, whatever you say, dear,” I laugh when the blush spreads, “Aww, you so cute.” I can't help myself I reach up and squeeze his cheeks making him glare at me and push my hands away. “Would you quit it. I was not blushing! ”

Chuckling I mumble “Fine, but you still haven't answered my question.”

He nods and his brow creases as he tucks his bottom lip between his teeth. Damn! I thought only girls did that? Every boy who I've ever seen bite their lip looked.. quite funny but when he does it... Lawdy Jesus above I wanna jump his bones!


“uh... Yes?”

I ask quietly, my cheeks heating up at the thoughts running through my mind.

“I was saying I'm not sure why I call you to love, it just seemed right to call you that.”

I nod, “I thought love was an endearment you say to a lover or something.”

“Um... Well, I guess... I-”

“So what's your favorite color?” I ask changing the subject. He sighs in relief before replying, “Green.” I nod. “Mines black and blue.”

He grins, “Nice, so what's your favorite food?” he questions.

“hmmm.. I'd have to say pizza.”

He chuckles.

This goes on for a while, I find out he's 28, his mother married Westley's dad when he was 15 and his sister was 3. He owns his own tattoo parlor and a construction company he inherited from his biological father who passed when he was 13. He's divorced well in the process of a divorce. He'd married his high school sweetheart. He has a 7-year-old girl named Gracie. And that he owns a house here in California and a house in New York.

“So how about you,” he asks. “do you have a boyfriend?

I shake my head no, “Nope don't have one, never have.”

Shock crosses his face, “What? How, I mean you're a gorgeous, sweet girl.”

I feel my cheeks heating up, “I always turned down the ones who weren't afraid to ask me out.”

“Why were they afraid to ask you out?”

“Because of Alex.”

I say smiling a little at the thought of him. Gosh, I missed him and Andrew and Amy but him most.

“Who's Alex?” he asks, “I thought you said you didn't have a boyfriend, never had?”

“Alex is one of my best friend, has been since middle school. He, Andrew and Amy. They're triplets.”


“Yeah, Alex is a rebel, Andrew is a jock and Amy is a nerd as the highschool labels them.”

“What are you?”

I sigh, “Nerdy bad girl.” Drew chuckles, “Nerdy bad girl?”

“yeah, nerdy cause lowest grade I've ever gotten is a B+ and that was once, bad girl because I hang around Alex a lot and ride his motorcycle with him. Plus the school thinks we're a couple and just don't wanna admit it.”

He just hums and nods his head.

“Thanks for today Drew, I had a good time. ” I tell him smiling. He smiles back, “So did I.”

Leaning over I place a chaste kiss on his cheek and get out hollering goodbye over my shoulder.

As soon as I enter the house Westley greets me with a glare. “Where the hell have you been all day Neveah?”

“I was out,” I reply.

“With Drew,” he states.

I nod.

“So you were out since 8 this morning till 11:30 at night with Drew... My brother, your uncle.”

“Yes,” I say even though what he said wasn't a question.

“Look Neveah I don't have a problem with you spending time with Drew to get to know him but I had you to come here so I could get to know you, be in your life.”

I just stare at him not saying a word.

It's silent for a while until I finally speak, “What if I don't want you in my life?”

I think I see a pained expression cross his face bit I can't be sure because it's gone not even a moment later and replaced with a stern angry one. “Well too damn bad, you are my daughter and I'm your father. And I'm going to be in your life.”

I roll my eyes, “Whatever,” I start to walk around him when he grabs my wrist and squeezes making me flinch. “Don't give me an attitude young lady. And you are not to see Drew again until I say so. You are going to be staying home with your family, me, Claire and baby Lizzy.”

“You're not my boss and I'll see Drew whenever I want. You can't stop me. And you, Claire and y'all’s daughter ain't my family. My family is in New York.” jerking my arm from his grasp I head toward the bedroom I'm staying in.

God, I hate him!

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