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08| missing friends


“Ugh! I miss you so so so much!” Amy whines, pouting. I smile, “I miss you to Ames.” I tell her using the nickname I gave her when we met. Tears fill her brown eyes and she sniffles. I just wanna reach through the laptop screen and hug her tight.

“Okay, my turn to talk to our sunshine. ” Andrew states pushing Amy out of the way, “How are you sunshine? ” he asks. I smile, “I'm good, miss y'all though.” he nods making his glasses slip down his nose, he pushes them up with his pointer finger. I can't help the smile of adoration that crosses my face. Andrew is so... Cute. With his mop brown curly hair, big brown eyes that are a cinch darker than his coconut brown hair, square-rimmed glasses, the freckles that dot his nose, his chubby cheeks... He's just so adorable, like a teddy bear.

“Oh please no Neveah!” he whines, “Don't tell me your thinking of-”

“How adorably cute and teddy bear-like you are.”

I finish for him making him blush and huff, “Whatever..” I chuckle when he pouts. When he and Amy pout they look almost identical. Amy has the same brown eyes as him, the same coconut brown curly hair only her reaches mid-back, they both stand around 5’11. Now, Alex, he's around 6’0, has black hair like their mother, but the same brown eyes his brother and sister have -inherited from their father- “Hey beautiful. ” a smooth low voice says making me blink, I suddenly realize Alex is now in front of the screen and Amy and Andrew are nowhere to be seen. I frown, where'd Andrew go? “If you're curious while you were deep in thought Andrew's girlfriend called,” Alex says smiling. “Oh, okay- Hold up GIRLFRIEND?!?! ”

He chuckles, “yep, he and May finally decided to quit being stubborn. ”


May Jaston and Andrew are complete opposites, while Andrew is more on the dorky, nerdy side, May is on the quiet, loner side. But once you get her to trust you she's a whole other story.

After talking to Alex for an hour straight I finally decide it's time I go and get me some food. It's already 1:09 and I haven't eaten yet.

While I'm waiting on my toast my phone dings alerting me that I have a new message, I open it up to see a text from Alex;

I really miss you beautiful :(

I smile and message him back

I miss you too, Alex-poo

C’mon, for real?!

Yes, for real. I miss you.

I know that *rolls eyes* I meant with the Alex-poo

You know you love it 😍

Sitting my phone down I grab my toast and smother it in blueberry jam before taking a big bite and humming in appreciation. So good!

My phone starts ringing and I answer without checking who it is, thinking it's Alex I say grinning widely, “Don't even think to threaten me with the I'll tell Amy about me being your first kiss thing will work Alex...poo.”

It's quiet on the other end for so long I start to feel uncomfortable, “Alex? Everything okay?”

“Sorry love, but I'm not Alex or Alex-poo. ” a voice replies, a voice that makes my heart-rate pick-up. My face turns tomato red while I stutter like an idiot, “Oh, uh... I, well..you see..” I trail off before finally getting the words out, “Sorry I thought you were, I didn't check the caller ID.”

“It's fine,” he says and I sigh, “So...”

He chuckles, “I was wondering if you'd like to go to the beach with me and Gracie?”


“Yes, really.”

I nod vigor ley before realizing he can't see me, “Sure, I'd love too!”

“Great! I'll pick you up in 30.”

“Okay, bye.”

“Bye, love.”

What to wear?

I search through the closet that holds what little bit of clothes I brought and sigh when I can't find something to wear.

You're just going to the beach.

With Drew! And His daughter Gracie!


And? And? I need to make a good impression!

Ooooh, you like him...

Do not!

Do too.

Do n- “Why the hell am I arguing with myself? ” I mutter shaking my head, “I think I've lost it.”

Finally, I decided to just wear my black one-piece bathing suit with a pair of loose black shorts with blue stripes down both sides and a blue tank top. I throw my hair in a high ponytail, slip on some blue and white flip flops before grabbing my phone and some cash for- casement.

I hurry down the stairs and out the front door hollering bye to Rosa over my shoulder. It's funny in a way seeing as just last night Westley said I'd be staying ‘home’ with the ‘family’ until he says I'm aloud out and turns out Westley and Claire had to leave early this morning for Claire's sister's engagement party and won't be back till next Monday.

A whole week without them...

More time with Drew...

Pure bliss!

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