The cold summer.

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Chapter 2

After 5hrs and 35mins, I’ve reached my destination, Osaka. It’s not even a day yet and I’ve already missed home… I miss how I would hang out with my friends after school, how I would take a walk around the park before I head home, how I would walk home with Natsu, how we would laugh and tease each other…. But mostly I miss Natsu… well it’s only natural… since we’re childhood friends…

We arrive at our new house at 8 p.m. To think we would go through the trouble of getting lost… all our stuff was already delivered a while ago, now all we have to do is start unpacking… which is very annoying and tiring…

I sigh, the first thing I did was to look for my room and lie down on my bed.

“Haru, don’t forget to unpack your stuff. Also, get changed honey, we’re eating out for today.” Mom said.

“Yes, mom. Just call me when it’s time to go.” I reply. I sigh and check my phone for any new messages, but sadly none. “Haah~ this is so boring… For now, I’ll just take a little nap…”

Natsu POV:

I wave as I watch Haru’s train leave, every second, it went further and further…. I reach out my hand and realize that I can’t reach it anymore…. She really left…

After a while, I put my hands in my pocket and find my way home… On my way, I look up at the sky… There were so many stars… Then the sudden thought of Haru came to mind…

“If Haru were still here…. We would’ve gone star gazing….” I said and sigh. Why am I thinking of Haru so much anyway..? This is sort of pathetic of me… well not like this day can get any worst… I thought…

But then, I spoke too soon… I reach home and open the door. “I’m home.” I said.

“You’re so pathetic!!” Mom shouts.

“Well, like you’re any better! You stupid woman!” Dad shouts and start tossing dishes to the ground, breaking all kinds of stuff that are close within his range.

“Onii-chan!” Kouki shouts and run towards me. This is Yamato Kouki, my 7 years old little brother.

“Ah, Kouki, hey. I’m home.” I said.

“Onii-chan, mom and dad are fighting again….” Kouki said with teary eyes.

Well, I wasn’t expecting Kouki to understand this situation because he’s too young… My parents announced about their divorcement the day before yesterday, they haven’t been in good terms since Kouki was only 3 years old…. It’s been 4 years and they still haven’t made up and a divorce was only to be expected… but I never expect it to be this soon… Kouki who was too young to understand understood that mom and dad are separating… and so will we…

“Onii-chan… Mom is crying…” he said again.

I gave Kouki a small hug and said, “I know. And it’ll be fine, don’t worry, I’m here.”


“And now you’re leaving again?? So late at night?!” Mom screams.

Day after days, mom and dad would endlessly argue and fight. This have been going on for weeks now. Even after the both agreed to divorce one another, they still fight, nonstop…

Mom would always cry after the fight and dad would always go out till it’s really late, coming home drunk and they would continue to fight again… It’s really pathetic… I wonder how Haru is doing in Osaka… I wonder if she’s doing alright… or if she made any new friends… it’s been weeks since she moved to Osaka and every day I would check my phone for any new text messages, but there has been none… This is really annoying… All I wanna do now is just sleep and sleep…

Suddenly, *buzz buzz* my phone buzzed.

A text message? I thought to myself.

I check my phone and speak of the devil, I was just thinking about her a few seconds ago… It was from Haru…


How are you in Nagano? Well, it’s kinda alright here. I made a new friend and she’s very nice. But I sort of miss home, I feel kinda homesick. Well, here, it’s kinda different from home… but I must tell you, the beach here is so cool~ I hope you’re doing fine there and I hope you’re not crying ‘cuz you miss me so bad… Haha.


I smile to myself, “Heh… She just never change now does she?” I said to myself. “Well, at least it sort of cheered me up a little…”

I’m glad she’s doing fine… I thought to myself and decided to text her back…. I guess it won’t it be such an awful night, tonight. And it’s all thanks to that idiot…. I thought, smiling to myself….

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