Tainted Love

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"I like your smooth skin, I love to see purple and red blemishes in your milky white skin, these marks make you more beautiful and more mine." He said licking her skin. "Your tears and screams turn me on. I like to see your body shaking beneath me in pleasure and pain, my hot cum dripping from your core. Now, strip or get ready for your punishment." He whispered in her ear. Tears were her only companion while destiny was intertwined with a evil, monster. Without being able to contemplating anything she complied and asked, "Why are you doing these to me? What have I done to deserve these?" Meet Fiona Andrew and Adam Knight and be a part of their journey. Warning: This contains mature, harsh and disturbing contents like rape, murder, gore, drug abuse, self harm etc... It's not for any soft hearted people or any reader under 18.... you have been warned.

Romance / Mystery
Jathryn Samuel
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Warning:This story contains violence, abuse, drug abuse, self harm, profanity. This book is rated R and not intended for soft hearted people. If you are very sensitive, then this story is not for you. Don’t read it.

But I can assure you it’s a good story and whoever start it, won’t be disappointed.


Her tied body was shaking in fear. Her teeth were rattling in cold. Her eyes were closed. She tried to feel her lips pressing them together. But she didn’t feel anything. They became numb in constant cold.

For how long she was like this she didn’t know. She blacked out.

She woke up in a bed of a dark room, found herself covered in a blanket. She tried to get down but her feet were shackled.

She tried calling someone, but no one came. Tears were rolling down from her cheek continuously in fear. She tried to get free of the shackles by pulling them as hardly as she could.

“Get used to them, babygirl. They are going to be your friend for a long time.” said somebody.

“Who are you? Please let me go. Please let me go.” She said crying.

“Too bad, I can’t do that. Now stop struggling or I will have to bring Zack here. Will he like it here, being shackled like you?”

“No. Please don’t bring him here, he will die.” She said between her sobs.

“My smart girl got it now. Now let’s get you introduced with rules. They are simple. You will obey me, obey and just obey me. My every whim and command. I am your God, because I hold the power of Zack’s life. And lastly let me say, every thing happens because there is a cause behind. And yours matter is not any exception. We all suffer, either because of ourselves or our loved ones.”

“What do you mean?”

“I meant nothing but everything. Baby girl, you have a lot of punishment to get. You exposed your skin before men except me. I will mark you as mine so that you will always think 100 times before showing your body before anybody.” Her eyes roamed in dark in search of the intimidating voice.

She let a scream out, her clothes were off and she was bare in front of the man, in the dark room.

Next morning she found her body covered with purple and blue marks all over.

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