Caroline and the Pastor

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Caroline is a soft, sweet, God-driven girl. Her Pastor, Father Julian, is the most important figure in her life. She feels he’s as close to God on this Earth she can get. Or is he?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One


"Church has always been my entire life. I have never devoted myself to anything except the necessary; church, family, and school. In that order.

I guess you could say I have friends. I sit with Vivian and Eve during lunch. Anyway, I think church is the most important thing, especially when you're almost 18. There is so much temptation and sinnin' goin on 'round this time of your life. Don't you think? God has never failed me, and I will never fail Him. For He has never lead me astray.

My parents are happy, and we are well off financially. Evansville, Georgia is the best town I could've ever asked to help raise me. The church here makes me the happiest lil peach! I go there before and after school every day and all day during the weekends! I wish I could live there! Father Julian thinks that I should join the covenant when he goes on his-"

"Why join the covenant when you have that delicious body!"

Of course Percy cut me off right when I was gettin' to the good stuff. With a sinful comment, nonetheless. Classic Percy.

"Percival, please let Miss Locke continue with her...riveting presentation."

"Thank you, Mr. Williams. As I was sayin'-"

Suddenly everyone shoved their belongings into their bags and mobbed out the door. The bell. Great. Does no one else love God? How could they not? UGH!

"Miss Locke?"

"Yes, sir?"

Why does he always have to keep me from the lord?

"Great speech. Great start of it, anyway. I'm sorry about Percy. He seems to not be able to handle such... passion."

He did his routine after-class-chit-chat-desk-sit.

"Thank you, sir, but I really gotta get goin'!"

"Wait! Caroline!"

I felt myself being pulled back at the wrist.

"You have something in your hair."

His hand reached my temple and he stroked away whatever was there.

"Such gorgeous, silky, long, blonde hair. It'd be a real shame letting anything tarnish that."

"Thank you, sir. I hope to see you at service this Sunday!"

I rushed out. 5 minutes spent not with my Lord and Savior is 5 minutes wasted.

"I'll be seeing you Monday, Miss Locke."

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