Icy Heart (Progeny Generation) #1

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She was the last of her kind. Her mother died in the hands of the man she called ‘father’. She was out one night then going into the kingdoms streets when she encountered barbarians who were explained to be wolves. Not like any other beings in the world but what would be the difference between them and her. A man claiming her as his when she knew nothing about him who came to this land to destroy it and take the people. Her name is Rita, a princess of the kingdom. Although, her title she did not care so much for since she did not wish to be a princess. Should she stay with this man who claimed her or run away for her own freedom? *Book cover image mine* *changed the cover since I didn’t want any issues or problems in the future along with the title*

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

“Rita, you must remember that you must choose who is the good people. Choose your happiness. Do not let others choose it for you. In the future, you must bring back the other three legends and work together in the future.” Rita remembered her mother’s words like any other day. She remembered her mother was beautiful with her light blue hair mixed with snow color and sky blue eyes. Her words always taught Rita to be herself and not listen to those who sought for their own personal gains.

“But mother, father is always pushing me to be like you. He wants me to be able to do what you can do and be obedient.” Rita told her mother wanting to just end it all with her father's commands. Rita and her mother were the last of their kind now that they had lost everyone living among regular beings. Most tended to be humans claiming every part of the land that one would cross.

“Don’t worry. In the future, you will meet more out there that can do things like us. They will be much more different though from us.” Hearing her mother speak so softly to her but it all disappeared once she found her mother’s dead body in her bed chamber. Rita’s father holding his small dagger in his hand with her mother’s blood on it and her mother’s heart in his hand. Rita remembered how the clear image was being fresh in her mind.

“Your mother will no longer be with us. From now on, I will take care of you. You will have a new mother and half-brother to also take care of you.” Hearing that Rita grew cold and distant to where she wasn’t even calling the fat old man her father but her enemy.

He was disgusting like most men Rita had seen, going after woman with youth and beauty even having to see him force them against their will. Her step-mother was the new queen whom was no where close to being as beautiful as Rita’s mother. Her half-brother was twice as ugly like the old man but worse. The same looks with no difference which had Rita more in disgust and unable to even eat at the same table with them all.

As a princess, Rita’s father knew nothing about her and her mother’s secret within the blood but Rita has yet to shift to it. Being the last of their kind, Rita and her mother were known as the Snow Herd.

Although, she feared it more than anything in her life even more than death. Rita was awaiting until she can change and leave this forsaken kingdom, Rhthel Kingdom. She was having hope that she could run away from this troubling kingdom.

It had been ten years since Rita’s mother was killed by her father. She remained in the castle at times but snuck away all the time to self train for the harsher world beyond the kingdom she lived in. Sitting in her room, Rita stared at her paper work with written poetry in it. She never loved writing but it was what helped her feel at ease with everything she went through.

“What are you doing?” Hearing a familiar voice, Rita turned around to see her step-mother.

Rita rose up from her chair at her desk and looked down to the ground avoiding her step-mother’s eyes. A simple mask on her face but it was not her secret mask that she was supposed to wear. “Greetings, My Queen.” Rita knew to address her since her step-mother had slapped her multiple times for not addressing her as the queen.

“It’s good that you knew how to address your mother. What do we have here?” Rita saw the Queen walk over to her desk, grabbing the paper she had just written on. “Hmm, it seems as though I still haven’t taught you enough yet.” Rita saw the Queen's feet walking over to her and stop right in front of her. “What have I told you before about this kind of writing?”

Rita knew that the Queen was just trying to hurt her more than she had hurt her mother. The torture still continued from her mother to her. “I cannot use such words said or written. I apologize my Queen.” Rita kept her gaze looking down still.

“Look at me.” The Queen commanded. Rita knew what was about to come. Rita did not look since she knew she could fight her but she wasn’t strong enough to stop her. The Queen was no human being like the king and his people. “Look. At. Me.” The Queen said more demanding which Rita looked up to her. What came next stung Rita’s right cheek burning with pain having her fall on the ground holding her cheek. Her f. “That’s better. Today, you will not be getting dinner. Do not think about stepping out of your room today either. You know what happened last time.” The Queen said leaving Rita’s room.

Rita was still on the floor when she stood up from the recent incident just now. She did not care what the Queen thought but she refused to shed a tear for her. Staying in her room, Rita opened her balcony having to take a look out to the people below her. Her room was the furthest from the entrance but even she knew that she could climb over the wall. She had just turned sixteen but she had never celebrated her birthday since she was six years old.

You are my little light, my little light, you make me happy when night is heavy, so keep shining, my little baby.” Rita sung every year on her birthday having to sing to her mother even if she was there or not. Taking a deep breath, Rita could smell how ugly this kingdom was with greed, selfishness, and evil. Nothing here was clean or pure anymore with Rita gazing down to the forest next.

Looking below, Rita then saw a dark figure below having her try to enhance her senses. Trying to have a good look, she did not see any better seeing only scarlet red eyes. Most would fear seeing them but she did not fear those eyes.

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