The Intimidating & his Impeccable - Billionaire’s Love

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"There is more to know about you, than you know ." " You don't have any idea who you are." I am Raymond Daniel Samson, the undisputed number 1 richest businessman right now on this planet. Getting emotionally attached to anyone is stupidity. What happens when this Ruthless Cold hearted Billionaire meets a girl with a unknown yet huge past. What happens when she gets to know her actual past . Can she realise her love for her best friend and can he make her realise his worth in her eyes and make her accept his love.

Romance / Mystery
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“I just loved you! I realised this the same moment when I first saw you running away to save yourself in the secluded dark streets. Then the course of events took place and I felt everything would fall into place. All I wanted was to give you the happiness you deserve, a shoulder you would always find to rely on when I distress, be someone you would always have by your side to coax, someone who would listen to you without judging, lastly to become everything for you ! But…..

But life isn’t the same that we plan to live and the one that you gave, while you stood in the altar…it had put my every feeling I developed for you in a backseat. A realisation initiated, that, before becoming everything for you, all I had to become was someone whom you could once again trust on.

Sunshine!! The only aim I would from now on have is to win you. As much as you say I am intimidating, I would always forever say you are impeccable “

------------------Yours Intimidating Partner

“I never thought these would be the first words I would write in this diary which you gifted.” Taking a deep sigh, he closed the dairy and carefully placed in the drawer of the table, locking it. Closing the door of his study, he walked towards her room to check if his Sunshine is alright.

“Why did you hold my hand? I already owe you a lot, how can I burden you more? I never expected I would end up marrying you. What would I give you in this relation? It would have been better had you not arrived while I was waiting in the altar. Your eyes showed everything you felt but I am afraid I cannot stand up to your expectations.

I feel betrayed, and when the heart is betrayed it builds a wall against any feelings from anyone. I can never become your wife in true sense. This journey with me is going to be full of thorns. The only thing I can promise is to respect this marriage no matter what. Forgive me Mr… now I don’t know what to call you, friend or husband or partner or Mr. Intimidating!! “

------once your Sunshine & Ms. Impeccable and now yours nothing

“I hurriedly closed my dairy and placed it in the suitcase that accompanied, as I heard the sound of footsteps nearing my room. I laid on the bed and closed my eyes, so that I can avoid any questions or conversations. I am in no mood to talk at this point. All I wanted was space, a space alone.

As expected the door opened and he entered the room, seeing me sleep he took a relaxing breathe and sat on the other end of the king sized bed and stared at me. How in earth would he know that I can sleep peacefully after all the happenings? How I wish I could sleep as I used to earlier like a log not caring about anything. For now, I have to keep my eyes closed and make him feel that I am in deep sleep. Why is he moving closer towards me? Why is my breath getting harder? What if he wants to take the right of being my husband without my consent? Hell No! I never wanted him to do this. If there is anyone right above who can listen to the calm prayers, just ask him to walk out of this room.

As if my prayers were answered, he took off my shoes, pulled the quilt over me, caressed my hair ever so gently, dimmed the bed lamp and walked away closing the door behind.

“I knew she was not sleeping. How can she sleep when I know the tough times she faced in past few hours? I could see her breath going harder when I leaned closer to her. Perhaps she might have thought that I would claim my rights on her being her husband now and would force her. How can she forget, before being her husband I am her friend, her best friend and I can never force myself on her, even if I had to wait till my last breath? I just went to her room because I wanted to ensure she was good if not better but I cannot ever make her feel uncomfortable.

I know the road ahead is difficult but I am also not someone common to give up, I know how to win the losing matches. I will bring her to normalcy, make her fall in love with me. I promise you sunshine you would fall in love with me even though slowly but definitely. I can do anything to make you happy even if I had to pay a huge sum or even for that matter give away my life. “


Author's Note : The cover is made by Sana aka the Dreamsoul. (Instagram Id : _dreamsoul_) . However this would be a temporary cover and once someone special sends me her masterpiece the permanent cover would be take place.

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