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Chapter 10

This gang of older gangsters.

Against us. The three of us.

We pull up at some warehouse that seemed abandoned for miles. I stopped seeing cars and people 10 miles back while we were in the car.

I hop out the car, as my excitement gets stronger and stronger.

This will be fun.

"Yeah it will be." I say out loud.

"What?" Richie questions me.

I just shake my head and grin.

It's been a while since I've heard my friend comment on anything I do. She usually would be making comments all the time. I missed her.

She kept me from being too bored. Jasen showed up and she went away, I almost forgot about her.

She told me to keep her a secret so I can't tell anyone.

Jasen walks towards to building and I follow behind him. Suddenly he stops and I bump into his back. He turns around, facing me and reaches into his back pocket.

Pulling out a gun, he points it right at my forehead, the tip softly pressing into my skin.

"Jasen!" Richie remarks.

He remains silent and so do I.

A grin appears on my face.

Tell him to shoot. I want him to pull the trigger.

She's right.

"Shoot." I whisper, looking up into his eyes.

He blinks at me.

"Jasen!" Richie yells.

"I can shoot you, I really can."

"Then do it." I grab his wrist and push the gun further into my skin.

Jasen breaks a smile and then burst out laughing. I tilt my head and lift an eyebrow, confused.

"You're funny. Take the gun, you'll need it." He shakes off my grip and tosses me the weapon.

Richie audibly sighs in relief.

"You two are going to drive me crazy." Richie clocks his gun and walks off without us.

Jasen nods at me and begins walking after Richie, I follow close behind.

Jasen's quite the tease, getting me all on edge for no reason.

You're funny.

His words repeat in my mind. That's the first time I've been called funny.

I like being funny.

A gunshot going off interrupts my thoughts. Jasen grabs my arm and pulls me behind a huge box of forgotten storage, while Richie keeps shooting at the guys, who seemed to come out of nowhere.

"Why are we hiding?" I yell over the gunshots.

"Sometimes it's better to wait, instead of rushing in and getting shot to death. Just follow me. When I say now, we're going in. Ok?" He looks back at me and I nod.

His grip on my hand tightens for a second, then it's gone.


He pulls out two guns and shoots from both hands, while I come up next to him with both hands on one gun, like a cop.

I roll my eyes.

What a show off, he could've gave me two guns. Not fair.

My mind comes back to the fight as I spot a guy pointing his gun at me, from behind another box.


She's right.

The next couple of seconds happen in slow motion.

I pull the trigger as a smirk forms slowly on my face. The bullet hits and the man falls back, dead on the ground.

My blood boils and my smile is uncontrollable as I begin shooting any enemy that crosses my eyes. Most of the bullets hit home, and if they don't I shoot the target until he stops moving.

The layout of this warehouse makes it easy to hide, but easier to shoot. When someone's moving it's clear, so is the shot.

I lose sight of everything except my kills. My adrenaline rushes as I pull the trigger over and over again.

I find my next victim pointing his gun at Richie, without his knowledge. Pulling the trigger to shoot, the gun clicks.

"Fuck! Outta bullets." I throw the gun to the side.

What do I... Jasen.

I run up behind Jasen, taking one of his extra guns from his back pocket. He snaps around, with the same crazied look from earlier. Seeing me, he freezes but quickly shoots someone behind me.

I wink at him and turn to the man who was aiming at Richie, only to find him dead.

I spin around, facing Jasen, angry.

"Did you kill him? The one about to shoot Richie?" I ask, shooting a guy running by, while Jason kills his own victims.

"Yeah, so?" He asks, while emptying his case on someone.

"He was mine!" I bring my gun next to his head and pull the trigger, killing some guy about to smash a club over Jason's head.

Jasen flinches and grabs his ear.

"Crazy bitch. If I go deaf in this ear..."

"What?" I ask.

He shakes his head and focuses back on the shoot out.

"That's what I thought." I giggle and skip around, shooting more old guys.

A couple gunshots nick my arm and legs, it's not like I'm a professional, but I don't care. I'm too high to feel any pain. I should do this often, it's too fun to give up.

Him, shoot him. Wait, there's another guy there, him! You have to kill everyone.

Yeah. I want to. Fuck, I want to.

Richie shoots the last man down and my hand trembles.

"What the fuck Richie?! I wanted him!" I whine, stomping over to him.

"I'm sorry?" He raises a eyebrow at me.

I look down at the body and clock my gun, putting another bullet in his head.

I shrug.

"That didn't satisfy me but it's fine for now."

A hand lands on my shoulder and pulls me in.

"You did better than expected." Jasen comments.

I smile and bring both my arms around his neck, hugging him close.

"I had fun, a lot of it. I'm glad I met you, Jasen. I knew you would make my life interesting." He stiffens but slowly relaxes, patting my head.

"Yeah yeah, whatever, let's go." I let go and Richie and him start towards the car.

"Richard, call your guys and have them clean this shit up. Burn the warehouse. You know what to do." Richard nods and pulls out his phone, climbing in the backseat, whispering into it.

"So when are we killing people again?" I ask, getting in shotgun.

Jasen slips into the driver's seat and shrugs.

"I'll pick you up when I need you."

I nod. Hopefully that's soon.

"Just take me home now. I'm tired." I state, yawning. My adrenaline rush crashed bad.

"You're coming over to mine, tonight. We have to celebrate your first kill."

With those words, I grin and nod.

"I guess you're right. Let's go." I didnt want to leave him behind so soon anyway. I like being around him.

He smirks and starts the car.

Jasen really is my key to the life I never knew I wanted.

My hands are still shaking from earlier. I clench them into fist and forget to control the smile on my face.

The fun has just begun.

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