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Chapter 11

Richie sighs in the back, stretching his limbs and collapsing on the seats as he finally gets off a 30 minute phone call.

"You can't keep treating me like some butler, Jasen." He comments, resting his head down on his hands, while his body curls into itself.

"No one told you to stick around." Jasen pulls into his driveway.

Richie shrugs and sits back up as Jasen parks the car.

"How are we going to celebrate?" We all get out the car and walk up to Jasen's door.

"I was wondering why you didn't talk during the car, was it Richard? His call?" Jasen asks, ignoring my words with his usual blank face on.

I nod.

He seems to take note of this as he pushes the door open.

"Let's order pizza to celebrate, whatever you want. I'm going to take a shower." His emotionless face remains as he goes up the stairs to his bathroom.

I watch as he climbs the stairs and round the corner, kinda pissed.

"Why's he acting so dead? Hes putting me a bad mood." I remark.

"He's usually like that all the time, 24/7. He didn't really care about anything, but now it seems he's warming up to you. These days with you around I see more emotions from him than ever. Its cause you're a weirdo and I'm wasting my life around the two of you. I'm going to take a shower down here, order the pizza. I want pineapple with pepperoni." He disappears around a corner and I cringe into my neck.

He's calling me a weirdo and he's the one who wants pineapple on pizza? Can I even order that?

Go kill him.

That would be fun but I'd miss him too much. He's my friend, just like you.

I pull out my phone from my back pocket and get to ordering. I don't have the energy to call anyone to order the pizza, I'll just go on their site.

While selecting the toppings and cheeses, I take a good look around me.

Damn, being rich really must just be a whole different life experience, because... damn.

I walk into his living room, looking up and down at the white walls and black tiles. Hoping down on his couch, I snug into the red velvet fur and let it swallow me in it's comfort.

I perch my feet up on his medium plain black coffee table and continue the order.

A butterfly springs from my phone suddenly, flies around and lands on my finger. I put my phone to the side and reach with my other hand, to stroke its wings but just as I make contact, it burst into nothing.

Aw, too bad it was cute. I haven't seen any delusions in a while. I missed those too. Today's just a good day for me.

I pick back up the phone and finish up the order.

I look at my list of, one pineapple pepperoni pizza, one bacon pepperoni pizza, and one normal pepperoni pizza, with 4 boxes of 8 hot wings with blue cheese dip on the side, and finally, some garlic bread because I have the munchies sometimes. Most times.

I hope he has beverages.

I press confirm and put the phone back in my pocket.

I'm bored. Fuck.

I grab the remote off the table and switch on the TV, watching the news while I wait for the two guys.

I slip off my shoes, lay down on the couch, and get comfy on it. Today's been... a lot. Just enough.

Sleep overcomes me as my eyelids persistently close.

I hope they're here when the pizza comes.


I feel trapped and really warm. Ew. I try to stretch out my arms but bump into something close to me.

I finally open my eyes, waking up to a teal looking ceiling.

This isn't my house, or my bedroom.

I turn to my side and find Jasen next to me, hugging me to his chest, with his arms around my waist. With no shirt.

Looking at his messed up dark brown hair, face, and chest, he's adorable.

I lean into his face and stare at his long eyelashes. How do guys get them like this?

Suddenly, his eyes snap open, meeting mine for a second before he pounces away to the edge of his bed.

Hm? Is he scared of me too?

Jasen stares at me with surprise and confusion.

"What are you... oh I remember." He gets up off the bed, calming down as he goes to his closet, grabbing a new shirt.

Aw. I was enjoying the view.

I sit up from the bed and feel a cool breeze grace my chest. Looking down, I find no shirt, only a bra.

Jasen avoids meeting my eyes again, seeming like he's trying to completely ignore I'm in the room.

I smirk and chuckle.

Did he run away because he saw some titties? Seriously?

Cute. Let's give him a present.

I nod, pulling the covers off me and lifting myself off the bed slowly. Jasen puts his shirt over his head, unable to see me walking right up in front of him. I stop inches away from his body and wait for his shirt to come down.

He finally pulls it on and freezes, seeing me with no shirt on, in his bubble.

"How'd I get on your bed?" I ask, just standing there, looking up at him with innocent eyes.

A bra is no different than a bathing suit so I don't know why he's acting like I have cooties. But nevertheless, it's fun playing with him like this.

"I carried you up here, cause you were falling off the couch." He still avoids my eyes, but doesn't move.

"What happened to the pizza?"

It's been on my mind since I got up. I'm hungry.

"Its in the fridge. We can warm some up for breakfast if you want."

"Okay... why don't I have a shirt on?" I smirk as his expression darkens and he runs a hand through his hair.

"You took it off before we went to sleep. You said it was too hot."

Eh. He's not wrong, it's sounds like something I would do.

"Why am I in your bed? Don't you have spare rooms, or something?" I shrug my shoulders and stare at his lips. They look so...nice.

He finally looks me in my eyes and leans in so our noses almost touch.

"Because I wanted you here." With that, he storms off to his bathroom.

My heart beats a bit quicker in my chest and my smile becomes uncontrollable.

I start to chuckle softly and walk slowly back towards the bed. Laying down on my stomach, I rub my face into the sheets.

He's really just too cute. He better be careful or I might fuck around and eat him up.

...In the best ways.

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