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Chapter 13

Richie's funny.

I stroll through YouTube on my new phone, thinking back to this morning.

I guess I got too ahead of myself, I thought he was my friend.

You don't need him, you have us.

Yeah, I love you guys. I'll always have you.

A dog sits in the corner of my room, wagging it's tail, watching me. I smile at it and wave. It tilts its head and disappears.

Aw, it's gone.

I sit up and let my long brown hair fall in front of me. Should I cut it or dye it? It's boring right now. A flashback of the bloodred spilt at the warehouse puts a smile on my lips.

That would be the perfect color.

I'll ask Jasen about it.


Because I wanted you here.

I put my phone down and stuff my face into my pillow.

He makes my friends go away. Anytime I'm around him, it's like they can't get through to me. It's a peace I dont know if I want.

The excitement he gives me puts me on a high I seem to crave for more and more. He's addictive.

Richie might want him away from me, but I think it's just the fact I'm getting closer to Jasen than him and whatever crew he has. He's still my friend, he's just an angry friend right now. He'll get over his butthurt feelings and we can all go slaughter another group of old guys.

Yeah, that makes me feel a lot better.

I never really cared what people thought of me, I am how I am and if you don't like that, it's not my problem. My own parents are scared of me.

I chuckle.

Who could possibly top that?

I know I'm not right in the head and I love it. I wouldn't be able to see my friends if I wasn't. I just want a little fun in this life, and everyone seems to want to get away from me for it. I mean, if they don't find blood and death fascinating, I can't ask them to join me when I set off to enjoy myself.

A slight smile slowly draws on my lips.

Not everyone gets a high outta seeing others drop dead. It makes me feel on top of the world.

Jasen welcomed me to a new life and I can't help but want to dive head first into it.

I lay on my cheek, stomach on the bed, as my phone goes off, ringing a default ringtone. Jasen. I pick the phone up and put him on speaker.

"Cynthia." He says in his usual monotone voice.

"Yes?" I almost sing-song into the device.

"You talked to Richie today, right?"


Jasen sighs.

"Cynthia, don't listen to him, ok? He's been trying to get me to join his crew for a while and I guess seeing me with you got him thinking I would completely cut them off because I have you now. He's sensitive." Jasen explains.

They really are good friends. He knows everything about Richie, down to why, he feels the way he feels.

"I guessed that. It's fine. That's all you called for?" Disappointment fills my tone.

"Yeah, no targets yet, but you need to come get your clothes from my house. The blood stains wouldn't come out but they're clean."

I smirk.

"It's the perfect trophy for yesterday. Take me training more. I wanna know how to use more weapons than just knives and guns. I need something that kills the victim slowly." My smirk widens as my imagination goes wild.

Taking a rope and wrapping it against the throat of someone unsuspectingly, sends chills down my back.

Jasen laughs.

"I know you get bored, don't worry. I've prepared plenty for you." His tone towards the end is almost dark.

"I'm sure you do."

The line is quiet for a second. A pregnant pause, that makes me unnerved.


"Have you heard of the company, Legacy?" Jason whispers strangely.

The thought of an ad I saw on my phone comes to mind. So do my parents.

"The huge electronics company with the really rich guy? Yeah, my parents work at one of their branches together. I think they're in charge of it."

Jasen goes quiet for another second.

"Have you ever involved yourself with them?" He asks in another weird tone.

Jason's weird. I'm weird too but this whole conversation is weird and he's the one leading it.

"No... Why? Are they next on our hit list? When?" I ask, feeling my blood begin to pump.

"You can say...that, but for now stay away from the place, or anything that has to do with it. I want you to trust me on this." He says with a ghost of seriousness in his voice.

"Okay." I roll my eyes as I flip on to my back.

"I'll come get you tomorrow. We'll train with something more interesting."

I feel a shot of excitement go through me as a giggle makes it's way out my mouth.

"I'll look forward to it." I hang the call up and let out a scream in my pillow.

A monarch butterfly lands on my hand as I admire it crawling up my left wrist.

As it moves to my pointer fingertip, I pleasantly stare and think of earlier again.

Richie couldn't get me away from Jasen if he tried. I'm having way too much fun nowadays and I hope it l last forever. I'll keep Jasen with me forever.

I look up to my dresser mirror and stare hard and long at my dull brown hair. The idea from before comes to conviction.

I'm going bloodred.

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