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Chapter 14

Looking through all the box dyes, my color isn’t quite here.

For the entire night yesterday, I couldn’t help but think about shade I should make my hair.

I had settled on blood red but then the thought of a deep purple caught my eye and I went up and down the rainbow from there. After a couple hours, I was right back at blood red, so that’s what I’m getting.

I pull up my hood and put my hands in the pocket of my blue hoodie with my phone. It suddenly vibrates on my knuckle and I pull it out.

Jasen, it reads.

I answer it with a sigh.

“Yes?” I ask.

“Why aren’t you home?” He asks without a real tone to his voice.

“I’m busy.”


I wanted the new hair color to be a surprise, but of course he’s fucking stalking me. Ugh.

“Some store.”

“Cynthia, tell me.”

“Why do I have to? Leave me alone for a couple hours and I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.”

“I’m serious.”

I groan.

“Walmart.” I mumble.

“I’m coming to pick you up, don’t go anywhere.” He says, hanging up the phone.

I stomp my feet in a circle and roll my eyes, heading towards the exit.

A small snicker starts as I pass the toy section. I look over and see a toy stuffed bear grinning at me, with a hand over it’s mouth.

“What?” I ask it.

The snicker evolves into a louder chuckle as it’s other toy animals join in, all watching me. I shake my head and continue walking. Why are they laughing?

The further I walk away, the louder they get. I begin jogging, trying to leave the store quickly. I hate this.

The toys and products laugh and mock me, screaming laughter, while the road in front of me stretches and seems never-ending.

I put my hands on my ears and stop, lowering so my knees touch my chest and my head are in between them.

“Stop! Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!” I breathe heavily, unable to control the shaking in my hands.

“Cynthia?” One quiet clear voice silences all the rest of the overwhelming screams.

I look up and see Jasen walking towards me quickly and the world tilts before my eyes. A huge sense of relief washes over me and all my limbs melt as a pain pierces the side of my head and my eyelids become heavy.

Jasen kneels in front of me as his voice sounds far away.

“Jasen, I...” With those two words, my eyes close and I fade off to black.


“What the hell happened? I told you to watch her!” Someone yells.

“I don’t know. She just suddenly started running and screaming and when you showed up she passed out! Jason, you have to believe me.” Someone else says.

“Give her to me.” My limbs hang while my body floats from one place to another. A gleaming light beams into my eyes as they open.

“Jasen?” I croke out.

“Cynthia, are you ok?” I’m settled down somewhere. I blink and the back of my hand rubs my eyes. Seats and a radio stare back at me as my vision clears.

“Where’s my... dye?” I clear my throat, turning back to Jasen who kneels by my knees.

“This?” A voice comes from the front seat. Richie waves the pack of dye.

That’s perfect.

“Thanks. I need that.” My knees warm and I turn back to Jasen to see his hands on them.

“Don’t scare me like that. Do you need to go to the hospital?” Jasen grips my knees, standing up and leaning in close to my face.

I smile. I like when he does this.

“It’s normal. I was just thinking too much. My brain is kinda fucked.” My eyes keep in contact with his, inches away.

“So is mine.” Jasen chuckles, getting off me and hopping in the car next to me, schooing me over.

I move to the side but he stays close. He’s cute.

The world swims for a second and I squeeze my eyes shut.

“Hey, are you sure you’re ok?” Jasen ask, tilting his head at me as the car sparks to life.

I glance out the window. We drive out the parking lot of Walmart.

“Yeah, I’m good. Just aftershocks.” I say, turning back to Jasen.

He stares at me and nods.

“So what did you have for me?” The conversation we had last night comes to mind.

“I was here to pick you up so I could surprise you. We’re heading there right now.” He nods to Richie.

“What should I expect?”

“Nothing. Just go with the flow.” His smile leaves his face.

Is he planning to kill me? That could be cool.

After 20 long minutes, we drive down Jasen’s street.

I lift my eyebrow at him. He puts a finger to his lips and smirks.

I like that too.

We pull into the garage and Richie parks.

“Jasen, are you sure you want to-” Richie starts.

“Shut up.” Jasen’s tone darkens and he grabs my hand, dragging me out the car.

“It’s that good?” I ask, noticing the warmth in his hands making mine hot as well.

“You’ll see.” We go inside his house and he leads to a black metal door on the side of his stairs.

I look at him. He grins and places his hands on my eyes, standing behind me.

Maybe it’s something kinky. Like a gun collection.

“Open the door.” I search for the knob, grabbing it and twisting it slowly as the door opens inward.

“Watch your step, we’re going downstairs.” A basement? I find my footing and move down. The door slams shut.

He might really want to kill me.

A muffed sound echoes in the space while my feet reach solid ground.

“Hold on, keep your eyes closed. I have to get it ready.” His hands leave my face and I put my hands where his once laid.

Yeah, he’s out to kill me. It’s been fun.

“Ok. Open your eyes.”

I slip my hands off my face and my eyes widen at the sight before me.

A man sits tied up on a chair, bound at his mouth, ankles, and arms. He bleeds from multiple stab wounds, and his suit is soiled with blood.

He groans out, muffled by his gag.

Jasen stands behind him with a knife in his hand.

“Surprise.” And with that, he shoves his weapon into the man’s shoulder.

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