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Chapter 2


He’s really a mystery, isn’t he?

I haven’t been able to stop thinking of the incident.

It’s been a week.

I still stop at the alley every day before heading home.

My mom pretty much disowned me last week because of how late I was.

Eh. I don’t care, all I have to do is look at her and she’d probably start crying.

She’s scared of me too.

Both of my parents are so they try to stay out of my way.

It’s kinda great, I mean, I can do whatever I want.

Staring up at my ceiling now, everything seems so surreal.

I just want some fun...

Ever since I met Jasen, all the things I found fun have lost all meaning to me.

Seeing kids at school shiver in my presence.

Hearing my parents whisper about how they can’t deal with me anymore.

Scaring people just in general.

It’s boring now.

I still like it but it’s not the same.

Ugh, I should’ve taken his number or something, he even offered.

I bite my lip.

Dammit. I hate regretting things.

Who is Jasen anyway?

I grin.

What’s he involved in? I want to join. I want to join so bad.

To have fun like him.

It’s not fair.

I sigh.

It would be perfect.

I have this urge in me itching to do something.

And now I know it has to do with Jasen.

I sit up on my bed, trying to remind myself he would probably find me crazy too if he knew how I acted without the cloak of the night surrounding us.

I’m not just some brave girl who wasn’t scared of some boy with a gun.

No... I’m much worst, he couldn’t handle me.

So maybe it’s for the better, not seeing him again.

Eh, either way, I’m just looking for some entertainment in my life.

I don’t care how I get it.Back in hell, oops I mean school, sitting in English, half the class waits for it to start.

The kids sit across the room from me, probably coming early just to get the seats furthest away from me.

I feel more amused by the second.

This is honestly the best part of my morning, even though it’s become dull, it’s fine.

The bell rings and everyone files in, all quickly taking desks on the other side of the classroom.

What can I say? I’m intimidating.

The teacher walks in last, closing the door, and beginning the lesson.

I doze off.

I’ve already read the whole unit book she keeps under her desk.

Stole it one day cause I was bored and memorized it.

Photographic memory will do that to you.

Even though it’s not that active, it comes and goes as I please.

If I want to remember something I will if I don’t then I don’t.

I think it’s a part of my crazy.

The door opens again, but this time a boy enters the class.

My eyes follow him until he reaches the teacher, dropping down to her ear level, whispering something. She nods and gestures him to one of the empty seats next to me.

He sits, shooting me a look.

I smile and wave at him.

I can’t be unfriendly to my first neighbor.

Might scare him away.

I giggle.

I’m too funny.

He’ll probably hear about me within the hour and stay clear of me.

I can’t wait to see that face.

The teacher resumes and my mind drifts away from the subject of the new boy.

She goes on and on about Shakespeare and how amazing he was and blah blah blah.

How boring...

I feel a tap on my shoulder and look over to see the new boy with a note in his hand, under his desk.

I stare blankly at him.

He moves his hand, as if...

Ohhh I get it now, this is like what the girls do in class, passing notes!

This is my first time.

I smile widely and snatch the note from his hands.

I open it, almost giggling.

Is your name Cynthia?

I take my pen, scribble down my answer, and toss it back on his desk.

I guess this is how it feels to be a normal girl.

It’s... different but ok I guess.

He reads it and looks back at me in confusion, before writing his answer down and passing back over.

I read it, grinning still.

What do you mean ‘maybe’? Is Cynthia your name? Seriously I need to know.

He’s such a conversation killer, but fine, whatever.

I write my answer and as he reads it, his smile grows.

He has the same vibe as Jasen.


He’s a bit softer than Jasen.

Or my crazy’s talking again.

He doesn’t pass the note back and I continue being bored.

I figured the conversation would be over after I said yes.

What a bummer.

The last school bell finally rings and I start my walk home.

The library’s closed for testing.

I reach the main exit and put my headphones in from my iPod as usual.

Just as I’m about to take my first step I feel someone grab my arm and begin dragging me.

I turn my head to see my captor and see the new boy, still pulling me away to what looks like some black van.


I look around and spot an oncoming wall.

Ok... This could be entertaining.

His grip digs into my arm and I begin to get pissed.

As we pass the wall I turn towards it using my other arm to push him into it, then I lift him up by his throat, strangling him against the school.

“That hurt, bitch.” I snarl at him.

His hands claw at mine as he struggles to breathe.

It’s an amusing sight.

I even grin, despite my anger.

“So what did you want?” I ask, pressing my hand into his throat watching his eyes bugle for oxygen.

I chuckle.

I could get used to this.

He begins pointing at my hand, I guess saying he can’t answer without air.


I loosen my grip, allowing him to breathe but still hang from the wall as well.

“J-Jasen sent m-me to get you.” He coughs out.

I stand stunned.


I drop him, letting him crumble to the floor and walk over to the van it looked like he was dragging me to, getting in the shotgun seat.

He sits on the ground gasping for air while I sit waiting.

He takes a deep breath, with a hand at his neck.

Serves him right, my arm still hurts.

I roll down the window, getting impatient.

“Get up, let’s go!” I shout at the poor boy who should have never touched me in the first place.

But watching him still struggle to breathe is nice.

But Jasen is at the end of this drive, so he needs to hurry up.

The new boy gets on his feet finally, glaring at me as I clap for him.

I mean he took so long this has to be an achievement.

Walking over to the driver’s side he gets in and we get going.

He and I don’t speak but a huge smirk rest on my face.


I’m finally going to see him, and hopefully be a part of the thing he’s in.

Getting to shoot a man, having goons like the new boy...

I almost squeal.

I knew we were meant to meet.

My crazy needed someone to show it its purpose.

And fate gave me Jason for that.

I’m so close I can taste it.

All the fun I’m going to have.

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