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Chapter 3

Finally, we reach our destination.

We pull up at this abandoned building, in a place that looks deserted.

I feel a smile spread across my face.

Just my kinda clubhouse.

New boy gets out the car and I follow behind him into the hideout.

After 2 flights of stairs, 10 turns, and another 3 flights, we finally stop on front of a closed room.

I gasp for air leaning on the wall next to the door.

New boy says something about something but I’m too tired to hear.

He ran up those stairs and I was struggling to follow him, so I started sprinting.

Up 5 stairwells.

It was torture.

I hate this guy.

He still goes on and on about nonsense, and I catch my breath, not listening to a word.

As I feel the oxygen return to my legs, I stand up, turn and walk into the room.

New boy grabs my hand, and I throw him off.

“You can’t go in there right now!” He whisper-yells.

“I don’t care.”

I’d cut him up if I had a knife right now but I don’t.

He’s lucky.

I look up to see Jasen staring at me sitting in a chair, more like a throne, in the middle of a sea of men.

Is he the boss here or something?

That should make this easier.

I grin walking through what seems like the Red Sea parting.

Are these guys scared of girls?

They should be.

Especially if they’re anything like me.

I stop in front Jasen, smiling now.

He stares at me still with a blank look on his face.

“What? You aren’t happy to see me?” I pout, looking up at him through my lashes.

He simply looks back at me saying nothing.


Was coming here a waste of time?

Dammit, just when I thought I found some fun.

I sigh.

Turning around, I begin walking away.

I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Too bad.

“Cynthia, wait!” Jasen yells.

Now he wants to talk.

I slowly turn to see Jasen right behind me.

Too close.

I put my hand out and push him away.


The silent men surrounding us gasp.

I ignore.

It’s not like Jasen’s a God, I can do what I want.

A smirk makes it’s way on to Jasen’s face.

He might be stranger than me.

And bipolar.

“New boy said you wanted me for something, what?”

“I just wanted to see you again.”

That’s all...?

I need more than that.

“Since you dragged me out here just to see me, then you can let me join your little gang here.” I cross my arms and stare at him.

He stares right back.

I guess it’s our thing now.

“I don’t have a gang.” He states, still boring his eyes into mine.

I blink, breaking our contest.

“But you killed that guy because he sent someone to mess with you and your crew, right? So let me in.”

He can’t just reason with me, I’m not usually the one to even have reason but I need this.

Or else I’ll end up in prison, and that’s boring, I won’t get to do what I want.

“I don’t have a crew, these guys aren’t my followers.”

I look at him in confusion.

“They just respect me, so when I call for them, they answer.”

My eyes scan the crowd and see nodding heads.

Respect huh?

I guess he just this big, bad, cool boy who gets respect for shooting old men in alleys.

I don’t care.

I just want that kinda power.

I’d finally have something to look forward to.

“Cool.” I say, dropping my arms.

We stand in silence once again having a staring contest.

His blue eyes trained on my own green send a spark through me.

I couldn’t see him before in the dark but now...

I let my eyes begin to wander down his face and body.

His dark brown hair, almost black sits as a mess on top of his head, while his height, only a few inches from mine, forces me to look up at him.

He wears a dusty black leather jacket, probably old, with his muscles kind of showing through it, and his skin looks sunkissed.


How basic.

I look back to his eyes and see him scanning me just as I did him.

I smirk.

“Liking what you see?” I say, releasing my arms and letting them fall to my sides.

“You were checking me out first, I just returned the favor.” He steps closer with every word.

“You’re right, but you look like every other teenage boy.”

“How?” He asks, now just as close as he was when I pushed him away earlier.

“You’re all going for this ‘bad boy’ look, it’s cute but overdone.” I’m sure my breath is fanning his face but he stands his ground.

And so do I.

His arm comes around my waist and he tugs me to his chest.

My smirk widens.

“Don’t you remember me killing that guy? I’m not going for any look, I’m the real deal.” He leans closer, whispering at this point.

Our noses touch, but we both still refuse to pull away.

“Wait, did you just call me cute?” He adds, our lips so close it’s crazy how they haven’t touched.

I shrug, finally pulling back, slipping out of his arms.

“If you forgot, I guess you’ll never know.” I snicker, looking at his stunned face.

What was he excepting? A kiss?

I laugh loudly at the thought.

Jasen stands there, glaring at me.

He knows I’m laughing at him.

“Join me.” He says suddenly.

My eyebrows scrunch, showing my confusion.

“But you said you weren’t apart of anything.” I say, not amused anymore.

“I meant join me. You can be my partner in crime, you’d never be bored and I won’t have to go back to a life of nothing.”

Life of nothing...?

I dismiss the thought.

It’s none of my business, he’ll tell me if he wants to.

He stares intensely into my eyes, with his full of hope.

I came here for a reason, and this was it.

How could I say no?

I reach out my hand, still looking at him.

“Let’s have a good time together, ok?” I say, smiling now.

He returns my expression with a smile of his own, grabbing my hand.

“Nothing less.” He promises.

I’ll keep him to that.

I move to let go but I’m pulled into his arms, against his chest.

“Thank you.” He whispers to me.

I stand still, but nod in response.

This is it.

A new beginning.

One where I can do whatever I want and express myself to no limits.

And it’s all cause I met Jason.

I relax into his chest and slowly bring my arms up to hug him back.

This feels like an understanding between us.

Silently saying...

I better enjoy every fucking second with you or I’ll kill you.

My smile widens.


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