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Chapter 4


Our meeting was.

I jump off my bed and giggle.

His partner in crime.

I sigh out in content.

Is he going to teach me how to use a gun so I can blow out people’s brains too?

That would be so nice of him.

I walk back to my bed and lay down, staring at the ceiling.

My life is changing so fast I can barely keep up.

I snug into my purple, fluffy pillow.

I hope it lasts forever.

I flinch awake, hearing my alarm clock go off.

I curse internally.

It’s fucking Saturday, I forgot to turn this dumb ass thing off.

I get up grabbing the still sounding machine, opening the window and chucking it out.

I slam the window closed and get back in bed, trying to go back to sleep.

I start to fade off to sleep just as another alarm rings.

What the fuck?

But I just...

I don’t have two alarm clocks.

I groan, getting back up, following the sound to on top of my dresser.

There sits a phone, probably an iPhone X, ringing.

Millions of thoughts run through my mind.

Who left their shit here? My mom?

No, she knows not to come in my room.

Same with Dad.

Then... someone broke in.

And now someone’s waking me up on a Saturday, because of this bullshit?!

The phone still rings and I furiously answer it.

“Whoever this is, you’re dead. I’m going to find you and fucking chop you up.” I sneer into the device.

That kinda sounds interesting.

I hear a chuckle.

“Sounds kinky.”

I freeze.


“Fuck, Jasen, don’t wake me up early ever again, plus what the hell is all this?” I ask, getting loudly by the word.

He chuckles again.

“I needed some way to contact you, so I left one in your room, but besides that point, get ready, I’m coming to get you, I’ll be there at 9.”

As pissed off as I am, I do admit that sounds fun. I guess this partnership is starting off bright and early.

I scoff.

“Sounds like a date, should I dress up?”

“Only if you don’t mind getting your clothes sliced up.”

I already have a feeling I know what we’re doing today.

I grin.

“I’m all for it, except me in Sunday’s best.”

“I will.”

I hang up and sigh.

I guess I’m not going to get those extra few hours of shut-eye.

I smile.

It’s all in good reason, though. The fun’s about to begin and I can’t be late.

I sit in my living room, waiting on Jasen.

I figure he knows where I live if he left the phone on my dresser.

We’re going to talk about that too.

I check the time on the phone.


This thing is actually pretty cool, I like it. No wonder everybody has one.

Kinda boring, but it’s convenient.

The doorbell rings, causing a smirk to slowly spread on my face.

I get up off the couch, skipping to the door.

I open it, looking up to see Jasen, staring back at me.

His face remains blank, with dead eyes, as I beam my smile at him.

“What happened to Sunday’s best?”

I look down at my outfit. I put on some baggy shorts and a tank top.

I chuckle.

“I guess I forgot.”

“And here I was looking forward to slicing it up off of you.” He smirks, the first sign of emotion he’s shown since he got here.

Getting comfortable?

“Slicing, huh? I can already see where this is going.” My smile grows as I lean in, dragging my finger down his chest.

His breath hitches.

I scoff.

So buff and innocent.

“Let’s go,” I say, grabbing his arm, dragging him to the car parked in front of the house.

I get seated in the shotgun seat as Jason starts up the car.

“So breaking into people’s houses is something normal you do?” I ask, tilting my head at him.

He catches my eye, his smirk growing wider.

“I had Jim do it, it’s his specialty.”

“One of your loyal followers, right?”

He nods.

“Then he can teach me.” I nod to myself, imagining what I could do with footsteps as light as air.

Sneak down to the fridge in the middle of the night without my parents waking up and shaking in fear I might hurt them...

But I kinda enjoy that.

Eh, I’m sure the skill would be good for something.

“We’re going to my gym.” My head snaps to over at Jason as the car begins moving.

My smile melts away.

“Jasen, I hope you didn’t wake me up so early on a Saturday, just to take me to workout, cause then I’d have to end you or bite off, at least one of your fingers.” His gaze meets mine and by the crease of his eyebrows, I can tell he sees I’m completely serious.

“Calm down, I’m taking you for training. If you want to be in the lifestyle then you have to know how to survive. Right now you’ve got the attitude for it but you need the skills too.” He finishes taking a turn off my street.


I almost giggle.

I was just thinking of this last night, I swear I’m a physic.

Just a seriously violent one.

Jasen stops at a red light and suddenly my jaw turned to face him.

“I’ve been thinking about you since I met you in that valley. How you aren’t scared of me, how you laugh at things that normal people wouldn’t, and I just want to ask you, why the hell are you like this?”

His grip on my jaw tightens and the light turns green but he makes no move to go.

I sigh, bringing my hand up to hold his wrist.

“My mom once asked the same question, and I answered with ‘I don’t know, you gave birth to me.’ That’s when her and my Dad stopped talking to me... I don’t really have any idea why I’m the way I am, so I don’t let it bother me, and you, Jason...”

My grip tightens on his wrist.

“You’re going to help me discover who I really am, and I’m going to have so much fun, every single second.”

I smile.

He nods as if agreeing to my terms.

He releases his hand and continues driving.

We need to get each other if we’re going to be ‘partners in crime’ and I feel like we got a step closer just now.

A warm spark goes through me and I put my hand on my chest.

This feels nice.

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