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Chapter 5


Jasen has to be.

I stare up at a huge mansion we slowly pull into, parking in one of the many garages.

I really hit the jackpot becoming his friend, I’m going to be swimming in all the chocolate I’ll have him buy me.

Jasen nods at me and we both get out of the car, heading towards the entrance of the huge house.

“So your gym’s in here?” I ask as we step inside.

“Yeah, it’s like a mall in here, don’t get lost, stay by my side.” He grabs my arm and begins dragging me.

Okay... let’s go.

He takes me up a flight of beautiful white steps, curved into the wall. we reach the top and beyond us lies a hall of doors. His grip tightens and he leads me towards the first one of the right.

Throwing open the door, he pushes me inside and slams it shut. He leans on the door slowly lifting his gaze from the floor to meet mine.

I walk backward a bit, looking up and down at the navy blue room, bigger than my kitchen and living room combined. One window makes up the back wall, providing a perfect view of the outside. While the king-sized bed sits at the back wall window, right in the middle, and the rest of the room has a white, soft rug on its floor. Doors to the bathroom and the closet sit on opposite sides.

Wow, talk about rich.

Jasen still stands against the door, staring at me as I examine what I assume is his room.

My eyes meet his finally and I chuckle.

“Why’d you bring me here? I hope you don’t plan on training me in here cause I’d probably ruin everything you own and enjoy it.” I say, moving back until I hit the bed, jumping down on it.

No answer. Just a dead stare.

What if...?

“Unless you had a different kind of training in mind...?” I smirk, crossing my legs on his mattress.

I look at Jasen carefully.

His expression remains blank.

“You don’t seem scared.” He finally says after a pregnant pause.

“Should I be scared? Are you going to kill me, Jasen? Or maybe rape me? Or you could keep me trapped here forever? Which one?” I say getting up off the bed, walking towards him slowly, step by step.

“You haven’t done anything to me so why should I be scared? Tell me.”

I stop right in front of him, glaring into his eyes.

His face morphs into a frown and he grabs my arm, dragging me towards his bed.

My arm? Again?

He pushes me down onto his bed and climbs on top of me, caging my wrists in his hold.

“I could do every single thing you just said and more, right in this instance, without batting an eye. I’m dangerous and you don’t know what you’re getting into.” He puts both my wrist in one hand and lets the other one draw down the side of my face.

A slight smile slips onto my face.

“And yet, you haven’t done a thing. I know you’re dangerous Jasen, I knew that the moment I saw you shoot a man in the head, but what you’re not understanding is that I simply don’t care. I know you’re scared of hurting me and making me afraid of you and that’s why you’re testing me right now to see if I can handle you. So what do you think? Can I?” His eyes widen above me and we stare at each other until he suddenly falls on top of me, letting his body weight completely rest on me, as I feel every muscle from his chest down.

He wraps his arms under me and holds me even closer to his chest.

“I guess I’ve met my match.” He chuckles.

“Damn straight, so can we go use the knives now?” I whine.

“Whatever you say, partner.” He says lifting me up in his arms as he gets up.

I giggle.

What a sensitive guy.

Kinda cute.

Finally, we reach the gym.

He drops me on to a yoga mat, which doesn’t really do anything for the impact.

“Ow, you fucker.” I snarl at Jason as he walks away.

“You’re the one who kept complaining about being put down, I just gave you what you wanted,” Jasen remarks, diving into this small office in the back.

“I meant gently, put me down gently!” I shout.

On the way here, I realized the whole princess carry thing is a cruel lie. It wasn’t nice at all.

Every bump I felt in my back and every breath I heard in my ear.

It felt gross so naturally, I asked him to put me down.

At first, he didn’t respond, holding me closer to his chest each time I would protest.

Then he started telling me to shut up which made me angrier so I got louder.

And now here I am with a sore ass and back.

Jasen’s a fucking prick.

I get up, stretching my back and rubbing my butt as he comes back from wherever with a suitcase.

I resist the urge of punching him across his face.

“Are you ready yet?” He asks me, setting the case down in front of me and opening it.

“Cours-“I gasp.

Inside the case sits the finest knife collection I’ve ever seen in my life.

A smirk appears on my face as I forget all about Jasen.

“Then let’s get started.”

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