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Chapter 6


The knives reflect the light, shining, glistening almost.

I reach out my hand wanting to touch them, especially the curved dagger. It zigzags up and the curving at the tip, seeming too sharp to be real.

I want it.

Jasen takes out a couple of knives, basic ones, like a combat and a classic Bowie, nothing I’m not familiar with.

I like and look up all types of weapons, when I’m bored and how to use them.

I can’t say I’m too bad.

He tosses me the combat knife. I catch it at the handle, twisting it in my hand.

The grip feels nice, as I toss it around in one hand to the other, the blade looks cutthroat.

I smile and look up at Jasen.

“Are you done?” He says, pretty much juggling three knives above my head.

Such fluid motion as the knife falls into his hand and is released into the air again, spinning then landing in the other hand.

I stare in awe, inching closer and closer each second.

I start to feel the wind of the knives being thrown against the tip of my nose when Jasen stops.

I pout.

“You don’t know when to quit do you?” He smirks.

“No clue.”

He shakes his head, chuckling.

“Can we start?” I ask, tilting my head.

He turns, ignoring me.

“Jasen, seriously-” A sudden breeze beside my head silences me. I snap my head back to look at the thing he threw, and see a knife sticking out of the wall behind me.

My eyes widen.

“Oh...shit, you have to teach me how to do that!” I yell, thinking of getting a cutting board to throw things into.

He stares at me for a second, then chuckles again.

“Whatever, come here already.” He reaches to me and grabs my hand placing a dagger in it, lingering his hold for a bit longer than necessary before letting go.

“Now all I want you to do is swing it.”

I do as I’m told trying hard not to get too giddy for the activity.

Jasen nods, watching me carefully.

“You’ve done this before?” He asks, beginning to circle me.

I shrug.

“Only a little nothing too serious.” I only spend a couple hours a day with a kitchen knife sometimes, slicing away at nothing.

He nods again.

“Ok, so we’re going to skip the slicing and go straight to the offense. Try to cut me.” He stops directly in front of me and spreads his arms to either side of him.

I don’t question it, I’ve been wanting to cut this guy into dice since the second time I saw him.

I charge at him, avoiding his arms as they come down around me, managing to nick him. I think.

Everything happens so fast before I can blink I’m standing behind Jason, stunned.

I turn around quickly looking at Jasen, who has also turned around to face me, stand with nothing but a slice on his shirt.

“Impressive. No ones ever even had the opportunity to cut my clothes, they die before they can, and I didn’t expect you to be the first.” he says, looking at me approvingly.

I internally roll my eyes. I couldn’t even wound him, how am I going to survive in this industry?

After about 10 times of that, I breathe heavily as his shirt is full of holes from my attacks and yet not one cut.

I sigh.

“You really know your way around a weapon, don’t you?” He picks back up the knives he put down and begins throwing them in the air.

“You saw me kill a man, answer that question yourself.” He continues his juggling and a slight smirk creeps on his face.

I roll my eyes.

“Now you’re just showing off.” I say, walking over to the bench where the knives rest, sitting down next to them.

“You could tell?” He fully smirks now, not holding back anything, letting all three knives fall into his left hand.

I turn to the suitcase next to me, open it, and pull out three knives just as he has.

“What are you doing? You’re going hurt yourself.” His smirk remains strong.

“Shut up and watch.” I begin throwing the knives up slowly, racing through the pictures in my mind to copy each and every move he did before.

Jasen’s eyebrows rise and a mildly surprised expression crosses his face as he stares at me intensely.

“Don’t be too impressed, I’m just copying what you did. Photographic memory, it’s apart of my “not normal” why do you think I got so close when you were literally throwing knives?” I say, enjoying as his facial expression changes to a smile.

I let the knives drop in my left hand, all at once just like he did.

“You’re a better find than I thought you were, this is good, and training will be easier, so c’mon get up, we’re going to get some shooting practice.” He gets up, grabbing the knives out my hand and putting them away at wherever they came from.

Probably a weapon room. One I have to see before I die.

"...Shooting practice...”

Did I just miss that?

We’re going to use guns now?

I squeal, running up to Jasen, who was walking back, throwing my arms around his neck.

“You’re really going to teach me how to shoot?” I ask, keeping my arms around his neck, pulling back to look at his face.

His eyes meet mine and he blushes, turning his gaze elsewhere as his arms come up to hug me as well.

Bad with girls, huh? Me too.

“Yeah, so get off me already we gotta get going.” He says not moving his arms from around me.

I chuckle.

“You’re the one holding on still.” He immediately becomes 10 times more flustered and drops his arms from my waist.

I continue chuckling as he walks out of the gym door, leaving me behind.

How cute.

I jog after him.

Grinning still, I hop into the car, after racing down the long stairway.

Jasen avoids my gaze and starts driving with a rosy blush on his cheeks.


The thought crosses my mind again, as I smile to myself.

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