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Chapter 7

Shooting was pretty straightforward and I caught on quick, Jasen barely had to help me with anything.

This, of course, just fuels my already huge ego.

I’m not complaining, though.

Now, in Jasen’s car again, he drives me home.

Looking at the time it reads 4:00 pm, and I yawn.

My daily naptime is 5. I was almost late.

He parks in front of my house, and I look past him to see the curtain closing.

Guess they’re going to run upstairs and lock themselves in their room now.

How’d they give birth to me?

Shaking my head, meet Jasen’s ever-staring eyes.

“Today’s been cool, I guess, call me up tomorrow and we can talk.” I wink at him, opening the car door.

“Wait, I- nothing. Bye, I’ll call you.”

I nod slowly, getting out.

Ok... I’m tired.

I jog up to my front door, finding it unlocked, and sigh.

They really don’t want to see my face.

Eh. What do you do?

I run up to my room and jump onto my bed.

Guns, knives, Jasen...

I smile into my pillow.

My kind of fun.

My phone goes off and I sigh.

It’s Monday, isn’t it?

The weekend is like 2 hrs and then the week is like a year. I can’t stand it.

I reach over to my nightstand and grab it, touching the green button.

“Is this going to be something you do everyday, cause if it is I might have to disown you. For real.” I spit into the phone.

“I’m coming to pick you up, get up already.” With that, he ends the phone call.

It’s not even that late...

I check the time on my phone and sigh.

Shit. 7:20

I shouldn’t have thrown my alarm clock out, I guess.

I get up, not really in a hurry, seeing as I’ve been late before, and I simply don’t feel like hurrying.

I jump in the shower, still sluggish, and turn on the water.

Here we go again...

After about ten minutes, I’m clean and relaxed. Hot showers really hit the spot.

My phone rings and I look down at my bed to see Jasen’s name displayed on my screen.

Again? It’s been like 5 seconds since we talked.

I reach down and pick up the call anyway.

“I’m here, hurry up.”

With that, he hangs up and I scroll through my notifications, seeing 2 missed calls from him, one from 10 minutes ago and another 5 minutes.

Was he timing his calls every 5 minutes?

I chuckle.


I put on my clothes, wearing a tight black long-shelve crop top with high waisted light blue jeans, with my Adidas.

Basic as hell, but it works.

I grab my bookbag, walk down the stairs, shoot past my parents, and go out the door.

Jasen’s car sits next to my driveway and I run to it, getting in the backseat.

“Let’s go,” I say, looking up at him.

He looks at me through his mirror, glaring at me.

I tilt my head, looking at him innocently.

“Get in the passenger seat, now.” He says and I smirk.

Plan worked perfectly.

I guess this partnership is going to work.

I hop over the drink holders and slide into the shotgun seat, flashing my smile at him. My bag stays behind in the back.

He finally starts the car and I relax, putting my feet up on the dashboard. Jason doesn’t comment so I keep my position.

We reach my school a few minutes later and Jasen parks in the parking lot, getting out the car.

I look at him curiously.

He goes in the back and tosses me my bag.

“Thanks.” He nods and I hop out the car, still, a bit confused, because Jason follows me as I walk.

“This is fine, I can go to school by myself, thanks for the ride.” I say, walking, but he ignores me, pressing forward.

I shrug.

I don’t really care.

It’s not like Jasen’s embarrassing, no far from it. His electric blue eyes and black hair contrast in a way any girl would swoon at, and his body isn’t too bad either. It’s great actually.

I’m just a little out of the ordinary, not boy crazy, I mean.

I walk into the building and head up to my class, I look behind to see Jasen gone.

No goodbye, aw.

I pout, entering my class, going to sit in my usual seat.

New boy sits in the seat next to mine and my mood brightens.

I sit and tap his shoulder.

He sighs and looks over at me.

“What?” He asks.

“I just wanted to say hi, why are you so mad?”

He stares at me for a second and then shakes his head.

“No reason.”

I roll my eyes, taking out my iPod and putting in my earbuds.

I feel a touch on my arm and look to see the new boy, looking down with his hand on my arm. I pull out my buds.

“I should tell you this so I will, Jasen, he’s...he told us-” The bell rings and the teacher walks in, cutting off our conversation.

“Tell me later.” I mouth to him.

He looks away from me, shaking his head again.

I feel a spark of confusion again, but decide to put it off.

Later. I tell myself.

The sound of the door opening catches me off guard, and my eyes go to the figure now walking in.

My eyes widen and I gasp.

The teacher stands motioning her hand towards the student.

“I’d like to introduce Marcus Johnson.” She says.

Confusion almost consumes me, but a bit of amusement surfaces.

Jasen stares right at me with a smirk.

“He’s new and will be joining us.”

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