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Chapter 8


This could be fun.

I watch as Jasen comes and sits next to me, the side new boy isn’t.

I look over at new boy and see him shaking his head again.

Wait, I can’t even call him new boy anymore. I search my memory for his name and find nothing.

I’ll just call him new boy.

I turn my attention back to Jasen and stare at him curiously.

He flashes me a smile and begins to push his desk next to mine.

The single desk rows we have are suddenly disrupted as Jasen’s desk settles next to mine.

“Mr. Johnson that’s not allowed wit-” I shoot the teacher a quick look and he flinches back.

“Nevermind.” He continues on with the lesson.

My reputation comes with its perks. I guess.

I’d rather be known for something I like to do.

“After school we’ll go for shooting practice.” Jasen leans in and whispers in my ear.

By the strange glint in his eye I can tell we won’t be in the shooting range today.

“Finally.” I answer, feeling the itch return.

The itch of excitement.

For something new.


The bell rings and I grab Jasen’s arm dragging him out of our 4th class together.

“Did you get your whole schedule to match mine?” I ask, smiling at him.

“Yup.” He answers, keeping his expression blank.

“Cute.” I say, still holding his arm, leading him to the cafeteria, he doesn’t resist as I drag him.

We walk into the busy lunch room and I pull him to the lunch table I’ve claimed over the years.

Nobody has sat there except me, since I showed up 3 years ago so it’s all mine.

Jasen sits next to me and I spot girls who would normally stay clear of my space, coming a touch to close, eyeing Jason.

I give them a dull look.

Sure, Jasen’s good looking but he’s sitting with me. They should get the vibe he’s not that normal. But for some reason they don’t.

New boy sits next to Jasen, taking my attention off the girls.

“I told you this was a bad idea boss, imagine if your enemies found out, they’d blow up the whole school.” New boy reasons.

“I told you I don’t care. Let them come, I’d blow off their heads so fast they’d be in hell before they blink at me once.” Jasen smirks, leaning back in his seat, as his eyes glow with a crazed look.

I stare unable to look away, feeling my own smirk emerge.

“I’d help.” I add.

New boy looks at the both of us and shakes his head again.

“Just don’t get yourself killed, boss, you know the others would be lost without you.”

“I’m not your boss and the guys aren’t my responsibility. I’m not their boss either.” Jasen says, staring straight, as the smirk leaves his face.

New boy sighs, then nods.

“I’m gonna go get lunch, excuse me.” New boy says getting up, seeming upset.

I don’t feel bad for him as he leaves. Jasen never asked them to follow him. So why should he care about anything they do or want?

“So why are you here?” I ask, dismissing the topic of his, not-so-his group.

“Cause you’re here.” He states, simply turning his gaze to meet mine.

I nod, feeling a rush of something go through my stomach.

I ignore it.

“So you changed your name so these enemies of yours wouldn’t recognize you go here?”

His eyebrows lift and he looks at me, looking surprised and a bit impressed.

“Yeah... you nerd. How long did it take you to figure that out? 5 seconds?” He looks at me with a little mischief in his eyes.

I chuckle.

“Three.” I answer, looking as his smile reappears and he laughs.

We enjoy the moment for a while until something more important comes to my mind.

“So we’re going shooting today huh? What does that mean?” Jasen’s crazed look returns.

“It means your training will be a bit more realistic today.” He stares at me, looking to see how my expression changes.

A number of emotions flash through me, excitement, confusion, fear, and many more but one phrase sticks out...


My smile widens.

“What if I find out it’s not for me? The whole killing thing?” Jasen frowns at me immediately.

“Then I’d have to make for you. It’s too late for you to quit being mine, so I’d have to train you to love it as much as I do.” He stares at me intensely, and I can see he means every word.

I also note he said ‘mine’, instead of my partner.

“I’ll keep you to that.” I say, also staring at him intently.

He nods.

Conveniently, New boy decides to comes back right in this moment. He freezes in front of the table, as I break our stare.

“Am I interrupting something?” He asks, inching backwards.

“No, just come sit down.” Jasen responds, looking away from me at last.

New boy goes to his seat and hands, both me and Jason a plate with a slice of pizza on it.

I gasp.

They both turn to look at me.

My heart fills with surprise, happiness and something else I’m not used to.


“You got this for me?”

New boy looks at me and nods.

I get up, go around Jasen, and hug the new boy to my chest.

“That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.”

New boy seems stunned as I press him into my chest, hugging his head while awkwardly lowering myself to his level, standing.

“G-get off me!” He suddenly says, after a couple minutes.

“Yeah, get off him.” Jasen says, yanking me off new boy, and pulling me into his lap.

His arms secure themselves around my waist and hold me tight. His breath fans my neck.

“If you want to hug someone I’m right here.” He whispers into my ear.

I felt the rush from before, shoot through me again.

I ignore it again.

“Aw, someone’s jealous. You really want a hug too?” I say, trying to push his buttons.

“Yes I do.”

Surprise greets me gently.

“Ok...” I respond, turning in his lap to straddle him, as his arms loosen on my waist. I hug him to my chest as I did new boy. Jasen tightens his hold around my waist once again

I hear gasps from the student body, but dismiss them.

This is just a hug from one friend to the other. He asked for it.

The bell rings and I jump up, or at least try to. Jasen’s arms keep me in their hold.

“My pizza, Jasen I’m hungry.” He sighs and releases me. I jog around him, running up to the slice.

“I’m so sorry I left you here alone. Don’t worry, you’ll become apart of me soon.” I whisper to it, and take 5 giant bites, finishing it.

Jasen watches and snickers.

“Let’s go.” He says, walking forward as I follow.

My eyes found the clock as I chase after him.

2 more hours...


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