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Chapter 9

Now as the school bell rings and I collect my things and skip out the front door.

New boy and Jasen stand outside the classroom, waiting for me.

Apparently, Jasen’s schedule didn’t match mine completely. Our last period classes are different.

“Let’s go.” Jasen mumbles, probably still mad his last class wasn’t with me.

When he first found out, we were walking towards math the class, he walked in and the teacher immediately kicked him out claiming she wasn’t excepting any new students today.

He was furious, silent but heated. I could tell he would’ve broke her neck if she came anywhere near him.

Made me mad too honestly, class was boring without him.

We probably would’ve sat there coming up with ways to kill the teacher. It’s fine though, we can do that later. I smile at the thought.

Jasen pouts still, walking in front of New boy and I.

“Richard, come here.” New boy walks towards Jason.

My mind swims with confusion.

New boys name is Richard? Seriously?

Jasen leans in a whispers something his ear. Something he can’t tell me apparently.

I don’t feel any anger, I met him a few weeks ago. I can’t tell him certain things either. As this thought comes to me, I still feel the sting of hurt flash through me.

I shake it off, concentrating on following the two in front of me as they continue they secret conversation.

New boy aka Richard peeks back at me, and I give him a quick wave. He nods at me and goes back to his talk with Jason.

My mind trails off to what Jasen mentioned during lunch.

My first kill huh? That’s a blunt way to put it.

I look at Jasen’s back.

He changed my whole life in a less than a month.

I went from no friends to two boys at my side almost all the time, wishing my life could have some reason for it to finding one, and wanting fun to getting it.

I was really one lonely bitch, wasn’t I? I always told myself I was fine and that I didn’t need anyone, and that I was the crazy girl that everyone was scared of and that was good because I liked it. But now I think I was just convining myself that so I could get through each day.

I bump into something, bringing me out my thoughts.

I look up to see Jasen and “Richard” standing still looking back at me.

“Are you okay?” New boy ask.

I feel a sensation of something nice pass through me.

“Yeah, I’m great.” I smile up at both of them as Jasen nods and continues walking without us.

New boy sighs and starts behind him. I loop my arm around his and chuckle, beginning to drag him faster towards Jasen.

“Hurry up slow poke.” I say, trying to jog with him walking.

“Yeah, yeah.”

New boy and I eventually caught up to Jason. When we did Jasen made it a point to stand between us. New boy just sighed as usual and went on ahead.

Jasen and I finally reach the car and New boy leans against the car with his arms crossed on his chest. He looks down, spacing out, staring at the ground.

I skip over to him, leaving Jason behind.

I put my hands on his shoulders and stand in front of him, lining my feet up with his.

He looks up at me curiously.

I pull him to me suddenly and hug his neck, hopping on to his body, wrapping my legs around his waist.

“To the car!” I shout, throwing my arm up pointing towards the backseat on the other side.

He sighs, but begins to walk towards the backseat door with me in his arms.

I giggle, holding on tight as his arms come around my waist.

We reach the backseat as Jasen opens the driver door.

Using one arm to hold me, New boy opens the back door.

New boy let’s go of me and and I slowly detach my arms from him moving towards the seats in front of us.

“You sit in the passenger seat, next to me.” Jasen suddenly says, staring at me with an expression I haven’t seen on him before.

I smile.

He really loves me around, huh?

“Sure.” I hop off New boy completely.

“Thanks for the ride.” I wink at him, skipping towards the front seat, back around the car.

Jasen and New boy stand outside for a moment, whispering, as I get into shotgun.

Secrets? Again?

They enter the car, finally. New boy sitting in the back, angry as usual, and Jasen in the front, with a blank face, as usual.

The car starts and we begin driving.

“So what’s happening today?” I ask, feeling the itch inside me since lunch spark again.

“Some guys want a fight, we’ll give them one.” New boy answers.

“So they want a fight with you guys, or Jasen?”

“Both.” Jasen answers.


“Remember the guy you saw me kill?”

I nod, thinking back to the pleading adult on his knees.

I chuckle.

“He was apart of their crew?”


I scoff.

“I’m looking forward to seeing another grown man on his knees begging for his life. I want to be behind the trigger though.” I grin.

Jasen’s eyes fill with the glint of crazy from lunch.

“My thoughts exactly.” He smirks.

“So are we going to meet up with the boys first?”

“No. We can handle them.”

“How many are they?”

“About 50 men, they’re a small group.”

“And you want us to kill them all? Just the three of us? Can New boy even fight?” I say, gesturing towards yhe spaced out male in the back.

“Who? Richard?” The left corner of Jasen’s lips turn upwards slightly. Not really a smirk, but definitely not a smile.

“What’d you call me?” The subject in question finally says.

“Yeah, him.” I answer Jasen, ignoring Richie, my new nickname I’ve decided.

“Yeah, he can. Not as well as me but yes he’s had his moments.”

Even Ne-Richie has fought. What have I been doing all this time?

“Wow. I’m kinda shocked, you don’t seem like the type.”

He nods and smirks.

“Which is exactly why no enemy is ever prepared for me.” He gloats.

I shrug.

“Good for us.”

“We’re going to attack them and collect our money.” Jasen interjects.

“What do they owe you money for?” I ask, going in my bag, trying to find my lip gloss.

If I’m killing someone today I need my lips fully moisturized.

“Everything. I gave them 50k to buy their base, take care of their basic needs and to start their gang off. If it weren’t for me they wouldn’t be where they are today. They were paying it off fine until one day they just stopped. And now I need my money or their heads.”

I nod.

“Makes sense to me.” I say, applying the rose colored gloss onto my lips, using the side mirror to see my results.

I look over to Jasen and Richie to see them already staring at me.

“Does the gloss look good?” I pout, showing it off more.

“So good...” Richie whispers.

I smile at him, seeing his already dazed look, slack.

The car slows to a halt and Jasen grabs my jaw, turning me to look at him.

A minute goes by with us simply staring at each other. Or rather Jasen looking between my eyes and my lips for a good minute.

I blink at him, waiting for something, anything.

He clenches his jaw and shakes his head, letting go of me slowly, caressing my cheek with the back of his hand as it falls back into my lap.

“It looks good.” He mummurs under his breath.

“Thanks guys.” I say, not quite understanding Jason’s actions or Richie’s but feeling the warmth from before return.

“I’m ready to fight now. Pretty and deadly. I’m such a lethal combo.” I laugh.

Jasen chuckles and Richie smirks.

I was being completely serious though.

Cause I’m fucking dangerous. Just how I like me.

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