Cat & Her First Love (Novella 2.5)

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Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same- Emily Bronte Catherine: At nearly 17yrs of age, I wasn't one of the popular girl's in school, I didn't care about that though. I was quiet, and kept to myself, unless provoked. I had friends, but only one was my best friend—Layla. I wasn't even noticed by the lad's, I preferred it that way, to be honest, that was until HE, came along. Craig: Growing up, I was a shadow behind my older brother Russ, at 17yrs old I was alway's known as 'Russ Berkeley's Little Brother' not that I didn't love my big brother, I did. But I was so tired of being in his shadow, my dream was to become a footballer for who I was, not who I was related to. I was a player on and off the field, nothing besides football had ever caught my attention. That was, until SHE came along. It's only when an opportunity of a lifetime lands at Craig's feet. Has their love reached an impasse or will it prosper? **contains the slang language of people from Liverpool (scouse)**

Hayley Dooley Author
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Chapter One Cat- Eva & Justin’s Wedding

“Holly, babe, close your mouth when you’re eating” I try to hide my laugh as my little sister makes funny faces whilst her mouth is stuffed with food clapping her hands happily.

My little sister Holly who is nearly ten years old is diagnosed with severe autism. She is amazing, the most beautiful person inside and out. We’re sat at our older sister Eva’s wedding sit down meal, Mum’s just gone freshen up and dad’s gone to get us some more drink’s. I look to Holly who’s rocking back and forth with the brightest smile on her Happy, just then I notice someone walking towards me and my eyes widen in surprise, the lad winks at me grinning from ear to ear. I smile back politely, blushing as I look back at Holly, I shake my head..


“Holly! Looking at me” I say to Holly gesturing to look me in the eyes and she does, I smile at her “Hey beautiful, why don’t you put your headphones on and listen to some music? Hmmm? Would you like that?” I ask her showing her the p.e.c.s symbol for her- headphones and music and she rewards me with her beautiful smile again flapping her hands in excitement..(p.e.c.s or picture exchange communication is basically a form of communication for the person to ask for what they want or for to guide them to what’s next)

Getting up her Spotify I look for her playlist that has all her favourite song’s on and press shuffle, little mix are her favourite right now so majority of the song’s on her playlist are from them.. putting her headphones over her ears she grins at me when she hears the first song ‘Black Magic’ and rocks to the music.. She’s just amazing, takes everything in her stride.. she has her moments don’t get me wrong but on her good day’s the rewards are priceless. I’ve watched my parent’s struggle with the fact Holly has autism,she barely sleeps.. she hardly keeps still unless it’s something that she loves.. it was the struggle of watching my parent’s go through the diagnosis process for our Holly that made me want to study Special Need’s,that’s my plan. To go to college and university, I’m hoping to become a specialist teaching assistant like our Eva.

Our Holly’s excited squeal break’s me out of my thought’s as she giggles pointing to the screen of the next song ‘Olly Murs- Dance with me tonight’ have to admit she’s got good taste I chuckle to myself.

All of a sudden it’s like I can feel someone watching me and I look round the table until I look to the right of me it’s that lad who winked at me and he’s gorgeous, and he’s looking at me...god he’s beautiful. Blue eyes, brown hair that’s styled upwardly, he’s wearing a navy blue suit that fits his sexy muscular body I bet he’s got a six pack...Nah an eight!

I must look like a right crank cos he grins god I’d like to kiss those lips.. wait! What? I shake my head as he stands up.. fuck! He’s tall as well as muscular.. how did I not notice him before?... God, he’s FINE!! my heart jumps into my mouth as he walks over to me... fuck! Shit! Stay calm Catherine stay.calm!

“Hi, you mind if I sit down?” He asks me gesturing to the chair beside me

“I..I.. ju..psssshh...sure, Yep” I stutter nodding frantically fuckin Hell Catherine what the fuck was that?

He chuckles and sit’s down next to me holding out his hand “Hi, I’m Craig and you are?” He asks me

“Catherine” I smile as I place my hand in his to shake but he brings my hand to his mouth and kisses it “Catherine” he purrs kissing it again “Pleasure to meet you” he croons. What the fuck? I gulp nervously and take my hand from his gently giving him a small smile his eyebrows draw together in confusion as if he’s missing something but he collects himself then

“So are you team Eva or team Justin,” He asks me grinning

I smile “Well seen as though Eva is mine and Holly’s big sister” I gesture to our Holly who’s flapping her hand’s excitedly “I guess we’re Team Eva-Tin now,” I tell him “And you? Who’s side are you on?” I ask him

“Justin’s I guess, he invited us to come...along with my mum and dad” he gestures behind him to his mum and dad and I look over to them. That’s Russ’s mum and dad?!? So that mean’s... this is Russ’s, little brother. Craig’s mum waves excitedly at me and his dad gives me a chin lift, I wave to them giving them a warm smile, looking back to Craig “So your Russ’s brother?” I ask him

“Yeah” He grimaces have I said something wrong?

"So, am gonna be honest here... I already knew who you were,” he tells me and I frown in confusion

“I saw you from across the room when I was with our Russ and Amber and I soon as I saw you, I was mesmerised by you, you were smiling at your lit up Catherine” he tells me looking in my eyes and shakes his head ”God,your beautiful” he whispers

I’m sorry what?!? I’m beautiful...

I blush furiously and I hear our Holly grunting in annoyance then and if I wasn’t so stunned I’d of laughed...

“Can I buy you a drink?” He asks me his eyes hopeful “Non-Alcoholic of course” he adds grinning

“Sure” I stutter “Orange juice please” I squeak

“And for Holly?” He asks looking at her with a warm smile as she rocks back and forth

My heart warms at the sight “Same please” I say smiling shyly and he grins at me winking “Be right back beautiful” he says and walks off, well more like saunters off to the bar...

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” I whisper to myself,getting my phone out I text Layla for some advice. My eyes always fleeting to our Holly as I type out a quick text

Me: OMFG! You will never guess what’s just happened x

Her reply is instant

Layla: WHAT? WHAT? X

Me: I’ve just been told I’m beautiful by THE most gorgeous man I’ve ever laid my eyes on... he’s gone to buy me and Holly a drink from the bar...what should I do? X

Layla: FYI I’ve told you plenty of times that you are... and spill, what’s he like? Just go with the flow babe, talk... dance x

Me: Yeah that’s different, that’s you! He’s gorgeous... gorgeous blue eyes, brown hair, kissable lips, he’s tall and muscular and looks sexy as sin in a suit. I’m nervous x

Layla: Psssh! Whatevs woman your a fitty!! Don’t be nervous babe, but I want deets tomorrow x

My heart starts to beat frantically as I see Craig walking over to us again with bottles of J20′s in his hand

“Here you are” he smiles warmly as he puts a bottle in front of Holly on the table “And here you are” he croons passing me the bottle

“Thank you” I whisper shyly as he sits back next to me

“Your welcome” he grins at me “so tell me about Catherine?” He asks as he puts the bottle to his mouth drinking some and am sat here mesmerised by the movement’s of his throat

“Catherine” he purrs and I jerk slightly I look wide-eyed to him as he smirks knowingly at me making me blush furiously...

“Sorry” I whisper sheepishly and cough awkwardly “Sooooo, what do you wanna know?” I ask him nervously

His eyes smoulder as he looks me in the eyes “Everything” he croons as he glides the back of his hand down my cheek

My breathe hitches at the contact and I close my eyes leaning into his touch...

Holly’s cries bring everything back to me...

I open my eyes blinking furiously and pull myself away from him to calm Holly down, looking at her I see she’s looking tired and her iPad has ran out of battery...

Mum comes over then “Oh baby girl, what’s the matter, my beautiful baby?” She coos stroking Holly’s hair hugging her to her

“I think she’s tired mum, and her iPad’s ran out of battery,” I tell mum

Mum nods “It’s been an eventful day for her, hasn’t it beautiful? I’m so proud of you Holly, such a good girl for her mummy and daddy” she coos “I’ll tell your dad and talk to Eva, do you wanna stay?” Mum asks looking at me then looks to Craig then back to me lifting her eyebrows grinning knowingly “he’s cute” she mouths

I roll my eyes “Yeah I’ll stay here, tell dad I’ll get a cab” I tell her

She nods winking at me “Be good” she sings as she walks away with our Holly

I groan out loud as I hear Craig’s chuckle...

“You wanna dance?” He whispers in my ear giving me goosebumps

“O-Kay” I stutter as he takes my hand in his taking us to the dance floor as Chris Brown’s ‘With You’ comes on...

Craig takes my hands and wraps them around his neck and then takes his hands wrapping them around my waist pulling me closer to him as we sway to the music

“So tell me about you Kitty Cat” he purrs

“Kitty Cat?” I grin

He nods grinning, I laugh shaking my head...

“Catherine, home now”I hear dad growl “and don’t you dare make a scene, it’s your sister’s wedding day” he adds as I go to open my mouth

“But” I argue but he gives me a look that I know mean’s ‘Don’t push it’

I look to Craig and his eyes are sad as he lets me go “I’m sorry Craig, I’ve gotta go” I tell him sadly and kiss his cheek “bye” I whisper.

I turn to dad trying to keep my emotions in check and walk past him without looking at him...I get in the cab were mum and Holly are waiting “Drive” I say to the driver giving him our address leaving dad at the reception

“Catherine, what has gotten into you?” mum growls


“Me? Me?” I fume trying to keep my voice down not to scare Holly “It was dad, I was just dancing, and you told me you were goin home!” I argue

“Well your dad didn’t feel comfortable you getting a cab home by your self, that’s why he came back,” she says sadly “you know what he’s like,” she says stroking my hair

“I don’t care, mum, I was having a good time with Craig and dad came over growling... I’m so embarrassed” I tell her

“I’ll have a word with him when he Get’s home, he’s probably not gonna be happy as we waited for ages for this cab. He’ll have to order another” she says to me as we arrive at our house she gives me the keys

“An I’ll probably never see Craig again” I argue sadly as I help our Holly out the cab and take her to her room to help her into her pj’s and then go to my room, take my bridesmaid dress off changing into my pj’s and fall asleep as I remember how I felt being in Craig’s arm’s... Happy!!

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