2. Broken Promises

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Cara Holland returns from LA after a year to New York. She was excited to meet her love, Ace Reid, whom she had lost in touch with over the year because of their busy schedules but her heart gets broken when she discovers him with another girl, the one who is the manager of the company she was working with. Everyone's life seems to be moving on but hers. Everything in her life seems to be falling apart and she doesn't know how to get it back on track. This book is all about Cara trying to move on, falling into depression, alcohol addiction and Self harm.

Romance / Drama
Jenna Stomphson
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Chapter 1

I year later:

“I met my boyfriend when he was teaching in my college. He was hired as my personal teacher for my final year for additional help. I fell in love with him eventually and we started a relationship with only my best friend knowing about it at the beginning and eventually my dad, his family and they agreed to our relationship. We went to Australia since I was selected for the International Debate competition, I won and his parent’s loved me. He gave me a promise ring since he got out of a marriage and didn’t want to rush into another one. He brought me a dog, Milo and I had to move to LA since I got more work here than in New York,” Cara said explaining her love life to Bethany Ren, the manager of the company she had signed to work with.

Bethany was a beautiful black hair and blue eyes girl and an average height. Cara found her attractive.

Cara was on her flight back to New York from Paris after finishing her fashion week and some shoots. She has become internationally famous and now she is one of the highest paid super models in the industry. She was awarded Fashion icon of the decade, International model of the year and a bunch of teen choice awards for Choice Female Hottie, Fashion Icon and many more.

“So, Cara, does he know that you are coming?” Bethany asked and Cara smiles. She hasn’t spoken to Ace in almost about a year since the both of them got really busy and few months went by. Whenever Cara picked up her phone to call him, she got nervous to do it and she didn’t. The longer she waited, the more nervous she got and never called him and he didn’t too.

“No but I hope he remembers me,” Cara said laughing but deep inside she was nervous and happy to see him. She was back in New York because she had a major deal with the clothing company, ‘Eastside’ one of the top companies in the world.

“That is why you have a ring on your ring finger. I thought you were engaged,” Bethany said and Cara laughed. Everyone in the world had the same question too but it was just a promise ring.

People were very curious about Cara’s love life since many celebrities have been open about their affection towards her but she isn’t interested in anyone. Once she got so frustrated with all their questions that she replied that she is with a man back home and she loves him and showed everyone the promise ring. The world went wild to search the mysterious guy in Cara’s life but they weren’t successful.

“Can I ask you his name?” Bethany said and Cara shook her head.

“I will not tell you his name but I will tell you the nickname we both have for each other. We call each other bubba out of love,” she said and Bethany made an ‘Awe’ sound because she could see how much Cara loved him.

“I was a bitch before I met him. I didn’t care about anyone’s feelings but he changed me and made me the better me I am right now and I am so thankful to him,” Cara said and Bethany smiled.

“I have a boyfriend too. I met him at work when he had to film an advertisement for my company. Now he is promoted to the head of the filming department for TV shows in the TV network HBC. He gets paid really well and he seems to love what he does,” Bethany said and Cara smiled because it reminded her of Ace because he loved working in that field.

“How long have you been together for?” she asked and Bethany thinks.

“For about 6 months I guess. What about you guys?” she asked and Cara smiled.

“Almost 2 years. I can’t wait for him to propose to me and to get married to him,” Cara said dreamily and just then her assistant, Natalie came over to show her a check paid by Chanel after walking for their fashion week.

“Thank you Natalie. Deposit into my bank account by tomorrow morning,” Cara said and Natalie nodded before going back to her seat. They were in Cara’s private jet.

“That was a lot of money you got paid for just walking the ramp once,” Bethany said and Cara laughed.

“I know,” she said and it was soon time for the landing. Cara hadn’t told anyone that she was coming to New York because she wanted to surprise them and she couldn’t wait to see them. She has been so busy with work that she only met them once or twice in the whole year and she was guilty about it.

Heather was doing her degree in filming and production and almost had a year left so she was quite busy too.

“Oh! My boyfriend’s here to pick me up,” Bethany exclaimed and Cara smiled because she knew the excitement. Just then she saw Ace in the waiting area with flowers in his hands. She got so happy just looking at him.

He had the same messy hair and a neat shaven face. Nothing about him changed except the dark circles around his eyes which had appeared because he was working very late at night and very hard.

Cara noticed him not looking at her but at his phone and just then she noticed her lace had come off. She bent to tie it quickly so that she could go over to Ace and she stood up to see Bethany running towards Ace and he caught Bethany and flung her in the air and kissed her.

That was when Cara experienced her heart shatter into millions of little pieces, so small that it cannot be glued back together. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She was rooted to the spot. Tears fell down her cheek and she quickly wiped it as Bethany came towards her.

“Cara, come on, I’ll introduce you to my boyfriend,” she said holding Cara’s hand and pulled her towards Ace.

“Babe, this is the person I am working with, meet Cara Holland, well you obviously know her. Anyways, Cara this is my boyfriend, Ace Reid,” she said and Ace looked at Cara for the first time since she had arrived in New York and his eyes went wide.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” Cara said trying to look happy but she couldn’t. Ace was speechless. He didn’t expect her to be here. He looked at her up and down and he was stunned.

Cara looked hot in just her leggings and her cropped jumper and her white shoes. Her pink hair was gone and now it was all brown. She looked beautiful without having any make-up on and she looked very mature and he could see the hurt in her eyes.

“Hi,” Ace said and Cara looked away because Bethany was clinging onto his arm.

“I got to go,” Cara said walking away from them and called her driver who was supposed to pick her about 5 minutes ago.

“Ma’am, there is a road blockage and a lot of traffic. I don’t think I will reach to the airport on time Ma’am,” her driver, Ben said and she ended the call frustrated. Everything was going bad today for her. She sat down and cried her eyes out till someone tapped her shoulder and she saw Bethany looking at her concerned.

“Are you alright Cara?” she asked and Cara nods but her eyes and nose were red so she knew that Cara was crying. Cara took out her promise ring and stuffed it deep inside her bag and Bethany was concerned for her. Cara never took off her ring but seeing her do it, she knew that there was some trouble in her love life.

Cara saw a flock of paparazzi coming towards her so she ran inside the airport because she didn’t want to make headlines in every gossip magazine saying that she was caught crying.

“You guys leave. My driver will be coming after about an hour or so. By then these people will get tired and will leave me alone,” Cara said looking at Bethany but she shook her head and held her hand.

“We will give you a ride home. Babe?” she said looking at Ace and Ace gulped really loudly and shook his head.

“Of course, come with us,” he said grabbing one of Cara’s bags and leads her towards his car from the backdoor of the airport. She thought that she was safe but paparazzi were there too.

“Cara Holland!” everyone screamed at once and Cara put on her huge sunglasses to cover her face and walked past them really quickly but they blocked her path.

“Cara, we have rumours that you are with Mathew Simpson. Is it true?” they asked her and Cara didn’t like it.

“Give her some privacy and space. Thank you,” Ace said grabbing Cara’s arm and they drove off away from the airport. She broke down in the car and Bethany held her close.

“Cara? Why is your promise ring off? You never take it out,” Bethany asked and Cara sat up straight.

“What is the point of having a promise ring from a guy who is someone else’s?” Cara said and Ace was hurt. Cara was hurt and angry at the same time.

“You mean-,” Bethany started but Cara finished her sentence.

“He is with someone else. That means that he and I are over,” Cara said and Bethany gave her a big hug not knowing that she was the reason Cara and Ace were not together anymore.

“I loved him with all my heart and this is what he does,” Cara said and Bethany wiped her tears.

“He is stupid Cara. You deserve so much better,” she said and Cara got out of the car and ran into her house. She didn’t want to see anyone but she went to her Dad’s and Melissa’s room.

“Mel?” she said and Melissa appeared from the closet confused because she wasn’t expecting Cara and seeing her cry, she was so worried.

“Honey? What happened?” she asked and Cara hugged her and cried her eyes out.

“Ace- he is with someone else,” she said and Melissa had tears in her eyes. Her heart ached for the little girl. She didn’t deserve this.

“Love,” she said crying with Cara too. She didn’t know what to say because she didn’t expect this to happen. She saw Cara and Ace so in love with each other but they were no more.

“He kissed her right in front of me and according to her they have been together for 6 months. The girl is the manager of the company I am working with Mel. How can I work with her? She has no clue about anything that’s happening,” she said and her dad walked in and looked concerned for Cara.

“She saw Ace with another woman,” Melissa filled in for David and David hugged his little girl in a protective way as she cried against his shoulder.

“I thought that he would protect you and love you but-,” he said because he was speechless. He accepted Ace as his son. He saw Cara and Ace getting married and staying together till they die. He didn’t know that Ace was a cheater.

They all consoled her for some time and even called Heather hoping she could console her. Everyone was so mad at him but Cara calmed down.

“I am heartbroken but I will get strong,” she said and they all were proud of her because it is not easy to have confidence when the love of your life cheats on you.

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