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``She ran away from her home to get her freedom , Only to be bound to another stranger , The world was cruel to her till now , and she did not trust anyone , Satan seemed to love her since she met another devil . But this time, devil helped her survive . |He let me live , He didn't kill me , Was he waiting to kill me slowly ? or did he really spare me ?|

Romance / Erotica
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||Chapter 1 ||

I thought myself ,How could I end up some places like this ? How could I be in this position I am right now . This incident took me by shock . I only breath in and out , My body trembling as I stared in a pair of black eyes . It was dead silent here , I could only hear our breaths . I could feel the cold gun pressed against my head and a strong palm pressed on my neck ,coiled to choke me .

There is no word other than positively terrified that I feel right now , There is no other feeling than being ready to die in my mind.

Then he spoke , " Who are you , What did you come for ? "

I shook my head and he pressed his gun harder in my head , I whimpered . " I a-am no one , I-I ran into this place . I-I , It was c-cold I came in to get wa-warm " He clenched his jaw taking a step further , At this point I could feel his stomach press against mine.

" Who send you ?" He asked , " No one ! I-I am with no one , I came here myself . I-I don't mean trouble "I heard someone chuckle behind the man who held me at gun point , " Right . " My breaths grew deeper and tears leaked through my eyes , He only stared at me , his expression unreadable .

" I-I leave , please don't kill me . I will leave " I said the other guy tilted his head up and rose his eyebrows . "I don't know , will you ?" I tried nodding but I couldn't . " Please , Please . I-I " , "Shut the fuck up " The guy in front of me spoke . His voice was low , but good enough to scare me further .

He stepped back grabbing my bag beside me and throwing it to guy behind him , The guy started checking my bag , I wasn't scared for that , the only in there was my clothes and necessities . "Take your jacket off " He said not letting me move another inch . I gulped taking my jacket off and putting it down .

"Where are you from ?" He asked . I hummed as I felt pain at the back of my head , " The-the city .." He stared at me , My scream came soon after he fired a gun at a distances enough to make me start crying and tremble against his hold . " NO . Please , please , Florida , I am from florida , I -I ran away . From my home . I- I have no where to go . I-I was just trying t-"

"Leave " He said . He didn't need to ask me twice . I bend down grabbed my jacket and made my way towards my bag . The guy who checked my bag smirked . " Nice panties " I felt harassed on that comment , but I knew better than to fight on it .

I ran out and walked away as fast as I could to get away from that abandoned looking house . I had now where to go , I was running out of money ,I had only eaten the food I managed to take from the house . But it finished soon enough leaving me starving for two days now .

I was lucky those guys didn't do much , there was a possibility there would've done something which would've traumatized me for life . I was lucky to get away from it . Walking in a local mart , I grabbed some food and walked out, I had been searching somewhere to live for a day . I was already tired . I knew from the start this wasn't a easy thing to do . But I had no other choice.

I had enough money to go back home . But I won't . I won't be able to pull the trick I did to stay in a dorm . I snuck in a college party . Talked to some guys , And ran straight to kitchen , ate something and locked myself in a bedroom . Suck out the room from the window the next day .

No one could question me , the whole campus was filled with students giving no shit's about who was coming in or out .

That was a lucky night . I feel like a idiot , but it worked .

I had to stay out of any trouble . I had to make sure I wouldn't be near any police station , I was already reported missing .

A man took me by surprise when he grabbed the back of my jacket and yanked me towards a wall . I scream but the roads were dead silent , He tried touching me, held a knife against my neck which dug in my skin ,he yanked my hair back , but I took my chance of kicking him in the balls as running in a unknown direction .

" You little bitch ! " I heard him . At this point my energy was completely down . I leaned against a tree and that's when I had a complete meltdown . My tears ran down my cheeks . My throat became itchy , I was trembling out of fear . That feeling , when someone invades your personal space and touched you without your consent was terrifying .

I cried . I was going to pass out but I had to leave the place . What if he came towards me again? What if he tried to hurt me, worst rape me . I was good ten minutes away from that man I could feel it , He would come find me .

A car light flashed across my eyes making me blind of seconds . The car door opened as I heard footsteps . I crawled back but was grabbed by my arm . Screaming and struggling became a reflex . But I heard a familiar voice . " Hey ! Shut you goddamn mouth up " That man , " Kill me , just kill me please " I heard his chuckle .

" Just hours ago you were crying to be released " He said , taking me by surprise as he picked me up . I didn't struggle , I had no energy , I was completely drained . " Now stay still don't move ." I bite my lip as he sat me in the passenger seat of the car and walked away . He then came back with my bag .

" W-what are you doing ?" I asked . He gave a long stare before starting the car . " This part of town is dangerous , I am surprise you are still alive " I struggled to breath .

"Where a-are you taking me ?" I asked as I felt the blood from my neck trickle down on my shirt . He did not answer . I was in fear was being killed in a brutal way . This man looked no where near being nice , " You checked my bag , I have nothing , Why don't you just leave me alone ! I didn't do anything" He nodded .

"Ya you didn't , We'll let you go once your background is check ."

"What ? B-background , why !?" I yelled but hissed in pain , I realised the back of my head was hurt . " If you aren't associated with our enemies we will let you go .My name is Ruth by the way "

"So you were following me " I stated and he gave me a sigh, " why ? I asked again , " We needed to make sure you weren't a threat " I wrapped my hands around myself and cried silently .


I had passed out in the car , I was given a nudge to wake up . I woke up to see a two story building , I realised it was a club .

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