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Aakanksha Williams Beautiful, chirpy, sarcastic and optimistic.. These four words are enough to describe her. She's a part time nurse at the most reputed hospital in Manhattan,working under one of the best doctors in America and is also studying medical in uni for she aspires to become a successful doctor. Life was going at an even pace when suddenly... she gets an unexpected offer.. An offer that makes her meet the world famous billionaire Alexander Knights.. Who's the exact opposite of her. An epitome of seriousness and harshness.. He's rude, highly pessimist when it comes to feelings and extremely emotionless.. Feels pleasure breaking hearts of multiple girls. But overall an extremely handsome, confident and accomplished man. Well that's what she has heard about him. But then a tragedy strikes.. And his condition is worse now.. He's in need of saving... And what does everybody think? It's only her that can save him. This story will take you through relatable life truths and realities, a rollercoster of feelings, a whirlwind of emotions and the true meaning of friendships and love. So dive into the journey of Aakanksha and Alexander. ( I swear its not as shitty as the description. )

Romance / Humor
Pranjal S
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♦Author's Rant♦


*So first of all please ignore my enthusiasm for I'm toooo excited to write this story.*

Wouldn't write much here as I know nobody likes to read the author's rant..

But please read this before starting the story so you can know what to expect.

Firstly, I would just like to tell you all that this is gonna be a fictional ROMANCE novel which will also reveal various relatable truths about love, trust, friendship, heartaches, happiness and the reality of life.

A whirlwind of emojis is on the way.

Oh I meant emotions!

The story will also have humour, but only you can be the judge of my sense of humour.

*Though I'd like to think it's great!*

This story is usually going to be in Aakanksha/Aabha's point of view. So I will mention only when I change pov's.

Friendship is also going to be an important theme of this story. So there will be many scenes with friends as well, atleast before the male protagonist is introduced. It is necessary because I can't describe actual bonds by just short descriptions.

A little warning, this is a slow-paced story and most chapters are LENGTHY.

A, if you have stumbled upon this story just for some hot steamy - you know? then my friends, you will have to be a bit patient because remember, patience is the key.

But I swear, it will be worth the wait!

This is my first time writing a story here so this may not be very well in the beginning but I swear on my vast love of chocolates and ice-creams that it definitely gets better.

Please feel free to point out my mistakes and do share your views and thoughts while reading this.

Do show some support to this amateur writer.

And a VEERRRYYYY big thanks to those who decided that my story was atleast worth a read.

*Means a LOT!!!!*

Hope you all love it. Now you may proceed as the story awaits you.

Lots of love.

~Pranjal S ❤

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