The cute girl next door

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'I suppose I should tell you who I am, well my name is amber. I'm 17 and (at the moment) I have green hair. I have a lip piercing and blue eyes. I'm around 5'1 and I have two sisters. That seems like enough info. Let's get this show on the road. '

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I suppose I should tell you who I am, well my name is amber. I’m 17 and (at the moment) I have green hair. I have a lip piercing and blue eyes. I’m around 5′1 and I have two sisters. That seems like enough info. Let’s get this show on the road.

I sat in my room with my bird button on my shoulder. My music was playing softly as I counted the seconds in my head until I heard my sister yell my name from downstairs. I sighed and stood up. Button still on my shoulder,

I walked downstairs and saw my sister talking to someone at the door. I held my hand towards my shoulder and button jumped onto it. I walked the rest of the way towards the door

“yeah?” I asked and my sister turned to me

“there you are. Amber these are our new neighbors ” she said and I looked who was at the door. I saw a man about 6′1 with brown hair. Standing next to him was a girl about my age with blonde hair and tan skin. She smiled at me and I waved back

“nice to meet you” I forced a smile while standing next to my sister. She dug her elbow in my ribs when she saw my forced smile.

“likewise. This is my daughter Melissia” he waved his hand towards the girl and I nodded then gave her a forced smile.

“well, we will talk to our dad about that dinner. See you around” my sister said and he nodded before they turned to walk down the driveway. My sister shut the door once they were a good ways away.

She turned to me “you’re talking to dad about that dinner”

“no way not gonna happen”

I heard someone on the stairs and turned to see my dad’s girlfriend stormed downstairs with a suitcase. My dad trailing after her. I slowly walked over to my sister with a glass of water and watched my dad try and convince her to stay. I watched as he pleaded with her to stay. I rolled my eyes and looked at my sister only to find her doing the same. We both knew this was way overdue

My dad couldn’t keep a girl around for more than a month. Sometimes it was cause they didn’t like that he had three kids or it was cause he stopped giving them money. button chirped from her place on my shoulder, Which caught their attention. My dad looked embarrassed at the fact we caught them fighting. The girl took this as her chance to leave and walked out. But not after sending us a look. She was one of the ones that hated us.

She was fine when it was just me living here along with my little sister but then my sister came home for the summer. My dad sulked over to the couch and hugged a pillow then me and my sister looked at each other. Debating who was gonna comfort him this time. I won and my sister got up from her spot and walked over to my dad hugging him.

I wasn’t big on hugs and stuff so she was the one who normally hugged him while I talked to him about how she wasn’t good enough for him anyway. I sat next to them a safe enough distance away so I wasn’t in the way but close enough in some kind of support. I looked at my sister and silently asked her if we should bring up the dinner. She shook her head and I nodded. button started singing and flew over to my dad. He gave a small smile and I pet my bird for cheering him up.


“so who was at the door earlier?” he asked at dinner later that night

“the new neighbors,” I told him picking at my food. I wasn’t hungry and wasn’t in the mood to pretend to eat so I just sat there. My sister gave me a look and I shrugged.

“oh what did they want?” he asked and my sister told him what had happened.

“Amy? Aren’t you supposed to go pick up jess from her sleepover?” I asked once I saw the time

“oh shit. Yeah but I have to get ready for something. Can you pick her up? Please”

I sighed and looked at her. “fine” I said and got up

“thanks for dinner dad” I told him and he nodded. I put my almost full plate on the sink. And went to put on my shoes and grab my skateboard.

“who’s house is she at?” I called into the dining room

“Lisa’s” my sister called back and I nodded. Sliding my phone into my pocket and opening the door. I put my earbud in and closed the door. I saw Melissa in her yard. She waved I waved back and then started towards Lisa’s house. She lived just down the street so I was there in a few minutes. I got off my broad and knocked on the door.

Lisa’s mom opened the door. She was a tall woman and she dyed her hair blonde but you could see the roots of her brown hair. She was around 40 and a very Karen type person. She hated me because I dyed my hair different colors and I had a lip pricing


“I’m here for my sister,” I told the annoying woman and she nodded and I waited on the porch for my 6-year-old sister. She was a little ball of energy that was dumped on our doorstep after my dad got a girl pregnant and she didn’t want the baby. She had blonde hair and green eyes and she’s the loudest little thing but I would give my life to protect her.

I heard tiny footsteps running towards the door so I stepped to the side since I knew she would come running out asking for another hour at her friend’s house. As predicted she ran out and almost fell but I caught her and she giggled before begging:

“Please let me stay a little longer! Pleaseee!?” she whined and I shook my head

“I am sorry kiddo but we gotta get you home. And plus you’ve been here all day”


“so I think Lisa’s mom needs a break. You can come back this weekend if it’s okay?” I said and she nodded “now go say bye to your friend so we can get home. Your dinners getting cold” she nodded again and I set her down and she went to hug Lisa. I waited and wondered how she had such energy after spending the day with someone. I get tired after just spending 20 minutes with someone.

Once she finally pulled away from her friend she came back over to my side.

“Thanks for letting her come over,” I said to the annoying woman and then jess saw I brought my skate broad and she pulled me away to let her ride it. I walked down the stairs and set the broad down

“hop on” I told her and she stood at the front. I stepped behind her and held onto her so she wouldn’t fall off. I went slow on the way home since she was on it and it wasn’t meant for two people but she didn’t seem to mind.

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