Beyond the Bounds of Possibility

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It has been a month since I went here at my mom’s place. Since my parents separated, I had to move back and forth at their place. Although, separated, they don’t miss a chance to torment each other by one-upping each other through the things they give me. I mean don’t get me wrong I love them, but, this whole ordeal is very tiring. Thankfully, I have Don with me. He has been my best friend even before my parents divorced.

Hey, I’m on my way back to dad’s! See you there? I texted Don, and immediately got a reply.

Cool! I’ll see you! I miss you ;) I read and smiled at his cuteness.

It was past lunch time when I arrived at my dad’s place and sure enough Don was already there. I hurriedly got out of my mom’s car and ran towards him. I clung to him tightly as he spun me around.

“I missed you,” he whispered and hugged me tightly.

Smiling at him, I tried to peck his lips, but he turned his head, making me kiss his cheek. I raised an eyebrow, letting go of him.

“What’s your problem?” I asked, putting a hand on my waist.

“Nothing. Let’s just get your bags,” he replied, smiling guiltily.

He went to my mom and kissed her cheeks as a greeting. He opened the trunk and got all of my bags.

“Look at you, Little Donovan! You’ve grown so much!” My mom said, making Don laugh.

I rolled my eyes still annoyed at what Don did earlier. I went to my mom and kissed both of her cheeks.

“I’m going to miss you,” she said, engulfing me in a hug.

“Me, too. I’ll come visit you when I can,” I replied, kissing her hair.

Don waited for me by our door as I waved goodbye to my mom. I turned and went inside my house with Don following behind me. I got some of the lighter bags to help him put it in my room.

After hours of packing, I lied down my bed still not in the mood to talk to Don.

“Listen, Quinn. I have to tell you something.”

I sat up and looked at him. “Look, Don, it’s been a month since we’ve seen each other, and you won’t even let me kiss you.”

“Listen to ---”

I stood up and pulled him in my bed. I straddled him and kissed him roughly.

“No. You listen here, Pierce. I missed you and you missed me. Stop talking,” I said and kissed down his neck.

He grunted, but still managed to push me away from him. Again, I raised my eyebrow due to his confusing actions.

“What the hell’s wrong with you?”

“Quinn, you have to listen.”

I sat up straight and looked him dead in the eyes.

“Okay, what do you have to say?”

“I think we should stop whatever this is and just be friends.”

I sighed and closed my eyes in frustration.

“Quinn,” he called me gently and touched my arms.

I smack his hands away and stood up, looking at him and showing the anger in my eyes.

“Quinn, we’re still friends. We just have to stop the kissing and screwing.”


“What do you mean why? It’s just so weird that we do this even though we’re just friends.”

“Just friends?!”

“Yes, friends. We’re not even together, so why do we act as if we are?”

“Maybe, because even if we’re just friends, as you say, there’s still something more?”

“More? When did we even say that there’s more to what this is?”

I looked him, trying to keep my tears from falling. I see his eyes going from angry to soft as he said his last statement. He went near me and hugged me as some of the tears I’m trying so hard to stop fall.

“I mean, yes, there is more to what we have. I love you, Quinn, but it’s just that I met someone when you were away, and I really like her. I don’t think she’ll like me if she thinks that we’re together.”

I pushed him away, wiping my tears.

“You met someone?”

“Yes, and I really really like her.”

“What about me? What about us?” I said, my voice breaking.

“I’m still your best friend, and I’ll always be here for you,” he said, rubbing my cheek with his thumb.

I nodded and he hugged me tightly again.

“I love you, Quinn.”

I closed my eyes still angry that someone is trying to take my place. I have been in love with this boy before he even became this hunk that everyone wants to have. I made sure that everyone and I mean everyone think that there is something going on between us. The fact that this bitch managed to capture Don’s unyielding attention for me is courageous. I admit that, but the second I meet her, I’m going to make sure she knows that Don’s mine.

“I love you, too, Don.”

Much more than you can fathom...

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