Beyond the Bounds of Possibility

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Hours passed, and Don and I decided to watch a movie in my room.

As the plot of the movie thickens, we fell into our most comfortable position which is entangled in each other’s embrace. I can feel his chest rise and fall with every breath he takes. I looked up at him, just engraving in my mind how beautiful this man can be.

His brown eyes that shows specks of gold in them whenever the light hits them. His lips that got me so hooked after our very first kiss with each other. His olive skin that keeps me warm during my most lonely nights.

God, I love this man!

More than a minute passed, and Don noticed how I was staring at him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like your world revolves around me.”

“Well, it does.”

He smiled at that and kissed my forehead.

“I told you we need to stop flirting,” he reminded me of our earlier conversation.

“You asked. I just answered.”

He laughed at my answer while I raised my eyebrow at his reaction.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” he replied, hugging me tightly.

Oh, how I love this kind of moments with him. I know I should have told him I liked him before, but we had this pact with each other. We will not let anything ruin us. When I realized I like him, I got scared thinking that it would break whatever we have. I know, cliché, but that is the truth. I pushed my feelings on the back of my mind until I just didn’t find it important to tell him whatever it is I am feeling towards him. I mean I gave him my everything including my body, so I think he has an idea.

My whole speech with myself ended when I felt Don’s hand rubbing my hair.

“Earth to Quinn. You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m just thinking.”

“About what?”


“Look, Quinn, if this is about what I told you earlier, you shouldn’t make it a big deal. You’re still my only girl and no one will replace you. It’s just that I met someone I think I really like, and I just think it’s better for us to just stick to being friends, you know? I mean, we didn’t really expect that we would stay like that forever, right?”

I looked at him, feeling hurt with what he said.

Didn’t expect that we would stay like that forever? What the actual fuck! We’ve been in this relationship for years, and he’s telling me we weren’t expecting us to stay like that forever?

“So, what you’re saying is that the ‘I hope we can stay like this forever’ line you keep telling me most of the times is just what? A fucking joke?” I asked, looking at him angrily.

He touched my arms and looked at me seriously.

“No, Quinn. That’s not what I meant.”

I moved away from him and said, “then what did you mean?”

“I just meant that we’re friends, and I don’t think the set-up that we have is healthy for us and our future relationships.”

“You know, Donovan. You’re full of shit. I really really lik---”

The door of our house opened stopping me from whatever it was I am going to say. I shook my head and sighed deeply. I looked at Don, realizing that I shouldn’t get angry. Yet.

“I’m sorry for that. It’s just that I feel like whoever this girl is will steal you away from me.”

“No one’s going to do that, Quinn. You’re Quinn Adair. I don’t think you’d let anyone steal me away from you, and I won’t let that happen over my dead sexy body.”

I laughed at his words.

“Hey, don’t get cocky I made you sexy,” I replied, being reminded of his early scrawny days and my days of pushing him to work out with me.

“Yes, you did, and you even got a taste of your hard work,” he said, suggestively while moving his eyebrows up and down.

“Oh my god, Don. Shut up!”

We laughed at our banter and decided to go downstairs where my dad is supposed to be.

As we went downstairs, I saw my dad talking intimately with a woman I did not know. I looked at Don as he shrugged to answer my unspoken question.

I faked a cough to get their attention and looked at the woman next to my father from head to toe. I raised an eyebrow as they both looked at each other nervously. Don and I went closer to them. My eyes still not leaving this unknown woman.

“Quinn! I missed you,” my dad said, hugging me tightly.

With that hug, I can feel how nervous he is.

Wow, my big and powerful dad is nervous. I wonder why that is?

I stayed still, feeling the tension. Don decided to be the sweetheart that he is and greeted them both warmly.

“Hi, James, and, uhm…” He started, giving my dad a short hug and awkwardly looking at the woman.

If this was a normal situation, I would’ve marveled at how cute he was being awkward.

“Oh yeah, uhm, Cindy, this is my daughter, Quin, and her best friend, Don. Quinn, Don, this is Cindy, my, uhm, girlfriend.”

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