Love Issues

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"Aria, why are you both doing this to each other. Can't you see he loves you so much" "Yes, I know and that is why I have to do this" "But he hates you for this" "Its okay, let him hate me, hate me all he want so he won't feel anything. Just anger, anger towards me and that way he won't feel hurt......"

Romance / Drama
Sumaiya Mulani
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Mild wind was blowing across the crowded road; light sunlight hitting her tanned skin. Her shoulder length hair flowed in air as sweat trickled down her back because of her black leather jacket. As traffic signal turned green all the vehicles started to run, she tightened her grip on her thighs as fright made its way in her body. As the speed of bike increased her heart also sped up, she wanted to say to her brother to slow down a little bit but she could not after their raging fight happened on the bike.

Remembering his harsh words playing in her mind over and over again, slow tears prickled in her eyes and fast wind wasn’t helping. As they stopped on next traffic signal, her tears were ready to pour out of her eyes, she keep blinking her eye lids to make them disappear as she keep biting her bottom lip hard so as to prevent a sob escaping her lips.

“Sorry .....A” she spoke in her low whispered voice to her brother Augustus by his nickname ‘A’ as everyone calls him by...

“Shut Up” His strong and venom filled voice roared back at her as he started driving again.

She gulped down her emotions, biting her bottom lip hard as she started putting pressure of her fingers on her thighs digging her finger nails in her jeans to subdue the pain when his hatred words pieced her heart. Slow hot tears made their way on her cheeks as the bike sped up. Her hair moving in all directions and slowly she cleaned her tears with her trembling finger tips.

It wasn’t new for these siblings to fight on stupid things now and then but every time they fight Augustus would say something horrible to her making her question every possible thing she does or want to do. No matter whose fault is, Augustus would make such statements that she would go mute nothing to say back even though she might be right.

Even after these things they were great siblings, he cared for her like a daughter and she respected him so much that even if it’s not right she would always listen and obey her big brother.

I mean come on, we all do crazy things for people we care-she thought

Augustus was 2 years older than her; he was the best older brother in the world. He took care of her every need like a mother; honestly he was after their mother died after breast cancer 4 years ago.

These things reminded her that Augustus works while completing his graduation in Accounting just so she could get things she loved. Their father was a simple businessman but he never looked after them, he just threw money at them and never bothered or cares about them. Sometimes make them crave for simple things and this was the main reason why Augustus worked hard so she could get everything in her life.

As he parked the bike when they reached home she hopped down, running inside the house. She ran upstairs to her room, locking it in process. She wanted to scream and throw tantrums like an 18 year old younger sibling but she wasn’t like that, she was compassionate and generous person.

But at the end of their fight, Augustus made her shut up like always he wins and she feels pathetic. As she cried for hours, she muffled her voice onto her favourite ‘Captain America’ pillow her brother gifted.

When her heart slowed down to its normal pace, she heard voices down the hall. One was Augustus, when she heard closely it was their neighbour Adam, he moved next door a week ago. Augustus and Adam became good friends instantly as they had same taste in sports, movies and also they were attending same course in same university.


She wore plain jeans with a sweatshirt and braided hair falling on her back; she opened the door and cold wind swept through making her shiver. She kept walking down the side lane of street shivering from the cold weather when she heard distant laughing; she looked up at the person

Adam was on his balcony leaning his hands on handrails with hot coffee mug in his palms. He started laughing again which boiled anger within her; she looked up at him dangerously and shouted at him

“Go away, four eyes”

His laughter died with those words, high school memories flashed back at him. She smirked at him and started walking away, he remembered all those horrible things happened to him and her smile reminded of those people.

She is the most selfish person in this world - he thought

He was simple person with average looks, tall and bulky personality and that made him dislike her sexy appearance.

Of course, guys around were crazy for her but only if she knew the real her, some days before he heard how she behaved with her latest boyfriend as he was saying more like wishing for bright future even after their break-up but she kept cursing him, what to expect from girl like her?-he thought

She keep walking in the cold weather towards her school, she knew she was gorgeous woman but she didn’t like her thick thighs, girls would die to have a figure like her. She would start dieting and working for it but fail after 3 days and then complaint about it but people around her would think of her as clingy and annoying, hearing such words would make her feel sad but she would smile at it and let it go.

People around her just want to be with her for looks not for who she really is and she is okay with it because she believed when right person will come he will care more about her but till now she had bad luck in relationships, yeah men weren’t able to keep with her mood and attitude..

Everybody thinks she is wrong after her break-up with her boyfriend as he says amazing sweet things when around people but only she knew what a monster he is. She knew he was cheating on her with her best friend though she never caught them red-handed. So at last she said to him that if he ever cheats she will kill them both and seeing her murderous look he knew she meant it. After that he started distancing from her and complaint about everything she does.

They had a break-up after that but he kept flaunting around that he was the one to break-up with her. She still talked with her best friend but she never accepted her wrong doing or apologised to her, is this what we call friends to die for?


Hey everyone, hope you like the first chapter. At first this story is gonna have a lot of time lapse hope you’ll to keep up with it. It won’t be mentioned but while reading you’ll get it.

Harsh and rude comments won’t be appreciated, please respect characters, author and also other readers.

Question: How many years before her mother died?


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