Love Issues

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Red Lipstick

Adam has become like a family for Augustus and Aria over past months but still Aria and Adam won’t stop quarrelling over and over again. They mock each other, pick on each other and do many stupid things to drive each other mad. Augustus was known as a party king in his neighbourhood, today was one of his party and Aria was all dolled up for it.

When Augustus entered her room, she was applying her red lipstick and whenever she applies that colour her features just lights up some more. Even though Augustus have gifted her but he lightly scolded her for it,

“Can you not put that colour, I don’t want to spend my evening throwing men out of house for ogling at you”

She smiled at his comment satisfied with her appearance “Jealous much”

Party was on the blast, Adam’s girlfriend was holding his hands as he keep talking with his friends. When he looked up at the person he was talking to, his gaze was not towards him but to somewhere else when he followed his gaze and where everyone was looking.

Aria was descending stairs, she was looking so gorgeous just glancing at her Adam’s breath slow down looking at her walking in the crowd, he gulped hard.

Aria knew all eyes were on her so she purposely swayed her hips, flicking her hairs back. She made her way towards her friends and unknowingly Adam’s slide out of her girlfriends clutch and started walking towards her. Aria’s friend was asking her about her boyfriend while Aria was sipping from her glass

“My boyfriend never introduce me to his friend” Her friend said sadly

“As girlfriend?” Aria questioned taking sip from her glass

“As anybody, he talks with them and takes me away from them” She replied

“Well, maybe he don’t want them to steal you from him. Maybe, he’s just being protective” Aria said trying lessen her friend’s worries

“Yeah right” A sarcastic voice replied on her statement from behind her. She didn’t have to turn to look who it was she well knew this person and his mockery.

She turned around whooshing her hair to the side, looking dead in his eyes. His eyes following from her towards her friend,

“A guy never introduce you only, when either he’s cheating or want to show other women that he is available.” His eyes found Aria’s back

“You are asking her about relationships, really?!” He pointed at Aria mocking her

Aria just rolled her eyes at him, she was about to turn away from him, when he grabbed her glass from her hand. Her eyes followed his movement as he pulled her hand towards him, inching the glass towards him as his eyes still on Aria. He took a sip from her glass while still holding her hand like she was feeding him. though he was taking the sip his eyes were on Aria while she keep staring back at him because of his actions. Her eyes kept looking at his face as his Adam’s apple bobbled when he drank the juice.

Adam’s apple, how ironic - She thought

His hand still holding her, both holding the glass as he slowly let go of her hand. When he let it go, she saw the light shade of her lipstick on his lips. Her eyes followed towards where his mouth was on the glass and realised he drank from the place she did, his mouth on where her lips like they...........

“Apple juice, Nice Disguise” He smirked at her Her anger boiled at his statements as she turned to him completely and burned more when Adam’s girlfriend came from behind sliding her hands around him

“Look who’s talking about relationships, when he himself don’t know that his girlfriend is cheating on him” She snapped back in anger and regretted instantly

“You liar, she’s lying baby” Adam’s girlfriend said in squeaky voice while trying to show innocent face

“Tell me, is it true?” Adam’s slipped out of her clutch’s and grabbed her shoulder in tight grip She knew she can’t hide it anymore, he hates lies and when he caught one it was the nightmare. His grip on her shoulder increased and she said with sad eyes and pouty lips

“Baby, it’s not true. You know I love you” Anything but not lie about love-Adam got angrier at her statements, Adam yanked her by her arm outside the room towards the front porch, his girlfriend knew it was going to be worst as he have found out.

As Adam was dragging her she took a last glance behind her towards Aria and an evil glare was enough to make Aria guilty.

His mind wander in all thoughts-She shouldn’t have lied and not said the loving part, that was it for him, he lost control and dragged her out

Augustus had to make everybody leave after that terrible scene, Aria locked herself in her room but she keeps glancing outside the window to front porch. She saw them arguing and fighting. When she freshens up, there was no one outside but Adam’s room lights were on.She keep studying till clock struck midnight when she saw the lights were still on of his room, guilt and anxiety made its way towards her heart, feeling more sad she grabbed her phone and texted him


Just after her text, he turned his lights went off but he never replied back to her. Aria couldn’t sleep that night all other thoughts keeps invading her mind.

Next day, she came down from the smell of delicious breakfast Augustus made. She sat on dining table when Augustus put the delicious pancakes in front of her but she kept playing rather than munching like a 5 year old as she always does.

Augustus sat next to her, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder she said,

“Princess, it’s not your fault”

She looked up from the plate, depression and sadness visible in her eyes with a little frown dancing on her forehead. “but I’m the reason they broke up. I don’t want to be reason of anyone’s separation and pain”

Small tears gathered in her eyes as she spoke Smiling gently at her sweet and innocent sister he spoke,

"Adam already knew"

The frown disappeared and her eyes widen from the new revelation. She thought if he already knew then what he was still doing with. Even though he knew how can he was okay with her betrayal. Was he so desperate or was he giving her a second chance?

But, does she deserve it?

Her eyes moved to where Augustus was looking. When she turned around she saw Adam standing there listening to her all words. There was a moment of silence and Aria wasn’t good at handling such kind of situation, she always do to break it up with her lame joke and that’s what she did. Her eyes danced from tensed to mischievous.

“Do you mean that Adam owe me one?”

Her smirk widen as Adam rolled his eyes at her
“Maybe yeah”
Augustus played along
Adam shook his head at their comments, sighing he replied

“Alright, I give you a wish but only one, so use it wisely” He replied with sharpness Smirking away she said,

“Well, I don’t have anything in mind now, so I’ll ask for the favour some other time”


Hello everyone, i know the update is quite late but i’ll try to update more often. Next chapter is work in-progress. Hope you all like it

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