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Burning in Desire

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Augustus was late to pick her up and she didn’t have cash to take a bus, so she called Adam to pick her from her university, she was talking with her Engineering friends as all were waiting for someone to pick her up. Adam parked his Audi R8, she was busy talking with her friends. He had his glasses on as he was walking to her, his steps halted after seeing the scene in front of him, anger boiled inside of him as he started taking determined steps towards them.

Aria doesn’t like to make scene and not lose people for stupid things but that doesn’t mean she’ll let people use her. She was very uncomfortable right now though she was smiling and chatting but the unfriendly way the hand of the guy standing next to her was on her shoulder. She wanted to scream and beat him but how can she, how would she? All different thoughts from not making fuss about small things or make be she’s thinking it in wrong way to she should beat him for taking advantage of situation fogged her mind.

She clenched her hand into fist when a loud thundering voice came,


Her gaze landed on Adam, immediately she sprinted towards him throwing the hand away, running to the side of Adam. She smiled so delightfully as relief washed through her but when she looked up at him his eye held rage and fury, when she saw where he was looking, he was giving an evil gaze to that guy. Before she could utter anything, he circled his hand around her exposed shoulder and her eyes danced at him, he didn’t even glance at her for once as he keep glaring at the guy. Temperature of her skin increased at the warmth of his palm. She looked at his rough calloused hand resting on her skin igniting so many thoughts and emotions in her body when she looked back at him, his rugged voice boomed around where his glasses were hanging a little low on his nose making him look so much sexy....

“You’re in same class with Ari?” He asked,

His gaze still not moving from the guy as he slowly rubbed on her skin with pad of his thumb like he was rubbing the dirt off her skin. His hand stopped when he felt her smooth soft skin and grabbed it tightly as he pushed her more towards his chest.

His warm fingers sent tingles all over her body and her breath quicken as goosebumps were ready to erupt.

He squeezed her shoulder more as his heart started pulsing faster, his mind was screaming to move his hand some more, slide on her arm and............. her waist, how bad he wanted to slide his hand on her waist, trace his fingers on her every curve

“Yeah....” Everybody said with scared voice.

As they reached home, she threw her bag and went inside kitchen, pouring herself a glass of water she gulped it down faster. Leaning against the kitchen counter a sigh escaped from her. Her hand slide against her chest as a heart keep beating erratically, thudding loudly against her ribs. Her fingers went cold while her body was hot, her cold fingers slide against her arm as she placed her trembling fingers against the place he touched, it was burning, burning in desire?

He ran his fingers through his hairs, messing it up sexily, pacing around in the living room. His eyes followed the direction of kitchen where she went, looking at kitchen where he hear her movements, his heart pick a beat more faster. He looked down as he raised his hands, his fingers were hot as he felt heat burning through it. His eyes closed accordingly as he remembered the touch of her skin, her smooth soft texture, the slight curve of her arm. When he opened his eyes, he looked at kitchen again not hearing any sound, he went towards it

She was holding glass in one hand and her head was slightly hanging backwards as her soft breath like whispers come out of her mouth. She was trying to calm her heart down as she leaned against counter more for comfort.

Her heart picked a speed more when her nostrils flared with his perfume, a movement near her and she open her eyes widely looking in front of her, instantly leaving a gasp of air out of her mouth after seeing the close proximity between them. They stare in each others’ eyes, finding for answers, reasons or explanation? they didn’t knew but his eyes travelled to the direction of her lips as she trapped her bottom lip between her teeth. He moved closer to her while Aria leaned backwards towards the counter, he put his hands on either side of her waist. As her eyes danced from his lips to his eyes, he clutched the counter side hard turning his knuckles white after feeling the uneven speed of her breath.

Glass slipped from her hand crushing into tiny pieces but that didn’t break the steam between them as he slide his hand on her waist pushing her slightly to the opposite side of glass pieces. His hand stayed on her waist a little longer than she expected as her breathing laboured from his closeness, her hand clutched on the hem of his shirt.

Her warm skin against his hot palm made her blew a gasp of air from her lungs. His thumb caressed the side of her waist feeling its softness as its warmth sent tingles of sparks to his body. His face leaned forward towards her and instinctively she moves her face to the side, her short hairs falling little on side of her neck giving a visible look of her sensitive soft flesh of neck. She bit her lip hard as his breath fanned near her neck. The pressure on her waist of his hand increased when he inhaled her sweet scent and heard her rapid breath. His eyes followed from the small moles on her neck to side of her face seeing the sight of her face as she breathe beside him. When he moved a little back her face turned towards him looking with her wide eyes staring in his globes, she licked her lip unknowingly and his Adam’s apple bobbled as he stare in her eyes.

Out of sudden a big grin came on her lips and in next moment she burst into laughter, seeing her reaction Adam’s step moved away from her, calculating and trying to analyse her instant change of behaviour. She muffled her laughter by keeping her palm against her lips, she try to compose herself and maintain her posture but next moment before she know it she burst into laughter again

“What?” He asked with irritation

Her laughter died while she replied to his reaction, “It’s just we call it Adam’s apple and your name is actually Adam, so its like every guy have your apple”

He didn’t understand her out of blue explanation and his annoyed look made her laugh again, without saying anything further he walked out of the room.........

Calming her heartbeat she walked in living room where he was pacing, clutching his hairs running his fingers through them, irritation quite visible on his face. When she entered room he marched towards her, grabbing her arms tightly and shaking her with his every word.

“What kind of friends are they? Can’t you see how he was looking at you, touching you?”

“I know but what can I do? its not that I like it or something. I can’t control the way someone looks at me” She replied back and wriggled in his grip to let loose.

The door opened and both of their eyes snapped towards the person entered, Augustus came in with his back pack hanging on his left shoulder. Augustus eyes danced between both of them after seeing the situation in front of eyes and the way they were in front of her.

Adam’s eyes snapped back to Aria and he shouted at her, “But you can stop hanging out with people like them”

She pushed him hard, crossing her arms she replied in irritation, “Now you’ll decide who I should be friends with”

Augustus ask about their commotion with confusion “What’s going on, guys?”

Adam grabbed his jacket lying on couch, swinging it on his shoulder, he stepped towards the front door, replying with gritted teeth, “Tell your sister to stop hanging around with low standard people”

Aria shouted back “That means I should stop hanging with you too”

Adam’s step halted, hand on the door handle when Augustus scolded his sister. Adam didn’t turned back nor looked at her, without saying anything he twisted the knob and marched out of the house.

Adam was standing outside the house of Aria, leaning against his car side, taking out cigarette he lit and blows a puff. Voices of Augustus and Aria of fighting and arguing fall on his ears- he didn’t want this to happen but as another puff blow out of his mouth a loud thundering slap came from inside of the house and a clear silence followed by it.


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