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Temptation Strikes

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When she opened her eyes her suspicion confirmed seeing Adam’s tantalising eyes staring at her and that light stubble face hovering over her. She moistened her chapped lips, his eyes danced from her eyes to those lips and seeing no lipstick on it, it made them more inviting to him to conquer them.

He pulled her body more into him and he started moving to beat, her hands encircled around his neck and her fingers interlocked behind his neck, he leaned down to her level, his eyes not looking at her but down towards the floor when he heard word leaving her mouth,


It was more of a whisper audible only to his ears, they forgot everything, their surrounding; who them came with and what are they to each other? As he slowly rested his forehead on hers, he looked in her eye, biting his bottom lip, he was ready to say something to him when his eyes danced behind her.

Augustus exited the bathroom and was moving towards the bar of the club, Adam instantly detached himself from Aria no matter how painful it felt and how bad he wanted to pull her back in his arms. A confused look pass from her face and she looked at him, seeing his eyes fixed somewhere else she turned around to see Augustus leaning against the bar counter talking with some blonde.

When she turned around no one was there as Adam walked away from there, her heart beating too fast as she searched for him around but couldn’t find him, alcohol caught up to her as she walked down the floor. She walked towards the bar counter ordering for more as Augustus saw her, he walked up to her seeing her in this state he scolded her harshly.

She didn’t argue back as her mind was wandering to somewhere else.

She went to her friend asking her drop her home as her brother is here and she is too wasted to drive, well technically cause she can’t drive.

As her friend drop her near home, she stumbled near steps of her house, sliding down she sat on the last step. Her eyes looking at the door infront of her, as she looked at the first floor window she could see him moving. His windows were open and the curtains were flowing with the wind. He stopped near the window as he unbuttoned his shirt, the outline of his muscles clearly visible because of the light. He slide the shirt down his arms and the cut of his muscle moving with his every movement, as he took the shirt of his hand and throwing on his bed, his back towards the window, she can see his ripped chiselled back and how it moved accordingly as his hands busy with the pants. His v-cut back and his shoulders blades were slightly tanned, smooth shade of light falling on them as he moved and his back muscles would too making her close her eyes.

She licked her lips as she stood, she wasn’t totally wasted to not know what is going on with her and what she is doing, as she walk across the road, she halted infornt of his door, her hand moved on searching for the doorbell.

He was searching through his closet for his night t-shirt when he was interrupted with the door bell, he quickly turn to find a shirt when the bell keep ringing again and again louder.

Aria keep on pressing the door bell not letting it go, as door snapped open revealing an angry Adam, she stopped pressing the bell seeing him shirtless. His anger changed concern seeing her on his door. She stumbled towards him then he frowned seeing her state. She fall on his chest and he caught her by waist holding confirming that she is too drunk to even walk. He picked her up bridal style walking inside the house closing the door with his foot. He put her on kitchen counter as she was still resting against him with closed eyes.

He slide her hair behind her ear, caressing her cheekbones with pad of his thumb,his other fingers which were curled around caressed her cheek sliding down towards her jaw. He hooked his finger under her chin tilting her face up towards him, raw emotions flooding though her eyes and he stumbled back before they both regret something.

He moved away as he made determined step towards the fridge for milk as she’ll be more sober and stop him from doing something stupid which they both will regret later though he was the more sensible and sober right now in the house.

Her head tilted towards one side seeing him bent down to grab something from fridge then he straightened while she saw his back full on display for her, her eyes wandered all over his back seeing his contours, she hopped down the kitchen counter stumbling lightly towards him.

Hearing her movement he turned as the milk carton dropped down from his hand seeing her right infront of him looking so tempting. He moved back as she walked towards him, the door got closed as his back hit against it, she looked at him up and down, her hand moving towards his face. He closed his eyes as her cold fingers rested against his cheek.

Her hand started sliding down his face and he instantly opened his eyes looking back at her, her eyes wandered on him as her fingers slide near his Adam’s apple slowly caressing it and he gulped down. His eyes involuntarily opening and closing down looking at the movement of temptress infront of him.

Her hands slide down his chest which was totally shaved with no trace of hair, he shifted on her feet moving near to him and clutched the door handle hard. Her cold finger sliding down his abs creating goosebumps down his body, it came to rest on his track pants waistline lingering their longer as shiver ran down his spine, he bit his bottom lip hard closing his eyes tight as he would lose his self control just looking at this girl.

Her hand slide against his chest as her face moved near his ear, her warm breath tickling him, when she whispered in his ears

"Two can play"

His eyes snapped at her, as she moved back, stumbling away she walked out of his house towards her, he raced to the door seeing her getting inside her house and locking behind. Her words echoing in his mind thinking that this was her payback for his behaviour in club...?


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