Love Sick

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Luna’s a hot werewolf who has to take care of her sexy vampire boyfriend after he falls ill. This steamy hot story will take every advantage of a vampire trapped in bed.

Romance / Fantasy
SE Zbasnik
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Chapter 1

The last trickle of daylight vanished below the horizon, drenching the world into comforting darkness. This should be our time to walk the streets, but instead, I watched the man trapped between the sheets of my bed.

Khalid’s moans rattled the half-empty picture frames on the bedroom walls. He’d slept most of the day away as usual, but when he didn’t rise during sunset, I thought to check on him. I skipped flipping on the overhead light neither of us needed and peered in. His black locks, always kept slicked back in a pristine fashion, were rumpled beyond measure. He’d tossed and turned so dramatically in his sleep, curls formed on the sides while the rest of his sweat-soaked hair clung to the satin pillow.

Against the red sheets, his pale skin glowed bone white. Thin, dagger-long fingers lingered above the duvet almost pulled up to his Persian nose. I paused halfway across the room, my breath held to watch and wait for his when I mentally laughed at myself. It’d be more concerning if he did breathe.

I shook my head, prepared to slink out when a voice crawled from its grave and called to me. “Luna?”

“It’s evenfall, love,” I said, my tone sweet as I padded across the carpet.

Khalid’s stark white eyelids rose, beaming his scarlet fire irises on me. At least that was back to normal. He moved to sit up as I leaned closer. With the back of my hand, I tried to test the temperature on his forehead.

“How’s it looking?”

“Cold as the crypt,” I said, curling my hand along his striking jaw. “Much better than last night, thankfully.” He’d looked like life warmed-over stumbling through my door, clutching at his stomach, and wailing as the proverbial banshee. I’d put aside my vitriol at that moment and bundled him off to sleep where he’d remained for nearly twenty-four hours.

Giving one last trace of my thumb down his sheer cheekbone and into the hollow, I said, “Maybe next time I tell you to stay inside, you’ll listen to me.”

“Ha,” he laughed once, his accent increasing exponentially in his exhaustion. It was difficult to describe as no other country shared it…any longer. Vibrant as a piccolo when he trilled his r’s, but a full-bodied cello with the vowels. Sadly, the centuries in this world had muted his vocal relic and I could only enjoy the full experience when Khalid was particularly peeved.

“It’s foolish. How was I to know it to be a truthful threat?”

Falling to the bed beside him, I blinked slowly at the five-hundred-year-old man refusing to make eye contact. “Oh, I don’t know, how about your girlfriend and her amazing sense of smell?”

“Yes, yes, it is…” He released the protection of my blanket and his fingers brushed against my ear and through my hair. In an instant, my eyes rolled back and my body unwound from its twelve-hour knot. Khalid continued combing down my unruly trove of blonde and brunette hair. Unaware I was doing it, I leaned closer to give him more access and brushed my cheek against his chest.

There was no disquieting heartbeat, no rush of air filling the lungs, but the gurgle in his upset stomach nearly pulled me from his heavenly petting. He must have sensed it, as he deployed his nuclear move and scratched behind my ear.

“Do you think this will get you out of the holy water?” I asked, even as I butted my head deeper into his side. My foot began to flail on its own, causing Khalid to glance down at it with his answer.

“I’d say that’s a yes,” he whispered but finished scratching behind my ears. Still, he didn’t fully release me from the mesmerizing petting, his fingers brushing my long hair back behind my shoulders as I struggled to sit up.

My brain stumbled in thought, the words unreachable as smells and sensations struck like jagged edges of glass strumming a guitar. I shook away the animalistic instincts as best I could and focused on the sick man in my bed. “I told you not to do it. Pleaded with you to listen to me, but you…”

“How was I to know that humans could be so daft? I thought it a joke.” He scoffed and reached for the little bat light on the nightstand. A soft glow from the creature of the night struck Khalid’s fangs as he sat up higher in bed. “Garlic festival,” he snarled, then his face crumpled in pain as he rolled a palm over his stomach. “Whoever heard of such a foolish thing?”

“Me,” I said. I’d nearly kicked him back outside when he banged on my door reeking of human and garlic pasta, and crumpling to the floor in agony. If the sun hadn’t nearly been up, I would have. “I’d smelled their overtly pungent dishes and food trucks for nearly a week.”

Khalid shrugged as if I was somehow once again blowing the entire issue out of proportion. Men. Complete babies when in pain, but incapable of listening to a voice of reason once they feel better. Even centuries of unlife on this planet couldn’t teach him that werewolves might have the upper hand when it comes to garlic locations and the humans eating it.

“You seem to be better now,” I said, about to slip to my feet. In doing so, my fingers trailed across the bed and Khalid caught them before I could blink.

A smile rose upon his lips, which blushed from an ice-box white to a crimson rose-red in an instant. He lifted my hand to his mouth, about to place a kiss. I almost rolled my eyes at the overly dramatic affection, when he paused and flipped my palm around. A strip of charred skin laced straight down the skin.

“Luna,” he thundered, beginning to levitate about his sickbed, “what happened to you?”

“Hm?” I tugged my hand back, trying to remember the cause of my newest injury.

“Was it that meddlesome priest and his box of unholy wafers?” Khalid thundered, his voice cracking from the soothing cello into an infernal timpani of the damned.

I barely flinched at the thunder of a rampaging vampire and stared in confusion at my paw. When did I hurt it? Absently, my eyes swung back to his neck, and I remembered. Laughing, I extended my hand, palm out, to show him. “It’s from your tie pin.”

“My…” Khalid glanced down at his naked neck, freed from the formalwear he insisted upon for every night of hunting.

“Pure silver,” I said. I’d barely felt more than a tingle when pulling it off of him along with the rest of his clothes to help him into bed.

But Kahlid’s eyes opened wide, and my deadly vampire slammed into bed. “Luna, joon am. How could I be so thoughtless?” Tears crystalized into diamonds rose in his eyes and he raised my minor wound higher to his lips. Pressing a kiss around the edges of the burn, he kept whispering apologies to it. “Where is this infernal tie pin?”

I left it on the chair along with the rest of his suit. I nearly pointed to it before I paused and asked, “Why?”

“So that I may cast it from my sight and any other touch of silver on my person.”

“That’s not necessary,” I said, laughing.

“You have been scarred because of my flippant fashion choices.”

Rolling my eyes, I said, “Hardly. I’ve done more damage to my hands when cooking.” I expected him to fade back to his bed, but Khalid grew darker with anger directed at himself. Leaning forward, I slipped my hand from his grip and tousled through his messy curls.

I wish he’d keep them. He looks so handsome with curly hair, but it’s not ‘vampiric’ enough.

Tender eyes darted up to me, Khalid gnashing his fangs together as if he still wished to rip apart a priest or two in vengeance. “Babe,” I whispered, “it’s fine. Next change, it’ll be good as new.”

That truth didn’t seem to be enough. He bundled my hands together and kissed both fervently. Nuzzling his cheek against them, Khalid said, “Please, forgive my impetuous decisions. Forgive me for failing you so and bringing a mar to your perfect body.”

“Okay.” I tried to laugh the sudden honor shift off, but he clung tighter to me, his eyes searching my face as if his absolution was life or death. Sighing, I tugged back the comforter and slipped below. His cold body was covered in only a thin nightshirt. I pressed the see-through linen against the muscles of his torso as I traced my hand over him. Nestling my head against his silent pec, I said, “Now you know how I feel.”

“I should, nay must, remove all silver from my possessions,” he thundered and began to slip a foot to the ground so far away.

Groaning, I wrapped my arm around him, pinning Khalid in place as more of my body slid on top of his. “Don’t you dare,” I said, well aware of his vaults of precious jewels and tiaras collected from across the world. An entire monarchy’s worth of valuables he gathered centuries before meeting me. But as those fiery eyes caught mine, Khalid’s path set without my interference, I said instead, “You’ll ruin all my hard work.”

A chuckle rumbled from the gurgling stomach below me, the chilled hands of a vampire soothing along my back. He barely paused before yanking up my shirt and pressing a full palm right to my skin. I yelped at the change, nearly leaping off of him when Khalid caught my chin in his hand. Holding me tight in the full range of his hypnotic gaze, he rolled his other hand down the back of my pants.

The comforting chill shocked the skin, leaving my ass tingling with a single swipe of his palm. A howl rolled in my throat, but I shook it down to a low growl instead as I drew my tongue against my teeth. Khalid mimicked me, licking along the full stretch of his fang and giving a single flick to the end.

“You have no power over me, night stalker,” I declared, keeping my gaze level. But my body betrayed my words, my hips swaying in ecstasy as he caressed my ass.

Khalid released my chin, knowing he needn’t hold it any longer. The long fingers took a single solitary step, one by one, down my throat, into the hollow at the base, and swept across the tops of my breasts. When the edge of his lips lifted in a snicker, he said, “And you have me in your sway, moon howler.”

I lunged forward, taking his lips in a kiss of pure power. The edge of his fang nicked against my skin. A roar rumbled in my chest at the touch and Khalid drew the second fang’s point directly into my bottom lip.

On instinct, I raised up on all fours, my hands pressing into the mattress while the vampire stared heavenward at me. “Is it to be a fang off?” I asked, licking along my flat teeth.

He chuckled. “Isn’t it weeks until your—?” Khalid’s answer snapped away as I plunged my still human teeth to his neck. The vampire used to doing the biting hardened to stone below me. I felt his thighs, thick and meaty, flex beside my knees. He pushed my legs further apart, sending my soaking panties crashing right on top of him.

The throbbing erection that met me caused me to sputter a laugh against his impossible-to-pierce throat. One nice thing about dating vampire boys, due to their sluggish blood pressure it could take them nearly as long as me to get their bodies ‘in the mood’ meaning foreplay was always a must. But for Khalid to be ready to pierce straight to my heart this second…?

“Were you up to something other than resting and recuperating?” I asked even as I glided my wet lips hidden behind a single pair of cotton panties against his cock. My skin burned hotter, the beast inside panting for more. Luckily, I had Khalid to cool the storm with his touch, even as he gripped to my hips to increase my grinding.

“What else could a man do to pass the time while trapped in a bed?”

I opened my mouth, prepared to tell him it was his duty to heal when he slipped two fingers inside of me. Bliss shivered through my core, causing me to bury my face in his hair. He smelled of Turkish incense and rich amber. I pulled in another breath, filling my being with his scent. Not of what he wore, or where he was, but him.

And how he’d been slowly coaxing his cock to life for hours.

I raised my head in surprise just as his fiery eyes met mine. “I was waiting for you,” he said, and he kissed me.

No more teasing. The beast inside needed his touch. Extending my hand, claws sharp as razors erupted from my human fingers. I slashed at his nightgown, shredding the old linen to tatters. The pale, luminous skin below didn’t even dent at my attack. Though, Khalid rose up on his elbows to watch.

“A lucky thing I’m not mortal, or…”

“No more talking,” I growled and flung him back to bed.

Khalid lifted a single thin eyebrow as if he’d been training to do it for centuries. My beast paced in its cage, the impatience casting ripples along my skin. Extending his finger, Khalid caught his long nail on the dip of my v-neck t-shirt. I watched him smirk and, in an instant, my shirt fell away. The entire length of it was torn through before I could blink.

Wafting his hands across my stomach, Khalid drew his deadly finger up to…

“Not the bra! It’s my good one,” I said.

He shrugged and, with his vampire reflexes, undid both the hooks and straps. I rested above him as my bra tumbled off my body, leaving only the tattered remains of my shirt brushing against my breasts.

Those slick, predatory eyes watched my being left out of breath, my gaze unable to follow as Khalid swept his hands just below the part of me he worked so hard to free. Back and forth, his fingertips caressed the top of my ribs, dipping just under my breasts.


I grabbed his hands and pressed both palms right to my breasts. A laugh at my force rose from my victim, but Khalid’s chuckle burst into a moan. Shredding my panties along with the rest of my clothing, I thrust myself onto him.

“Fuck!” I screamed, my head tossed back. The cold steel of his cock reverberated through me, but my beast wouldn’t be undone. Heat piped up my core, spreading across my loins and into him. Sweat dripped down my inner thighs, beaded upon my chest, and a fire blazed inside of me.

“I’m going to make you howl,” he swore, his fingers corkscrewing my nipples and setting off my panting. I could feel my tongue trying to loll out of my mouth, but I kept a tight fix on it.

“You.” I sputtered, thrusting myself onto Khalid. “First.” My inner core, trained and enhanced with the blood of the first wolf walkers, squeezed the vampire tight. Tighter than anything he could find in the mortal realm.

Khalid shifted, the first sign of struggle rising in his cold visage. His fangs parted, a sigh escaping as he rolled his eyes back. The hands that’d been playing my nipples slapped to my ass. Suddenly, I lifted into the air.

My knees left the bed as Khalid bucked his spine into an arc. His hips levitated with me on them while he dug his head and feet into the bed. I struggled to slot my legs around him to keep from falling off when the vampire held me in place.


The wolf inside snarled. He was trying to drag it out.

To increase our pleasure.

Too much time. Now.

Bundling my ankles under him, I locked both right into his ass. Nearly as rock hard as his cock, I used almost all of my strength to dig into his buttocks with the heels.

Tipping my hips, I leaned back and took control.

A string of ancient languages fluttered from Khalid’s lips. He lost his grip on me, his hands falling from my hips. Both fists locked around the headboard, clinging to it for life as I ramped up the thrusting.

The cock, heated by my body to a raging inferno, plundered through me. It hit every pleasure node possible and I clamped even tighter to it. Weaving while three feet in the air, I used my hips and vag to control Khalid.

“Luna…” he whispered, my name barely falling past his ruby lips. “Luna, please!”

“I said no talking,” my wolf snarled, enraptured with the knotted pleasure rushing across my love’s face. The vice hold he had on the bed. The strain on his body to cling to the bliss put forth from mine.

Suddenly, his eyes opened, the irises blood red. In a flash, Khalid dropped both of us to the bed. He folded up, teeth sinking into my throat just as his cock spurted the chill of undead emissions. A shiver erupted through my core into fireworks, the pinch of his bite setting off my orgasm. Without pause, my head raised to the sky and a howl burst free.

As the cry of my wolf echoed through the bedroom, I wrapped my arms around him, falling into his comforting embrace while my body was lost to the madness of lust. Colors sharpened to an unbearable glow. The smell of our bodies entwined and our juices conjoined overpowered me. I felt myself falling deeper into darkness, clinging to the only port left.

The tug of fingers rifling through my hair pulled me back from the abyss. I looked up, then winced at the light flooding my overly dilated eyes. Khalid smiled, his lips already fading to their usual pale pink. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to my neck. The bite of his was superficial, only two small dots that wouldn’t even bruise.

“How is she?” he asked. I remained wrapped around his cooling cock, the orgasm’s inebriated spasms refusing to let go. But Khalid slipped back into bed while we were still knotted together.

Closing my eyes, lost in the lack of a heartbeat below me, I listened for my inner wolf. “Satiated,” I said.

He smiled around his fangs and moved to kiss my dewy forehead, when I added, “For now.”

Sighing, Khalid collapsed back to my pillows. “No one warned me how…sensual a werewolf could be.”

“Really?” I glanced up at him and twisted a finger around his curls. “After all the stories I’ve heard about vampires, well…”

“I must measure beyond them,” he said so cocksure, I couldn’t let him win.

Shrugging, I said, “Enough.”

Khalid caught the edge of my jaw in his fingers and raised me up. Eye to eye, he said, “I lay awake every day in my coffin aching to hear you howl,” and finished with a tender kiss.

With a sigh, I tumbled back onto his chest. “You always give me a reason. Even if you make it a challenge to get there.”

“It’s much harder to feel regret over the garlic festival when this is how you respond to my foolishness.”

“Vampire…” I growled, spinning onto my haunches without a second’s pause.

Khalid laughed. “I jest, I jest. Please, do not eviscerate me,” he said, trying to pull me down onto him. I began to give in, when he said, “I have heard of a fascinating place where the sun rises even at midnight.”

“For fuck’s sake—” I began when my vampire cut me off with a kiss.

A chime rang out, announcing that the witching hour had begun. I shook off Khalid’s poor joke and his attempt to distract me from his incessant danger-chasing. “You’re looking much better,” I said. “More like death, at least.”

He glanced away from my hand brushing over his forehead to the unhelpful mirror on the wall. It showed me laying in bed alone. “Is that your way of trying to kick me out of your bed?”

I shrugged. “Maybe there’s an all-night garden stake convention you need to visit?”

Khalid’s bone-white arms enveloped me, his fingers ruffling through my hair and lulling me to a state of bliss. “Luna, my heart, my love. Never do I wish to leave this bed, not for all the vestal virgins with freshly washed necks in the world.”

A chuckle rolled through me even as I felt myself slipping under his spell. “I’ll hold you to that,” I whispered.

As the night full with our kind carried onward, the vampire and werewolf remained ensnared in each other’s arms for as long as inhumanly possible.


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