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Anyone but you. I'd literally have rather fallen for ANYONE else. Because you are the one person I can't have, and don't want. I don't want you, at all. I need you. I'm definitely going to hell. I can only hope you don't choose to come with me...

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I snap the tap off instantly, knowing my ass was hers.


I shove the lid on quickly, sloshing most of the water over my hands as I curse under my breath. I hear the shower turn off, and I grab my bag, hastily yelling goodbye as I try to make it out the door before she tears me a new one.

Lawrence is waiting in his car, half asleep by the looks of it. I slam my hand on top of the roof as he bolts up, his eyes wide like a rabbit in the headlights as I chuckle to myself. I slide in the car next to him as he yawns, laughing when he notices my sister hanging out of her bedroom window yelling obscenities at me.

"Just fucking drive," I groan, as he gazes at her a little longer than necessary. I resist clipping him around the head as he pulls away from the curb shaking his head as he chuckles at me.

"Your sister-"

"Is a psycho. I swear, she spends so long in the shower. How am I meant to piss if I don't flush? Then Mum will lose her shit."

I'm bored of the conversation already, but I'm reminded it's not even started when I get a text from Cheyanne, my lovely sister, telling me she has third degree burns from my carelessness.

I text her back, telling her as a trainee nurse she must know how to look after herself in that instance, before I block her number.

"Mate, in three weeks we will be in Majorca. You can use all the water you want."

I grunt in response, wishing it was here already. A boys holiday was precisely what I needed. Sun, sea, sand and shots.

"Is Rachel still pissed about it?"

At the mention of my girlfriend I groan inwardly, wondering why the females in my life were intent on giving me shit all of the time. Rachel gave me more shit than my sister- and that was saying something.

"I'll take that as a yes. Mate, fuck it off. Then you can get laid by all the Spanish hotties-"

"Don't say that," I sigh, sending him a disgusted look whilst he laughs.

"Don't say what?"

"Hotties. No one says that, bro."

Lawrence snorts as he shouts at a nearby driver, flipping him the middle finger as I roll my eyes. He was an aggressive driver, but as a non driver I couldn't say shit really. He sits back in his seat, still seething as he glares in the rearview angrily.

"Why don't you pull over and have it out with him?" I suggest, as he sends me a look.

"Cus I'd bury him," he declares. "I don't need a record."

I try not to laugh openly, the image of my thin angry friend losing his shit with an old man after a bout of road rage tickling me.

"You're laughing Wells, but it's the truth, trust me."

My phone pings as we pull into the college car park, and instantly Lawrence has spotted Rachel before I did.

"Oh, she looks pissed. What you done forgot her birthday?"

I scowl at him as he calls over to Jermaine, who is looking around him suspiciously. I had no doubt he was doing some kind of illegal deal, and I could only hope he didn't decide to do this shit in Spain. I too didn't need a record.

Rachel's eyes narrow as she spots me, pushing through the crowds as she tries to reach me. I brace myself for the onslaught, wondering what I've done now.

"Baby! You didn't call me back last night, I was worried."

Behind her I notice her friends glancing over, rolling their eyes as they try not to pay attention to us. I can't say I blame them- they have labelled me a bell end without getting to know me so that was just how it was. Plus my friends were typical alpha males which didn't help my reputation. I turn my attention to Rachel, wrapping my arms around her as she snuggled against my chest, before kissing me all over my face.

"Sorry babe. I fell asleep."

"Oh. I didn't realise you were so tired," she pouted as we began to walk towards the double doors that led us to our respective classes. I didn't bother to answer her- she knew I'd been at the gym. Added to the fact it was midnight when we spoke- was it really such a surprise I fell asleep?

"Hey, we have English first right?"

I turn to see Rachel's best friend, Savannah jogging up beside us. Out of all of her friends, Savannah was the most tolerable. She was quiet and didn't fuck with any of my friends- so they saw her as a bit of a target. Many a time I'd had to tell them to leave her alone because their games irritated Rachel.

"Yeah, girl, we do. But then you took Geography like a geek so you're on your own after that," Rachel teased as she leaned over to kiss me on the cheek. "Sp you've got History, then sports, right?"

I go to answer her but she is already walking away, instructing me to meet her in this very spot after our classes had finished. Savannah sent me a sympathetic look before hurrying after Rachel, as Jermaine folded his arms beside me.

"Must be some good pussy to keep you whipped like that. I couldn't be fucked with her, no matter how hot she is," he murmurs, glancing at me with pity.

"Savann-ahhh you're looking good girl!" yelled Lawrence as she sent him a scathing look, her light green eyes rolling in his direction. Rachel frowned at me, shaking her head as though she despaired of my choice of friends.

It was going to be a long fucking day.

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