Game Changer

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"Right, what the fuck is going on with you and Adrian?"

I frown at Leigh as I wriggle into a much thinner, albeit shorter dress than the one I wore last night. I turn to examine my reflection, pleased that it hugged my curves in all the right places.

"What the hell are you talking about? We're just friends," I say, trying not to think of the way his body had looked in the pool today, especially his wet dark hair as he gazed up at me.

Leigh snorts, tying the white halter neck top around her neck as she does.

"Yeah right. Rachel isnt here, so tell me the truth."

Rachel was with Lance, and I had an idea what they would be up to. I couldn't help but feel angry with Rachel for the way she had treated Adrian.

"I just feel a bit sorry for him-"

"Oh? And you can make him feel better by eye raping him?" Leigh says innocently, as I try to hide my smile.

"Is it that obvious?" I whisper, stopping what I was doing to turn to look at her. Her eyes soften as she sighs, walking over to me as she pulls me into her arms, her sweet vanilla perfume engulfing me as she hugs me.

"It's not just you," she says, cocking an eyebrow up as I feel excitement building up in my stomach that I try to ignore. "He can't take his eyes off you."

"Fuck!" I hiss, and Leigh sends me a sympathetic smile.

"Yeah I'm pretty sure that's what both of you are thinking..."

"I don't like Carl," I confess, and she laughs, gazing at me with admiration.

"Nor do I. He is pretty, but such a dick."

"Like Jermaine?" I smirk, noting the way her cheeks flush.

"No, not like Jermaine. He can hold a conversation without trying to grope me. Sadly," she laughs, and I can't help but join in.

"I can't go there," I blurt out, as Leigh makes a face.

"Not so long as you're friends with Rachel..."

"I think she is a horrible person. How did I miss that? The way she has treated Adrian-"

Leigh puts her hand up, a serious expression on her face.

"Coming here full stop was pretty shitty. She is venemous. She is controlling and demanding, and I feel bad saying this because she has paid for us to come here. But I feel the same. Please don't leave me with her."

I reach out and hug her, as we receive a text from Rachel simultaneously on our phones.

Staying with Lance. Be good ladies, don't do anything I wouldn't do ;) xx

"Wow, thank fuck for that," Leigh breathes, as I feel my body relax.

"A night off!" I grin, feeling bad but at the same time, feeling incredibly good. We make our way outside, and the balmy evening greets us like an old friend. Together we make our way back onto the strip, and find ourselves in a fairly quiet bar. We order a bottle of wine between us, which may be a bad move.

"At least we know we will be drunk after that," Leigh points out, as she brings over a two glasses filled with ice. I sip the white wine, which tastes like rocket fuel. It wasn't cheap either.

"Urgh, it tastes like Lambrini!" Leigh wrinkles her nose up as I laugh.

The bar soon fills up, and we pull our chairs closer together as we put the world to rights, Leigh becoming increasingly animated as the wine flowed. I lean back in my chair, but people are soon falling onto me, making me stand up with annoyance.

"Let's go somewhere else," I shout over to Leigh as she gulps the last of the wine.

"I'm not wasting that, it cost too much!"

We push our way out onto the street, and realise that the strip is now in full force. We lace our fingers together as we walk into the next bar, the queue at the bar at least twelve people deep.

"I need the loo," Leigh grumbles, as I search for one unsuccessfully.

"Let's try somewhere else!"

We leave, breathing a sigh of relief as I spot the bar I nipped into on our first night. The drinks in there were really pricey compared to everywhere else, so I imagine that's why it was so dead. There must've been about ten people in there in total, and as far as I was concerned I'd rather pay more for a drink and be able to breathe in peace. After relieving ourselves at the bathroom, Leigh finds a spot for us to sit in as I make my way to the bar. I decide to go for peach schnapps again, leaning forward to check out the bottles of wine incase Leigh wanted one after this.

Two hands are placed either side of me on the bar, and I frown at the proximity of the body pressed against mine. I turn around to see dark green eyes boring into mine, and I inhale sharply.



I reach out to touch his face, my fingers dancing on his jawline as he slips his hand around my waist, tugging me towards him softly. A whimper leaves my lips as he closes the distance between us, the heat from his body suddenly making me feel weak.

"I need to-" he whispers hoarsely, before I feel two hands clawing me away from him.

"Ooh, peach schnapps, my favourite. Maybe order another, Rachel is here!" chirps Leigh loudly, as Adrian sighs, leaning forward to order his drink. I'm suddenly cold without his touch, and I can't help but feel furious that Rachel had ruined what could have potentially been a romantic moment between me and Adrian.

I know it's wrong, but it felt so right. I had to keep away from him, otherwise Rachel would claw my eyes out. I'm a lover, not a fighter after all.

Rachel glares at Adrian before hooking her arm through mine, dragging me away as she leads us to a table where Carl, Lance and Trev sit grinning.

"What was that?" Rachel hisses, her hands on her hips as I frown.

"What was what?"

I glance back at the bar to see Adrian staring into his pint, as Jermaine glares at us from beside him.

"You look like you were about to kiss him!" Rachel splutters angrily, her blue eyes wide as Lance stands up beside her, his hands cupping her face as he murmurs something in her ear.

"We are on a break! It's not permanent!"

Lance throws his hands up in disbelief as he walks out of the bar, leaving Rachel with me.

"Rachel, with all due respect you shouldn't be concerned with what Adrian is doing. You are with Lance," I snap, before walking out of the bar. Outside, Lance is smoking, gazing at me as I walk out.

"What is going on with those two?" he asks, jutting his thumb in the direction of the bar behind us. I feel hot tears in my eyes as I shrug, continuing to walk blindly. I didn't want any of them to see me cry, and I slip off my shoes as I run to the beach. I hear Leigh calling my name, but I don't stop.

I feel the need to be in the water suddenly, and I know its probably not wise after so much alcohol, but I'm mo longer bothered. I pull my dress over my head, leaving it on the sand with my shoes. I wade out into the ocean, the cool water soothing me instantly as I cry.

I'd never been in love. I'd never wanted anyone either. But Adrian...


I whirl around in the water to see Adrian standing there, as he tears off his clothes, leaving him in just his boxers. I stare at his body, before he swims towards me effortlessly. He reaches me, his strong hands gripping my waist as he searches my eyes with his.

"You've been drinking, don't swim in that state. Hey, you're crying," he whispers, as I allow his thumb to graze my cheek, wiping the tears away.

"I'm just so confused..." I whisper through my tears, as he lifts me towards him, my legs instinctively wrapping around his waist as he brings his head down to mine.

"Why?" he mumbles into my hair, his hands moving down to cup my ass as he lips graze across my neck. The darkness surrounds us, and theres no one on the beach. For once I feel hidden from the world, and I look up into the deep green eyes I've been dreaming about for days.

"You're my friends boyfriend," I sigh, as his lips dance along my jawline. He is moving closer to my mouth now, yet he is doing it so slowly I know if I turn my head slightly our lips will meet instantly. I'm trying not to cross the line, but I'm starting to lose the battle.

"No, I'm not."

His breath is on my cheek now, and i realise he is waiting for me to make a move.

"She will never forgive me," I whisper, moving my head as his lips drag against my skin, until our lips are dangerously close. My hands are wrapped around his neck now, and I feel him pull me closer to him.

"Kiss me Savannah," he murmurs, and I respond by pressing my lips against his. Suddenly the heat between my thighs intensifies, as his tongue moves slowly in my mouth. The kiss becomes more frantic, and I realise he is moaning against me. My heart is hammering in my chest, but the guilt has left me.

Kissing Adrian means I'm going to hell, but I don't care. Even if it's just the once, it's worth it.

"I can't deal with you, Savannah," he growls against me as I shiver in his arms.

"So stop," I smirk, as he gives me a heated look, his mouth on mine again as we resume the hottest kissing I've ever experienced. His fingers are dancing up my thigh, and I'm grateful for the water that hides us.

"I can't stop. I don't want to stop," he says huskily, as his fingers stroke my underwear softly. I suck in a sharp breath, when he searches my eyes for permission to continue. I sign my admission to hell with a flourish.

"So don't."

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