Game Changer

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I'm stunned.

We'd danced around one another so much lately I was wondering if I was imagining that there was anything between us. I'd seen her in the bar, and the desire to kiss her had been so strong I didn't care if Rachel held my jacket whilst I did it.

But Savannah did.

Savannah. Even her name was sexy.

Last night in the ocean...I sucked in a breath as I recalled the way she had responded to me, her thighs gripping my waist as my fingers explored her intimate core, the way she had kissed me fiercely as she rode my fingers to orgasm. It had taken everything I had to restrain myself, as I'd never been so turned on by anyone; ever.

She was fucking perfect.

I turn to glance at her as she laid beside me, her hair still damp despite the warm air. I'd begged Lawrence to not come home last night, to which he had replied with a selfie of him and Melia. Thank fuck.

I reach over and move Savannah's hair from the crook of her neck, as she stretched in her sleep. My hand drifted down over her smooth body, as her eyelids fluttered open to reveal crystal hazel eyes that contrasted her gorgeous skin.

"Morning," I whisper, as she stares at me sleepily, before groaning.

"Oh god."

Hardly what a man wanted to hear when a girl woke up beside him, but I reach out to stroke her face as she peers at me through one eye.

"I can't do this, Adrian."

My heart drops as she sits up, reaching for her dress from the floor. I watch as she tugs it on, my body aching to tear it away from her.

"Why?" I demand, sitting up.

"Ah fuck, you know why!" she exclaims, chewing on her lip as she picks her sandals up. I grip her waist, pulling her towards me as I bury my head on her stomach, her hand shaking as she runs it through my hair. "You and Rachel need to end properly before anything else happens with us. I don't do casual, Adrian."

I whip my head up to gaze at her, her lip trembling as I tug her down onto my lap.

"I don't fucking want casual," I rasp, my hands pushing her dress up as she groans. "That doesn't mean I don't want to fuck you though, Savannah."

"You know what, Adrian," I groan inwardly at how she says my name, my thumbs circling her thighs as she quivers against me. "I need to know you are done with Rachel before we start anything."

"Isn't it a little late for that..." I mumble, my lips on her throat as I slide the straps of her dress down. The animalistic urge I'm getting to devour this woman head to toe is killing me, but she is so strong willed I'm stunned.

"No. It's not. Adrian, I'm going to fly home," she whispers, as my eyes fly open in panic.

"Don't be stupid! Why would you do that-"

"Because this is just a silly holiday romance! You could be doing this to take your mind off Rachel-"

I slam my lips against hers, silencing any more bullshit that may escape those full lips. I'm beyond caring about fucking Rachel, and I'm ready to prove it to Savannah.

"I'll come with you," I shrug, as she laughs nervously.

"No, you can't. This is your holiday. You need to stay here and enjoy it, with your friends," she smiles, as we begin to kiss again slowly. "You've got what, a week left? Just stay. I'll see you when you get back. Please, Adrian. I need clarity. We both do."

She moves away from me then as I stare at her, unsure what to say or do for the best. I don't want her to leave without me, but if she needs clarity I can barely argue. I have to respect her wishes. Part of me is in awe of her, for her asking me to stay on the party island and have fun.

What a fucking woman.

"Ok," I say quietly, as the sadness fills her eyes. "But when I'm home, know that I'm coming straight to you."

She smiles then, and she leans forward to kiss me softly on the lips.

"Don't make promises yet. You've got a week left of booze and birds."

"Nah, Savannah. It's you."

I'm not entirely sure what I'm saying, and she frowns as she reaches out to hug me.

"Do you have to go? Can you not stay?"

I'm aware I'm pleading with her, but I don't care. I don't like the thought of being so far away from her all of a sudden. Fuck, I was crushing hard.

"I'm here on Rachel's dollar, dry fucking her ex of about ten minutes in the ocean. I need to see how we both feel when we are home, in reality."

I nod glumly, before releasing her.

"Do what you want, you've got no allegiances to me, by the way," she smiles, making her way over to the door as I swallow a lump that's mysteriously appeared in my throat.

"I want you."

"See you when you're home," she whispers sadly, as she slips out of the door, letting it close softly behind her.

I'm left sitting in the hot room, my heart pounding as I rake my hand through my hair.

Some fucking holiday this was going to be.

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