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"I'm absolutely coming with you. This was a complete fuck up from start to finish. Plus you're not leaving me with her."

I stare at Leigh in disbelief, as I zip my suitcase up. I feel drained and tired, and the last thing I need is to remain in a hotel room with Rachel.

"But you'll have to pay for your flight home Leigh, just stay," I argue, as she chews on her lip thoughtfully.

"I've got an idea. Will you just consider something else?"

I slump down onto my suitcase, nodding glumly. Leigh is tapping away on her phone, as the door behind her opens to reveal a disheveled Rachel.

"Oh look. It's The Adrian Wells Fan Club," she snaps bitterly, folding her arms as she glares at my suitcase. "Are you actually leaving?"

Her eyes widen as I nod, standing up to tug my suitcase down to the floor.

"Is this because of Adrian?" her voice rose as I sighed, the guilt that was eating away at me finally having a chance to be released. I am about to put her straight when Leigh thrusts her phone into my hands, and I'm staring at a quaint hotel in the city of Palma, which is apparently a twenty minute drive from here.

"Me and you?" Leigh smiles, as she begins throwing clothes in a suitcase. Rachel is staring at us in shock, as she glares at Leigh.

"Am I missing something? Hello? I'm the one that has been dumped after treating you two bitches to this free holiday. Now you're leaving me?"

"Leigh, I'll wait for you in reception. Rachel, fuck off." I snap, as I go to walk past her. Suddenly her fingers grab my arm, and I stare down at them as she hisses at me.

"He will come back to me. He won't want you. You're too fucking boring for him."

I smile sweetly, as I peel her red talons off my skin.

"That's not what he was saying last night," I reply, pushing through the door with a smug expression on my face. I'm standing at the lift, my body shaking as I hear Leugh chasing me, the wheels of her suitcase banging along the floor beside her as she reaches me, breathless.

"You actually told her! You put her in her place, YES Savannah!"

The lift arrives and we drag our cases in, and I sigh heavily.

"How much is that hotel?"

Leigh peers at her phone as the lift pings, announcing we were at the ground floor. We tug our cases out, as Jermaine stops in front of us, frowning suspiciously as he slurps on a bright orange drink in his hands.

"Uh, where are you two going?"

"Palma," Leigh answers, sighing as Jermaine cocks an eyebrow at her.

"Why? You girls had a bust up?"

"Savannah!" I close my eyes when I hear his voice, my heart aching when he reaches my side. He is already deeply tanned from the Spanish sun, his green eyes locking with mine as his arms wrap around my waist. Jermaine does a double take, as Leigh holds up her phone miserably.

"It's too expensive. I'll book us a flight home instead."

Adrian frowns, before glancing at Leigh curiously.

"What's too expensive?"

"Palma," Jermaine shrugs, his eyes on Leigh as she shifts uncomfortably. "Has something happened girls? Seriously, you've got me worried."

"No, nothing like that," I say hastily, as Adrian gazes at me with concern.

"So where are you going girl? Home or Palma?" he asks softly, his deep voice making me want to melt into his arms. I try to shake off the feeling I've get whenever I'm around him, but I can't. He's addictive.

"I don't know. Home, probably. I've already got to pay for my flight home, I can't afford another seven night stay here."

"Then I'm coming with you," he declares, as Jermaine begins to choke on his smoothie.

"The fuck?!"

"No, stay here with your friends-" I begin, as he shakes his head defiantly.

"Nah, I'm good. Lawrence is all loved up with Melia, and Jermaine has a different girl every night."

He grins then as Jermaine shoots Leigh a strange, almost apologetic look as she shrugs, staring at the floor miserably.

"Wait. You're bailing on us?" demands Jermaine, as he wraps an arm around Leigh, her eyes wide as she sends me a- what the fuck- kind of look.

"Mate. What good is it me staying here when all I want is going to be back home?"

I say nothing, as Leigh smiles widely at me.

"Then Savannah stays," shrugs Jermaine, pleading with me as he gazes at me. Even Leigh is looking at me hopefully, and I frown.

"We can hardly go back to that room! I don't want to see her at all. It's for the best that I go."

"Get a new room. Let's ask at reception," declares Jermaine, as I shoot Leigh a desperate look. Adrian releases me to join Jermaine as they liase with the receptionist who listens to them thoughtfully.

"Do you really want to go home? If you do, I'll come with you," says Leigh, pulling me in for a hug. I smile gratefully, before meeting her hopeful eyes.

"I just don't want to be a rebound for Adrian. I also don't want to see Rachel again. It's a small place..." I mutter, as I see the guys walking back up to us, broad smiles on their faces.

They dangle a key in front of us, and Leigh and I exchange a look.

"You're now honorary members of the boys holiday. I hope you can hold your drink," Jermaine grins, as he winks as us both, before grabbing both suitcases.

"Wait, you got us a room? How much is it?" demands Leigh, as Adrian watches me carefully.

"We will split it between us, don't worry about the cost. Just stay and have a fucking holiday. Please."

I nod, a nervous smile on my face as he steps closer to me, taking me into his arms as he kisses me softly on the lips. The butterflies in my stomach are electric, and I hear a squeal beside me from Leigh.

"Oh my God, I've wanted to see that for so long," she says dreamily, as Jermaine chuckles.

"Girls gonna need a damn bodyguard," he mutters, as we move towards the lifts on the other side of the hotel.

"Girls got one," replies Adrian, his arm hung around my shoulders as I feel happiness soaring through me.

Maybe, just maybe, this holiday wouldn't be so bad after all.

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