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Party Time


I was fucking elated.

Jermaine was a solid friend, and he had come through for me when I needed him the most. As soon as he heard the girls were leaving, he took matters into his own hands, and I couldn’t help but question him about it as we got ready later that night.

“I couldn’t let you mope about like a sad bastard could I?”

I smirked as he rolled his eyes, frowning at me in the mirror.

“I mean this though, you look happy with her man. Like, proper happy. She is one seriously hot-”

“Alright,” I warned, not wanting to hear him talking about how hot Savannah was. I’d had to listen to it for the past five years- I wasn’t about to listen to it now.

“Ah my man is getting all possessive over his new girl!”

I made a face as he laughed, making sure his hair was perfect before he looked at me in the mirror.

“You really fucking like her.”

It was more of a statement than anything else, but I could hardly deny it.

“Yeah, I think I do.”

He turned to me then, grinning as he slapped my back.

“Tell her then.”

“Oh yeah, like she would believe that,” I snort as I push my wallet into my jeans. “Hey Savannah, I know I’ve just finished with your mate after three years but now I’m only interested in you.”

Jermaine shrugged, and opened the door, whistling as he turns to glance at me.

“Brace yourself mate.”

I follow him outside to see Savannah wearing a black top that tied around her neck, the straps flowing loose over her chest, her endless legs wrapped in pale pink silky shorts as I inhaled sharply. Her eyes were ringed with some sort of black make up, her lips pale and plump in comparison.

Jesus fucking Christ.

“What were you saying? You can’t tell her?” murmured Jermaine from beside me, as I noticed him looking away, clearing his throat as we stood awkwardly in the hallway.

“Come on then boys, wheres these drinks you were on about? Wheres Lawrence?” Leigh frowned, and I noticed Jermaine looking anywhere but her. She frowned at me and I shrugged, unable to take my eyes away from Savannah.

“Alright Wells? You look like you’ve never seen me before,” Savannah laughs, throwing her head back as I gaze at her throat, wondering what noises she would make when I fuck her.

When, not if.

“You are breathtaking, seriously.”

Her eyes widen, and I notice Leigh nudge her smugly.

“Told you to wear that.”

Savannah sticks her tongue out as she walks up to me, brushing something off my shoulder as I tense beneath her touch.

“You are fucking gorgeous too, Adrian.”

Her voice is almost a whisper, and the sexual chemistry between us is insane. I want to kiss her but I don’t want to smudge her make up- when she leans up and presses her lips against mine, her mouth hot and eager as we kiss there and then.

“Ah man, are you two gonna be like this all night? Lawrence is at The Gap. Let’s go!” Jermaine complains, as he jogs down the stairs. I can’t help but stare at Savannah admiringly, holding her at arms length so I can appreciate her fully. I lace my fingers with hers as she glances at me with surprise, and I wonder if I’m being too forward.

We walk out onto the strip, and I can’t help but notice the amount of attention Savannah gets, her striking looks commanding it. I felt incredibly smug having her with me, but I know its not permanent.

Not yet anyway.

“I want shots lined up and down this bar, fill em up with tequila,” roars Jermaine as I put Savannah in front of me, my arms either side of her as she turns to smile at me, lifting her face to mine as I capture her lips with mine. She moves around so that she is facing me, and I swear we kiss like we have just met.

“I’m stoked you two are so loved up and all, but I legit feel like a loner,” complains Leigh as I reach over for Jermaine, who frowns at me. I nod at Leigh who is staring glumly away, and he winks at me.

“Damsel in distress, got it. But don’t think I’m being her companion all night, these girls aren’t gonna wait around you know.”

I roll my eyes as I return my attention to Savannah who is wincing from downing her first shot. I chuckle as she hands me the salt, lifting my hand to her lips as she licks a spot between my forefinger and my thumb, her soft tongue sending shivers all over my body as I watch her intently. She avoids my eyes as she tips the salt pot onto the same spot, before turning and handing me the shot.

I lick the salt before downing the tequila, as she hands me the lemon. I suck on it as she watches me, and I can’t help but tease her as I do it. She’s biting her lip again, and I am struggling to focus on anything else.


“Why don’t you call me Sav like everyone else?” she asks, tipping her head to the side as I gaze at her, my hand tilting her head back as I lean down to kiss her again.

“Because I’m not like everyone else.”

“Guys, Rachel is here,” mutters Leigh, as I turn my head to see my ex walking in, her eyes blazing as she took in my position with Savannah at the bar. I turn away with disinterest, as I notice Savannah swallowing nervously.

“Look at me. I didn’t break up with her for you, or because of you. It ended because she was a fucking nightmare, you and I just...happened. Don’t feel bad,” I stroke her hair from her face as she nods, smiling confidently.

“I’m not feeling too guilty, it just feels weird after seeing you two together for so long,” she admits, her big bedroom eyes looking up at me as I struggle to control myself. She was beyond delicious, but she was so much more than that.

“Maybe we should stand in front of a mirror then, create new memories of who I’m with,” I murmur, kissing her again, softly at first but it soon intensifies.

Suddenly I am being pulled away from her, and I turn to see Rachel glaring at me, tears streaming down her face as she shoves me in the chest.

“How long?!” she is screaming, and I catch her hands to avoid another slap. She is raging- but this isn’t acceptable nor necessary. I hold her firmly as I walk her outside, followed by Jermaine, Leigh and of course, Savannah.

“I asked you how fucking long!”

The sting to my cheek wasn’t expected, and i grit my teeth as I stare her down.

“How long what?” I snap, shielding myself as she goes to hit me again, before the blow I was waiting to hit me doesn’t materialise.

I look down to see Savannah standing in front of me, her hand gripping Rachel by the throat, pulling her closely to her face as she speaks, so quietly I can barely hear her.

“Leave him the fuck alone, Rachel, you vile bitch. You don’t need to know anything about Adrian anymore, but know this much. He didn’t ever cheat on you. Unlike you, who cheated on him regularly. Isn’t that right?”

She releases her as I stare at Rachel in shock, who is now turning puce with anger. I swiftly move Savannah out of the way, as Leigh stands in front of Rachel with her hands on her hips.

“You are here with some random guy you met on the plane, Rachel. You brought us here just so you could terrorise Adrian, and now he has seen the light and left your ass you are trying to ruin their happiness! Just fuck off home!”

Jermaine suddenly steps in between the two as they begin to scrap, and I drag Savannah back inside, pulling her towards me as I realise she is shaking.

“We knew she would be like that, don’t worry about it.”

“I know but I just feel so bad, I feel like I’ve stolen her boyfriend.”

Her bottom lip quivers as I chuckle, glancing around us before I lean down to her, scooping her into my arms.

“You didn’t steal anything other than my fucking heart, Savannah,” I breathe, as she gasps, and I realise I have probably scared her off. “Sorry- that sounds really intense, I meant my attention. You’ve stolen my attention.”

“Yeah?” she whispers, as she laces her hands around my neck.

“Yeah,” I growl, as her hand pulls me closer to her, our lips smashing against one another as she manages to break away to whisper something else to me.

“That’s a shame, I liked the way you said it the first time round.”

Without thinking, I lift her up so she is sitting on the stool beside us, and as I kiss her more urgently, she wraps her legs around me like she did that time in the sea. She tastes as good as she looks, and I have to pull away after a short while, the throbbing in my dick telling me if I didn’t fuck this girl sooner or later I was going to have some form of accident.


“Come back to my room,” I plead, and I fully prepare for her to decline. I see her eyes cloud over as she bites her lip, but then she does the most unexpected thing.

She nods.

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