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It was, frankly, the best sex I'd ever had. Savannah was not only interesting, funny and beautiful; she was immensely skilled in the bedroom. I'd had her in my bed at first, then against the wall, in the shower before the final session on the balcony furniture. When we weren't fucking we were talking- about everything and anything.

She was addictive, and I felt like the luckiest man alive. I had six days left in the sun with her, and I couldn't fucking wait. I couldn't believe the way she had stood up to Rachel last night, but it had confirmed one thing for me- she must be serious about me.

I showered, wincing as the hot water hit my fresh wounds, created by Savannahs mouth and nails.

God, she was feisty, and I loved it.

The door opened, and Lawrence and Jermaine rolled in, just in time for me to tug my boxers up.

"Smells like sex in here brother!" roars Jermaine as I roll my eyes, stepping out of the bathroom in a cloud of steam.

"Says you two. Why are you only just rolling in?" I grin, unable to meet their eyes as they look at me knowingly. Lawrence tears open a packet of cheese crisps, looking at me with interest as he munches away.

"Because we are your friends, Adrian," says Jermaine innocently, his light eyes gleaming with mischief. "Plus Leigh let me crash at hers because her friend mysteriously didn't come home until just now."

"Ah you stayed with Leigh? Ooh," sang Lawrence, as Jermaine shot him a look.

"She was on her own. I'm not a complete dick."

He turned to look at me then, grinning.

"Wait, you aren't getting away with not telling us the deets!" sings Jermaine as he slides open the balcony door, sitting down with a can of pop from the fridge. He slides his sunglasses on, and cracks the can open.

"If you were a true gentleman you wouldn't be asking for deets," I yawn, stretching my aching muscles.

"Then I'm a savage. Deets."

"If you think I'm telling you anything you're mistaken," I smile, as I reach into the fridge to see with annoyance that Jermaine has taken the last drink. "We need to go to the supermarket."

"Did you or did you not, smash Savannah?" demands Lawrence, as I cringe at his choice of words.

"Dude, didn't you see them in that bar? Creating kids they were, nasty," remarks Jermaine as I fold my arms.

"Out of ten?" asks Lawrence hopefully, as I send him a warning look.

"See my curiosity is this," Jermaine says, lifting his feet onto the white plastic chair in front of him. "Fucking her is one thing. But not sharing deets with your boys is something else. You like her."

"Of course I like her," I pull on a loose t shirt as I hunt for a pair of shorts. I didn't bring nearly enough, and I notice Jermaine winking at me. Smug twenty pair of shorts bastard. "I like her alot."

"Rachel was fucking raging. She was with that lad lost of the night though, giving everyone a right show. Grim," mutters Lawrence, as I look at him with interest. He grinned as we made eye contact, and I pointed at him.

"So, Melia."

Mentioning the pretty redhead had him smiling like the village idiot, as Jermaine groaned.

"I swear to God, you two are getting all loved up on a holiday meant for living our best life, single and-"

"I am single!" protests Lawrence, as Jermaine stares at him.

"Mate, you are whipped. Like him."

He nods at me as I shrug, not really caring what they called me. I had spent the night with the hottest girl on the island, and it was one the best memories I'd ever created.

Lawrence and Jermaine continue arguing, until we hear a knock at the door. I watch as Jermaine beats Lawrence to answer it, nearly knocking him over in the process. Standing outside is Leigh, who blushes under Jermaines gaze. Beside her is the vision that is Savannah, standing in a pretty floral dress that compliments her skin. Our eyes meet and I feel a tug in my stomach, as I cross the room to stand beside Jermaine.

"Ladies," Jermaine grins, as Savannah smiles, before turning to me.

"We are just going for some breakfast and we wondered if you wanted to come?"

"Are you gonna speak sexy Spanish again?" calls out Lawrence from behind us, as I look at the girls with surprise.

"Who speaks Spanish?"

Leigh points at Savannah as I feel my eyes narrow, my breath caught in my throat. Surely this creature couldn't speak the sexiest language in the world?

"I'm not fluent or anything, I just know the odd thing," Savannah says hastily, as I grab my wallet from the side, walking out to stand beside her. I want to just drag her into my arms, but the three pairs of eyes on us distract me somewhat. She stands awkwardly beside me, and I feel a pang of confusion.

"I bet you know enough to make Adrian cum in his pants," says Jermaine, his hands on the top of the doorway as he grins at us. I notice Leigh staring at him, and I feel sorry for the girl. It was pointless lusting after Jermaine unless you just wanted a one night thing, and Leigh didn't strike me as the type.

"For fucks sake, Jer," I sigh, closing my eyes as I exhale. "Anyone coming for breakfast?"

"I will. Let me get a shirt on, otherwise we will have most of the girls from the island following us," smirks Jermaine as we shake out heads simultaneously.

"I'm going to sleep. Been up all night, if you know what I mean," says Lawrence, wiggling his eyebrows as I grimace. The idea of Lawrence's skinny arse banging away was enough to put me off my breakfast.

"Ew," says Savannah, and I snort with laughter, wondering if she was thinking the same image I was. She lifts her eyes to mine, and without thinking I stroke her face with my thumb. She smiles widely as she steps closer to me, tilting her head back as I dip my head down to press my lips against hers.

The kiss is soft, yet intense. She tastes of peppermint and smells insanely good, her hair slightly damp beneath my fingers. We break apart, and she smiles nervously.

"Mmm. Morning," I whisper, as I kiss her firmly on the lips again.

"Morning," she murmurs, her hand around my waist as she kisses me, standing on tiptoe to do so.

"You're so fucking cute," I mumble into her hair, as I hear Jermaine clear his throat. I look up to see Leigh and Jermaine gazing at us, Leigh with a stupidly wide grin on her face and Jermaine with a look of boredom.

"When you're done, I'd quite like to get some food. I'm wasting away."

Leigh rolls her eyes as she pokes his arm, which he instantly flexes.

"Hardly," she snorts, as he lifts his top up, revealing his wicked body. Jermaine trained every day back home, so he had earned bragging rights as far as I was concerned.

"Baby, this shit needs feeding. It may look effortless, but I assure you; it's not."

I feel Savannah lace her fingers through mine as I look down with surprise, to find her looking down the hallway. It was more than fine by me if she wanted to play it this way- I just wanted her to be comfortable.

"I like this," I whisper in her ear, as inside our entwined hands. Her eyes light up when she pulls them towards her, examining them closely before pretending to think.

"You know, I think I do too."

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