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Booze cruise


"Honestly mum it's fine...I'm with Leigh and Adrian, and Jermaine-"

"So what you're telling me I'd that you've fallen out with your best friend over some boy?"

My mum is a no bullshit kinda woman. There's zero tolerance in her voice and I hear the icy tone in her voice.

"Well, yeah. I guess."

I feel sheepish now, as I shift the phone to my other ear. I gaze out over the ocean, trying to take some calm from its soft movements.

"I've never liked that girl. Nasty piece of work. Your dad didn't even want you to go with her!" Mum reminds me, as I close my eyes in exasperation.

"She's awful, Mum. Really awful. She treated Adrian like shit, then made out it was his fault-"

"Savannah Hart. I don't want to hear you speaking about any boy with pity in your voice. The next thing you'll be jumping into bed with him and you'll be pregnant. Oh my god. You're not are you?"

"What? Mum I've only been here a little over a week-"

"So you have slept with him! SAVANNAH!"

This was getting harder and harder to talk about, and I cringe.

"Mum," I breathe, as I hear my Dad take the phone out of her hands. His soft, deep voice immediately makes tears spring to my eyes as he says my name, his familiar accent making me warm with adoration.

"Savannah baby, what's going on? Your mother is flipping out here chatting about you being pregnant and sleeping with boys. Do I need to fly to that damn island and bring you home?" he chuckles, as I laugh along with him.

"No Pops, I'm not pregnant. It is a long story, but I'm not with Rachel at the minute. I'm with Leigh. Rachel isn't very nice, so we are having our holiday away from her."

"With Rachel's boyfriend and his friends!" I hear my mother screeching from the background, causing my father to sigh with amusement.

"See when she says it like that I'm ready to come and get you."

"No! I'm fine. Rachel is with some guy she met on the plane-"

"What in heavens-" my Dad mutters, as I speak quickly.

"I'm ok, is what I'm saying. I've got my e-ticket for the flight home in three days so can you still meet me at the airport?" I ask hopefully, as his warm voice chuckles once more.

"Of course, tink nothing of it."

I smile then, as I wish my pops was there to give me a big hug and tell me I've done the right thing.

"I love you, Dad," I whisper, as I feel my throat thicken with emotion.

"I love you too, Princess. I'll just go and tell your mother you're not pregnant."

We end the call with a joke, and I'm smiling as I hold the phone in my hands. I glance over to the beach bar where I see my friends talking to a group of guys and girls, and instantly notice the appreciative glances Adrian is receiving. I stand up, picking up my sandals as I make my way over to them.

"Well, hello," I hear a voice drawl, and I smile in reply, only to see the voice belongs to an insanely attractive man who gave most men a run for their money. Jermaine was scowling at the man in question, who was oblivious to the hatred. "I'm Harley."

"Savannah," I smile, moving to stand beside Adrian who smiles at me warmly.

"So I was just talking about the booze cruise that departs here at sunset," Harley drawls, and I notice his eyes drift over me as he talks. It's almost awkward, as I have no idea what Adrian and I even are- but I don't get flattered by male attention easily anyway. "Its seventy euros each, food and drink included. You in?"

Adrians eyes turn to me as I shrug, not wanting to make the decision. Leigh suddenly stands up, her hand on Harleys arm as she grins.

"Come on Sav, lets do it!"

I nod half heartedly, as Adrian and co decide to join us, thankfully.

"It's dressy, and we can't be jumping into the sea at night so be warned," says Harley, his arm slipping around Leighs waist as I notice her blush slightly. "Pay upon arrival, which will be just here at seven pm."

"Dressy," murmurs Adrian in my ear, and I shiver with anticipation. "You're gonna blow me away again aren't you?"

I lift my eyes up to meet his, when I feel someone staring at us intently. I look around, not seeing anyone in particular. I frown as Adrian follows my gaze, before gazing at me.

"You ok?"

His gruff voice sent shivers up my spine as I force a smile, pushing my unease to one side.

"I'm good. Looking forward to seeing you later," I say shyly, as his hands grip my waist, pulling me towards him roughly.

"I'm loving seeing you right now, to be fair."

He brushes his finger across my collarbone, pushing back a strand of my hair that the sea breeze moves to my face.

"I love your smile," he says, and I find myself grinning widely.


"Yeah, it makes you even more beautiful."

I can't help but kiss him, the feeling of someone staring at us making me feel more and more uncomfortable. I shrug it off as we walk back to our beach towels, chatting about the night ahead. Adrian has his arm around my shoulders as we walk, and I snake my arm around his toned waist. His skin is hot from the sun, and I look up as he laughs at something Lawrence says.

I know I'm going to hell.

But he is probably coming with me.

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