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The boat was rammed.

Considering Harley was charging seventy euros a head, I could see why he was grinning so widely when he saw us. That and his fucking eyes didn't tear away from Savannah when he first saw her, the lecherous prick.

I'm not a dickhead, I'm not gonna stand there all possessive and shit when we're in the situation we're in. Which is complicated to say the least. I offer to gets some drinks as Jermaine stomps after me, bitching about the host with the most.

"I'm telling you he's taking shit. He drinks too much to be doing it al through hard work," he grunts, glaring at Harley as I shrug.

I order our drinks from a beautiful girl who lets her gaze linger on Jermaine a little longer than necessary, before moving away to get our drinks.

"We drink, but we work out. It doesn't mean he's on steroids just because hes ripped and drinking. What's up, jealous?" I tease, my eyes resting on Savannah as she laughs at something Harley says, as I notice him place his hand on her back to guide her forward. I bristle, on edge immediately.

"Jealous?" scoffs Jermaine, as he winks at the girl who has returned with our drinks. "Why would I be jealous? Looks like the only gir he has eyes for is the one on your agenda. Too bad, pretty boy."

I decide not to reply, instead taking my drink from his outstretched hand. Leigh has followed Savannah, so I'm left looking at a sea of faces I'm not familiar with. I toy with the idea of mingling with Jermiane, but I know what his intentions will be. Lawrence and Melia have disappeared from sight, so I decide to follow Savannah.

Everyone is dressed to impress, and I smile politely as I manoeuvre my way through the mainly scantily clad bodies. I briefly see a pair of sky blue eyes, but when I turn to focus on them, they've gone.


I sigh heavily, knowing if she is here it will only end in drama. I frown as I slide open a door that leads to the deck, and scan the area for Savannah. I find her gazing up at the night sky, as Harley points out things to her. What is he, a fucking astronomer?

Leigh us standing beside him, and I notice his arm around her waist as she moves closer to him. I'm puzzled as to why both girls are giving him the time of day, but who was I to argue?


The voice is sweet, but deadly. I realise then that she has followed me onto the deck, and I turn to glare at her. She looks immaculate, of course, her smile painted on with bright red lipstick. Her eyes focus behind me, and she frowns before looking back at me.

"We need to talk."

"No, we don't," I snap, turning to walk away when she speaks again.

"We aren't over though," she argues, her voice raising slightly, attracting odd looks from those around us. Couples are scattered on the deck, sipping drinks as soft music plays. The waves lap against the boat, the movement soft yet enough to make you away slightly.

"Rachel," I sigh, fixing her with an exasperated gaze. She looks like a tiger about to pounce, her eyes glittering as though daring me to challenge her.

But I'm not her prey.

"We are over. We have been over for a long time, I just didn't have the balls to end it. So just please, leave me the fuck alone."

I turn and walk away, knowing if she said anything else I would be tempted to throw her overboard. I'm sure she would fucking float, like the witch that she was. Savannah seems to sense my presence, turning to give me an excited smile as her hands reach out to link with mine. Harley looks annoyed briefly, but manages to hide it when Savannah turns to face him. I'm still watching her, wondering how the hell I didn't see it before.

She is radiant. So beautiful it makes my soul ache for her, her features and expressions so unique I wonder if she is even real. Her hands in mine tighten, and I can't help but pull her against me as she explains what Harley has told her.

"See the moon, Adrian? That bright star to the right of it is Mars," she points up at the sky and I follow her gaze with amusement.

"Nah it's not," I say confidently, as Harley sends me a frown. Leigh tries to hide a smile as Savannah turns in my arms, watching me curiously. "It's Venus. It's sometimes mistaken as the north star, because it's so bright."

"Huh, I always thought it was Mars," shrugs Harley, as he turns to raise his glass. "More drinks?"

"So you're into astronomy?" Savannah breathes, as she wraps her arms around my waist. My fingers dance up her bare arm, noticing her shiver as I do.

"A little. I like anything to do with space," I confess, as she wrinkles her nose up.

"Oh my God, so you're a hot geek!" she squeals, and I laugh.

"Um, not really..."

She tilts her head then, and I'm itching to kiss her. She has this effect on me, and I can't seem to control myself.

"Look, Savannah," I begin, surprising myself. " I'm not with Rachel. I understand that this is all new and all, but I need you to know that I really like you."

"Adrian," she whispers, and her eyes dart around us as I shrug. I'm beyond caring who hears us, and I decide to just be honest with her.

"Fuck everyone else."

Her eyes widen then as I tug her close to me, her breath hitching in her throat as my lips dance above her ear.

"I want you."

She moans then, and I can't help but smirk against her jawline.

"Adrian, don't say it-"

"Say what? That I want you? I do. I want to know you, every part of you. Physically," I chew on the bottom of her ear softly, before dragging my lips across her cheek lightly. "Mentally," I say, my eyes stopping before hers as she searches them desperately. "In every fucking capacity."

She kisses me then, and I almost fall back with the force of her body against mine, my hands steadying her as our mouths explore one another intensely. I'm aware we are on a boat, but it doesn't stop a moan escaping my lips as she drags her hands across my back.

"This could be a holiday romance," she whispers into my ear, her tongue flickering against my neck as I growl into her hair. "Just hot sex in the sun-"

I pull her back then, and it's like theres only me and her in the world.

"Savannah, do you really think I'd have a holiday romance with my very recent ex girlfriends friend? Come on," I chuckle as she kisses me softly, her hands lacing around my neck as I press her to me. Her body is hot, and I wonder if it would cool any if I removed this thin dress...

Focus, Adrian.

"So you're saying you want to get to know me?"

She seems almost perplexed, and I can't help but wave my hand at her, from the bottom of her feet to the curls on her head. Her bedroom eyes are wide now, and I have to fight the urge to drag he back to my hotel room.

"Yeah, I'm definitely saying that. But I want to know, do you want the same? Because I'll be honest, I'm not so great seeing you with other guys," I admit uncomfortably, as she grins widely.

"You're asking for me to be...monogamous?"

My heart hammers in my chest as I teach down to kiss her tenderly.

"I'm asking for you to give us a chance, Savannah," I whisper, my forehead on hers as I gaze into her eyes.

"You sure?"

I don't bother to answer her, I simply guide her to one of the empty seats by the side the boat, pulling her onto my lap as I kiss her intensely.

"Fucking positive."

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