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Talk about awkward.

The entire flight home I'd had to sit across the aisle from fucking Carl and Rachel- who sat whispering and giggling like children. I turned my headphones on tried my best to ignore them, which hadn't been easy.

At the luggage carousel, I'd spotted Leigh waving at me wildly as she fought with an oversized suitcase. I walked over to her, helping her stand it upright as I scanned the carousel for mine. I'd attached a bright pink scarf to it, so I saw it eventually.

"I'm relieved to be back, I'm not gonna lie."

I look over at Leigh with a grim nod, agreeing with her. It had been a strange holiday, and I'd come back having some sort of relationship with my now ex best friends boyfriend. I sighed heavily, and Leigh pulled me into her arms.

"You never have to see her again. School is over, the holiday is over-"

"I know," I say, tugging my case off as Leigh grabbed the other end of it. I felt sad in a way- we had gone out as three friends. Now here we are- just the two of us. I hadn't seen Rachel, but there were two carousels from our flight on the go so she could've been anywhere.

"Did you see her and Carl? She is such a slut."

We begin to wheel our suitcases towards the exit, and I reach into my jean pocket to switch my phone on. As we get out of the exit I search for my Dad, to see him leaning against a pillar with the stone cold stare he reserved for strangers. When our eyes met he grins widely, opening his arms for me as I hurry over to him, breathing in his familiar scent as he murmurs in my ear.

"Welcome home beautiful."

He smiles at Leigh, grabbing both our cases with ease as we exchange a look.

"All we needed was your Dad's muscles back there," grins Leigh as we follow him to the car.

We are greeted by the sun, albeit the English version. It's teamed with a chilly breeze that makes me wish I'd worn something more than a thin vest and hoody. I roll my eyes at Leigh as she sighs, watching my Dad heave the cases into the back of his truck with ease.

"My Mum will burn that admiration out of your eyes," I drawl, climbing in beside my Dad as he chuckles. Leigh has turned a tomato red despite her slight tan, and he relentlessly teases her about her love life all the way to her house.

"Girls like you being single- shows the level of intelligence," he is muttering, as I see a text from Adrian. My smile is wide as I furiously text back, and my Dad juts his thumb at me.

"She been like this the whole time?"

Leigh nods, before unclipping her seatbelt.

"Pretty much. Anyway, Savannah isn't single any more, Mr Hart." Leigh sticks her tongue out at me as I send her a glare, knowing I'm now going to be stuck with the inquisitive version of my father for the remainder of the journey.

"So," he says, heaving himself into the seat beside me, his hands on his lap as he looks at me with interest.

"Drive, Dad," I plead, refusing to make eye contact with him as he chuckles.

"So, Adrian, right? This guy was with your girl Rachel? Who turned out to be nasty."

He sucks the air in through his teeth as he pushes the keys back into the ignition, turning back to me as I groan.

"Savannah, baby. You don't play these games. What's going on with this boy?"

Something about his voice makes me bite my lip, knowing I can't lie to my poppa bear. His chocolate brown gaze locks on mine and I shrug timidly, before sighing.

"I can't help it. It just...happened."

"Some man he is, ditching his girlfriend on holiday to get with her friend. Remember that before you run off into the sunset."

My dad is handsome in a classic way- he smells amazing, he is ripped and dresses impeccably. He wears diamonds in his ears, and has the whitest teeth I'd ever seen. My mother calls him her King, and I see why. He commands your attention, whilst being the sweetest man.

I loved him so much.

"He is so nice, Dad. He isn't like that-"

"I hope not. Or I'm cracking skulls," he shrugs, pulling onto our driveway. Twenty minutes later my mother finally shows up, dropping her headphones onto the side, her arms wide. She is striking- sea green eyes and red brown hair that reminded me of embers burning in a fire.

"Thank God you're home. I've been so worried."

"How was your run?" I smile, picking up an apple as my father wraps his hands around her waist, kissing her on the cheek as she grins.

"Hard today. I just wasn't feeling it."

"We have some news for you," my dad drawls, flopping onto the leather sofa as he turns the television on.

"Turn the tv off, your daughter deserves your undivided attention," Mum commands, snapping off the lid to a bottle of water as he grumbles in response.

"News? Oh God. What now?"

I scan the room, wondering if they had bought something extravagant, before peering through the blinds to make sure they hadn't built a pool or anything equally absurd.


I look over at my dad as he nods towards my mum. She winks at me, before she speaks.

"Your brother is coming home."

My mouth falls open with excitement, as I stand up quickly.

"Really?! When!"

"Tomorrow. He has taken a couple of months off filming so he wants to spend some time back home."

I felt dizzy with excitement, before I reach for my phone to text Leigh.

Leigh! Axel is coming home!

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