Game Changer

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They will, trust me...


I was starving.

Literally starving- I couldn't remember the last time I ate. I could almost hear my mother in my ear telling me to sort my life out and eat breakfast, but luckily for me she wasn't standing beside me in college.

I was one of the first in line, and my stomach did a little dance at the sight of food. I ordered a jacket potato with tuna mayonnaise, reluctantly adding a salad when promoted by the server who reminded me it was healthy.


"You've got beautiful eyes girl," a voice said from beside me, and I turn to see Mark Sellers gazing at me with interest. I blinked his compliment away, refusing to entertain this arsehole.

"Didn't you say that to Laura before you fucked her and ditched her?" I said sweetly, picking up a mango juice as he mutters something incoherent. Funny how they did that when you nailed them to a cross verbally.

"Urgh, what the hell is up with these teachers?" wailed Rachel as she suddenly appeared next to me.

"Sup Rachel," smirked Mark from beside me as she waved at him with a wide smile.

I stare at her in disbelief before guiding her away with one hand, my tray in the other.

"Oh, carbs. I'm so jealous you can eat whatever you want and still look so good."

Rachel pulled a salad out of her bag, whilst I shrugged. I don't care if I put weight on- I just want to eat what I want. I start eating my jacket potato, groaning when I see Adrian and his cronies walk in. Instantly they draw attention- Jermaine revels in the attention, his cocky arrogance annoying me from afar, whilst Lawrence is waving his arms as he explains something to Adrian who is at the back, his hat worn backwards as he chews on one of the toggles from his hoody.

Rachel makes a song and dance about seeing Adrian, and he stands uncomfortably until she insists he sits beside her. Pretty soon she is dominating the conversation, and flanked by Jermaine and Lawrence, I find I've lost my appetite.

"Girl, you're fine. Why don't you come out with me?" drawls Jermaine from beside me.

Jermaine has more women on the go than I could count, many of them would probably kill me in my sleep if they even saw him sitting beside me. He is gorgeous- but he has his parents to thank for that. His mother was from the Bahamas- not too far from where my father was born, as Jermaine likes to remind me- whilst his father was from Norway, so you can imagine what he looks like. My mother was from Yorkshire, so I wasn't as exotic. But my mum was still beautiful.

Anyway, back to Jermaine. Perfection, right?

But he knows it. Bless him.

Lawrence is on the other side of me, and they begin to argue about which pizza is the best from the college canteen. I sigh as I poke at my food, brightening up when I see Leigh walking towards us. Leigh is one of my favourite people on the planet. She is also one of the most intelligent, which means she is anything but boring. Her long dark hair is gathered up in a messy bun on top of her head whilst I stare at it longingly.

"Why you looking at me like I'm dessert?" she asks cautiously, before swinging her leg over the bench beside Rachel.

"I love your hair," I breathe, as she looks at me like I'm insane.

"It's flat. Always. Thin, and flat. I'd take your curls any day."

"I would swap either of you for mine," chirps in Rachel, and I consider her words briefly.

"That hair is your pride and joy, don't talk nonsense. Hello boys, by the way."

Leigh drags her phone out as she taps against it, before stealing a glance at Jermaine. You wouldn't be human if you didnt find him attractive, but Leigh had liked him for as long as I could remember. Luckily though, as I said, she is intelligent.

"Three weeks until I steal your boy away. How you gonna cope?" teases Lawrence, slurping his coke as he sings an arm over my shoulders. I don't waste time removing it, as I catch Adrian smiling secretly. I roll my eyes as he looks away, and I notice Rachel lacing her fingers with his. I couldn't understand their relationship- but then I didnt have to. I wasn't part of it.

"Oh I'll cope just fine. He won't meet anyone better than me," smiles Rachel confidently, as Lawrence bursts out laughing.

"I totally agree, beautiful," smiles Adrian, and they kiss one another as we all groan. The conversation moves on to other things, which I'm grateful for. The last thing I needed was Rachel seething about this stupid boys holiday again. Pretty soon the boys had left, and Rachel's smile soon disappeared with them.

"He is so gonna cheat on me."

Leigh and I exchanged a look, before I took a deep breath.

"Rach, he loves you. Look how he is with you!" I say, pointing at the seat where he had been sat only moments earlier. "Chill the fuck out babes."

"Mate, he is whipped. Whatever you've done, teach me. That boy worships at your feet," chimes in Leigh as we look at each other with encouragement.

"Well, I've got an idea. We should go on a girls holiday!"

I stare at her for a moment before Leigh slams her hand down on the table excitedly.


"No, Leigh! We go away to party. We need one of those holiday brochures where they tell you all of the lively places," Rachel laughs, looking at me excitedly.

"I guess it would be nice to relax in the sun..." I muse, wondering how we were going to afford it all. It wouldn't be cheap, not including flights and accommodation. As though she has read my mind, Rachel smiles.

"I'll pay for it. Well, my parents will. It's my eighteenth, they said whatever I want."

"Yeah, but I dont think they meant a holiday for you and two of your friends-" I begin, as she waves her hand dismissively.

"They will, trust me."

Leigh and I exchange a look before nodding.

As if we would turn down a free holiday celebrating our friends birthday... right?

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