Game Changer

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For real


"Mate. You're seriously going to meet her fam?"

Lawrence looks up from his phone, his eyes wide. I tug my belt on, my heart racing at the thought. It didn't matter how nervous it made me- it had to be done. I fucking adored the girl. Grayson Hart was a force to be reckoned with, but Marie seemed nice enough on the occasions I'd seen her.

"They seem nice enough-"

"Uh, yeah, but that was before you started fucking their daughter."

I shoot him a look before pushing my hands back through my hair, examining my reflection. It didn't matter how much I pissed about with my hair- it had a mind of it's own. I grabbed my jacket, before raising my eyebrows at Lawrence.

"You staying here?"

Lawrence hated his mum, and to be honest I didn't blame him. She was a nightmare- screaming at him for the tiniest thing. My parents were much more relaxed, so it was easier to let him chill here.

"That ok?"

I nodded, before tossing him the X-box controller.

"Try and defeat the bastard on level twelve. I'm struggling and it's boring me."

He grins, accepting the mission.

"If you die, can I move in here permanently?"

I don't bother asking him, jogging downstairs to grab my car keys. I rarely drove, so I just shared a car with my Dad who was luckily quite relaxed about the whole affair. He was watching the football, sipping a beer.

"Pops, I'm going out. Won't be late."

He doesn't even look up, waving his hand over his head as I turn and walk towards the door.

"Lawrence is in my room," I call out, as I hear him chuckle.


I drive to Savannahs, my hands sweating slightly on the wheel. It was important that her family liked me. I wanted to be with the girl- and I knew they already disliked me from my previous relationship with her mate.

Fucks sake.

I barely made it out of the car before the front door opens to reveal Savannah smiling at me as I look up. I swear a girl never carried off clothes like her. Jeans and a t shirt, that's all, but my mouth is watering. Stunning is a wasted word, and I can't use it to describe her. Her lips pull into a genuinely excited smile, as I greet her with my hands on her cheeks.

"God, you look ridiculous," I mumble, my stomach flipping over when she tugs me towards her, her sweet lips on mine.

"Sshh. My dad is-"

"Evening," rumbles a voice from behind her. I hold my hand out instantly for him to shake it, and he eyes it suspiciously before shaking it. His grip is like a vice, and the message is clear.

Fuck with my daughter, and I'll kill you. With my bare hands.

"Mr Hart," I smile, as he moves to let me in.

"Grayson. Call me Grayson."

His voice is deep and quiet, but utterly filled with warning. I walk in, feeling Savannah slide her hand into mine.

"Adrian! Come on through, would you like a drink?" I hear a voice sing from the kitchen. I follow the sound, gazing at the family photos that adorn the walls. They must all be models, I think to myself, unable to find a flaw on a single one of them.

Maria Hart is smiling when I walk in, nodding her head to her husband who stands beside her.

"Has he been nice? He beat me to the door, sorry."

Grayson rolls his eyes then, and I laugh heartily.

"Thank you for inviting me over, this food smells so good."

"Apparently our daughter looks 'ridiculous.'"

I feel my cheeks flush as Savannah admonishes her father, and Marie smiles knowingly, looking up at me. She is incredibly pretty, and I see instantly where Savannah gets her striking looks from.

"It's a compliment, Gray," Marie murmurs as he grunts in response.

"Come into the lounge."

It's barely a request, and I follow him as Savannah mouths an apology to me which I brush off. I walk in to see Axel, Savannahs brother sitting on the sofa, looking up at me briefly before muttering a hello.

"Axel has just returned from LA. He is working on a film out there, but its top secret apparently," laughs Grayson, sinking to a chair as I do the same across from him.

Axel shares his sisters good looks, but is much quieter. He works behind the scenes on the movie sets, and I try to make conversation with him, failing massively.

"Boy, you'd get more conversation outta that chair."

I can't help but laugh along, as Axel shoots us an exasperated look.

"I'm tired."

"All you've done is sleep!"

Savannah moves her hand to mind, lacing her fingers through mine and pulling them towards her.

"What you doing with yourself now then, Adrian?"

Marie comes in, handing me a cab of diet coke which I take gratefully.

"Uh, I've applied for an apprenticeship working as an air conditioning engineer," I say, lifting the can to my lips as Grayson lifts his eyebrows with interest.

"Sounds cool, haha, get it?"

The conversation becomes more relaxed, and I notice Savannah smiling widely when Marie and Gray get up to get the food.

"They like you. Dad really didn't want to, but he does."

Axel looks over, his lips twitching as he speaks.

"I didn't think I'd see the day, Sav. A boyfriend."

Savannah bites her lip, and I notice how uncomfortable she looks, but Axel realises it too. He clears his throat, nodding at me as he continues.

"You're lucky man. My sister is awesome."

"Oh, I know," I agree, as he gets up to join his parents in the kitchen.

"So. Boyfriend," I chuckle, as Savannah rolls her eyes.

"You wish."

"Oh come on, what would you call me? We spend all our spare time together, I'm here meeting your parents..."

My voice trails off when she looks up at me, her eyes filled with uncertainty.

"It's too soon to label it," she shrugs, as I kiss her softly, her lips responding to mine urgently.

"You might not wanna label it, but it's happening," I chuckle against her jawline as she groans quietly.

"I don't even like you," she laughs, wrapping her arms around my neck as her dad walks back in, raising his eyebrows at her as he does.

"Chicken. Kitchen."

He turns and walks away, clearly not sure how to deal with the level of affection his daughter is showing me.

"Its clear how much you hate me," I say, looking pointedly as her body which is pressed against mine.

"Shut up and kiss me."

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