Game Changer

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So he had won my parents over. Who knew?

I was sitting beside him, turning to grin at Leigh who was squashed in between Jermaine and Lawrence. She gave me a bored glare, before elbowing Lawrence.

"Ouch! What the fuck?"

"Stop with that gushy shit. I can see every text," she complains, as Jermaine laughs beside her.

"Come here baby, read my texts. They aren't mushy."

Leigh blows her fringe out of her eyes as she frowns in response, folding her arms.

"Are we there yet?"

We were driving to a theme park, one of Lawrence's ideas so he could meet up with Melia. She lived a few towns away, and surprisingly they'd kept in touch since getting back from Majorca. I turn back, my eyes stopping on the driver for too long, his eyes turning to catch me.


His voice makes me weak, and I shrug, pretending I wasn't affected by his crooked smile.



I whack his arm as he captures my hand, kissing it softly.

"No public affection in the car. I don't want to catch any of this feeling bullshit," complains Jermaine from the back seat, as I laugh.

"So are you and Melia like, a thing?" I ask Lawrence, as he grins stupidly. Leigh leans forward, responding for him.

"Every text says I love you. Every. Text."

"For fucks sake, confiscate his phone," says Jermaine with disgust, as he shakes his head and stares out of the window. Leigh sighs, looking over at me.

"So why didn't Axel want to come?"

Jermaine nudges her then, wiggling his eyebrows as he does. Leigh turns to look at him, her eyebrows raised as she prepares for his words.

"Axel is gay. I'm telling you."

I roll my eyes as Leigh scowls.

"You want him to be gay. Because he is the only guy better looking than you in this town."

Jermaine scoffs as they continue to argue, and I can't help but wonder what it is about me and my brother. We were shown so much affection as kids, plus we always saw our parents happily in love. But for some reason, we both remained single and unattached. Well...

"Where have you gone, beautiful?" Adrian whispers, moving the gear in the car with his hand still wrapped in mine. I love that he seems to be in tune with me, his eyes focused on the road as he glances at me with concern.

"I was just thinking, nothing much."

I didn't think Axel was gay, but I didn't care either way. He had been quiet in school, not very popular either. He could've been, but he simply stayed home and watched films.

Constantly. Silent movies, comedies, dramas, you name it. He was the one at the midnight showings of new releases, and then spent days reading the critic reports on them, responding online accordingly. It was no surprise when he moved to LA to pursue his dream of working on movie sets- he knew so much about the subject it was bound to happen.

But what was a surprise was that he was now wildly successful. He didn't just do one thing- he had his fingers in all the pies. He was even offered acting roles but he point blank refused. He hated being the centre of attention.

"Maybe I should ask him on a date," Jermaine muses, as Leigh bursts out laughing.

"If you do I will."

They continue their banter, as Lawrence continues to text Melia. We finally arrive and Lawrence is bolt upright, cranking his neck as he looks for Melia. Adrian parks the car easily, and we all get out. I raise my arms up as I stretch, as Adrian appears beside me. He slides his hands down my stomach, and my skin dances from his touch. As he exhales I inhale, and the scent of mint makes me feel dizzy. He smells of him- fresh washing, toothpaste and aftershave. His hair gel has it's own distinct smell too, and combined it makes Eau De Adrian.

It's delicious.

His lips hover over mine as he holds me in place, making me frown at him.

"Kiss me then," I laugh, as I go to kiss him. He moves back, shaking his head as he wraps his arms around me.

"Baby, it's been long enough. You're gonna have to tell me what I want to hear. Just once."

Oh not this again. I start to complain, but the look in his eyes stops me. He looks hurt, and confused.

"Adrian, we don't need to-"

"Savannah. I do. I need it. I want you so much, and it worries me that you won't commit to me."

The others become aware of our conversation, and busy themselves accordingly. The problem is, if I say we are together, things will change. I dont want him asking me for permission to do shit- and I don't want him getting all possessive.

"If this is about other guys, I'm not interested in anyone but you."

He continues to stare at me, before he laughs.

"Other guys? Where? I'll fight them right now."

I laugh then, holding his face in my hands as I kiss him slowly. It's like time stands still, and he groans against me.

"I know what you think. We're young. Have fun. Chill," he murmurs, and I tilt my head at his uncanny impression of me. "Problem is, Savannah, I'm in love with you."

A gasp leaves my lips, and Jermaine takes this moment to pick Leigh up and carry her away, her screams filling the silence.

"Adrian," I breathe, my heart hammering in my chest as he takes a deep breath.


He already sounds disappointed, yet I can't help what I say next.

"I love you too. But I don't want anything to change-"

His lips slam against mine then, and I give up fighting him. The warmth from his body meets mine, and I feel a wealth of emotion racing through me as I finally pull away.

"Nothing will change. But I need you to say you want to be mine, Savannah," his voice is gruff now, and I stare at this divine creature who just wants to know that I want him too. I suddenly realise that I've been holding back for him- not wanting him to feel held back, or trapped. I didn't want to fuck it up, or let him down- and I was protecting both of us without realising that we had already fallen so hard, there would be no going back.

I meet his eyes, as I try to find my voice.

"It really means that much to you?" I whisper, my fingers playing with his t shirt as he tilts my head back to his.

"No, you do."

"Ok, Wells. I'm your...girlfriend. I feel about ten years old saying that," I cringe as he smiles, a real smile that lights up his eyes and makes them dance with happiness.

"She's my girlfriend guys!"

I close my eyes with mortification, before he kisses me, to hoots and cat calls from our friends.

"About fucking time," mutters Jermaine, as Leigh gives me the thumbs up.

"Can we please go now? I need to see Melia," Lawrence complains as Jermiane rolls his eyes at Leigh.

"Why did we agree to this shit?"

Adrian is kissing me again, and I forget everyone around us. It doesn't matter if it all goes wrong- what's that old saying, it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all?

Something like that.

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