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Will it?



Savannah sniggers as Leigh shakes her head defiantly, slurping on her drink. I watch with amusement as Melia continues to beg her to go on the ride with her, but Leigh refuses, paling at the thought.

I gaze up at the ride, before shuddering in agreement with Leigh. I'd never been a fan of rides that went upside down- fuck knows why but I just didn't trust them.

"I'll go if you want," Jermaine sighs, as Melia turns her puppy dog eyes to Leigh.

"Oh come on! You only live once..."

"Statistics stop me getting on that ride. Sorry. I wouldn't even go on with Axel."

I notice Jermaine roll his eyes before Melia shrugs, smiling at Jermaine as Lawrence watches them with a scowl.

"Stupid fucking idea coming here anyway," he grumbles, leaning on the rail as we wait for them to ride. Lawrence was not a fan of heights, so he had to chicken out when Melia had gasped with excitement.

"Who knew your girl was an adrenaline junkie?" I laugh, as Leigh looks at him with pity.

"Shall we go get some snacks? Hopefully they won't die in some freak accident whilst we are gone, but if they did- at least we were right."

Lawrence shrugs as he follows Leigh towards a long queue of people waiting for hotdogs and god knows what else. Savannah turns to me, stretching out her arms around my neck as I kiss her softly, my hand wrapping around the curve of her waist.

"I thought you liked it fast?" I smirk, nodding up at the ride as she makes a face.

"Yeah, but not high up. I'm much happier with my feet on the ground, thanks very much," she laughs, as I squeeze her ass slightly. "Or around your waist..."

Our mouths meet then, and the ride soaring above us is forgotten. As usual, her lips get me in a state, and I find myself wishing we could just sneak off for a little bit.

"How long do you think we could get away with disappearing?" I mutter, as she wriggles away with a mischievous smile.


I'm instantly aching for her, and I tug her towards me as i glance around us, making sure no one can hear me.

"Because all I want to do is take your fine ass into those toilets over there and bend you over."

She gasps, as she drops her eyes from mine. I love making her blush, and I can see that she is excited. My heart is pounding when she looks up at me, shrugging before she speaks.

"Girls, right? I'll go first."

I stand watching her walk away, my cock aching for her when she makes her way into the bathroom. I hadn't thought through the logistics of this at all, I realise, as I walk over to the bathroom, hesitating as I call Savannahs name.

"I'm in here," she whispers from behind me, dragging me into the cubicle as I hear her giggle. Once the door is locked she is tugging at my jeans, her hands pulling them down as she slides her own off. I'm gazing down at her thighs, the black lace resting at the top as I slide my finger under them. She is already wet, and I mutter under my breath as she begins to kiss me, her tongue exploring my mouth as I lift her up against the cubicle wall.

"I thought you wanted to-" she whispers, as I enter her roughly. I have to clamp my hand over her mouth as I fuck her, as quietly and as slowly as I can, the thin wall banging beneath our combined weight.

"Oh, fuck me, Adrian," she moans into my ear, as I follow her command, lifting her away from the door as her feet find the floor. She turns around, and I quickly push myself back inside of her, letting out a low growl as I do.

It's better this way, because I can hold her hair for leverage, whilst she holds on to the door which makes less noise. The only noise is the squeak of my trainers as I try not to slip on the floor, and the soft whimper that is coming from Savannah.

"I can't-" she whispers, and I clamp my mouth over her as she bites down hard, her body going rigid as I pump my self into her repeatedly, finally exploding into her as I try not to be too noisy.

She straightens up quickly, switching places with me as she sits on the toilet, pulling her jeans back up her legs halfway before she slips her trainers back on. I clean myself up, before grinning at her.


"Well if this is what it means to be your girlfriend, I wish I'd done it sooner."

I roll my eyes as I wait for her to finish, before exiting the cubicle. Theres a girl putting her lipstick on in the mirror, and she gives me an odd look as I smile politely, walking out into the sunshine. I feel a million times lighter, and happier, as I wait for Savannah. I glance around for our friends, but I can't see them anywhere.

Savannah joins me shortly after, and kisses me lightly on the lips.

"Where is everyone?" she frowns, and I shrug.

"I was distracted, sorry."


She pulls out her phone, chewing her lip as she reads a text from Leigh.

"Apparently they went for churros because Melia and Jermaine are still waiting in line. They're by the river."

I wrap my arm around her as we move away, a feeling of contentment settling deep within my stomach. Savannah is smiling to herself, and I can't help but pull her closer to me.

"I can't deal with you, Savannah. I just want to take you back to my bed for the next week or two," I mumble, as she looks up at me coyly.

"We have literally just had sex. You want more?!"

I pretend to think about it before sighing.


"Alright, maybe not in a public bathroom hmm?"

I frown at her, pointing back in the direction of our christened cubicle.

"What's wrong with public bathrooms? Were you not entertained?!"

"You did not just say that."

We carry on like this until we finally reach Lawrence and Leigh, who are arguing over the best dip for churros. They also have hotdogs and chips, along with slushies. Leigh grins widely, waving at us when she spots us walking over, whilst Lawrence looks almost guilty.

"Where did you go?" Leigh asks, as Savannah suddenly finds a nearby ride really interesting.

"Just for a ride," I answer honestly, as Leigh asks which one.

"It's new. It didn't have much of a queue so..." Savannah lies, as I try not to laugh.

"Was it good?" asks Leigh, as Savannah and I struggle to keep a straight face.


I pull Savannah onto my lap as Lawrence sits quietly, his eyes peeled for Melia and Jermaine.

"You should've gone on the damn ride," drawls Leigh, as she offers him a churro. He takes it quickly, before stabbing it into the chocolate sauce.

"How fucking long is the queue though?"

He continues complaining until we finally see Jermaine and Melia walking towards us, their faces flushed with excitement.

"You HAVE to go on that ride, you'll love it!" gushes Melia, as Jermiane nods enthusiastically beside her.

"It was the bomb. Long queue though."

Lawrence seems to brighten up a bit then, and we continue to explore the park. I even manage to win a teddy for Savannah, who she instantly names Pog.

We begin the long drive back, and I'm relieved its Lawrence's turn to drive. Leigh sits up front with him, and Jermaine snoozes for most of the journey home. Savannah rests into the crook of my arm, and I can't help but gaze at her whilst she does. When she catches me doing this, she leans up to kiss me, and we get shouted at for the sound of our kisses but the others.

Jealousy, that's what it is.

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