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Part of me was still a little stunned that I was his girlfriend, but it was only when we encountered Rachel again that it seemed...real.

It had been a few weeks since the theme park trip, and Adrian had insisted we went on an actual 'date'. He was convinced we hadn't had one- despite me pointing out that the romantic boat trip was kind of one- he disagreed. So we were having a date on my terms- no fancy restaurants or cringe moments for me thanks.

"I feel like I'm thirteen," Adrian chuckles from beside me, his eyes running over the cheesy diner with amusement.

"Oh be quiet. They do the best burgers here."

"I'm glad I dressed up," he smirks, as I drag him to one of the booths. I loved it here- it was all plastic seats and bright colours, but the food was to die for.

We ordered our food as we sat across from one another, the atmosphere light and filled with banter. I couldn't stop staring at him, and as his knee brushed against mine under the table, I felt a tingle spreading all over my body. How can one have such an effect from a single touch? He seemed to know what I was thinking, tilting his head to look at me with curiosity.

"So tell me, Savannah," my name curled from his tongue as I felt myself gazing at his lips. It's odd- whenever anyone uses my full name I seem to sit up a little straighter; pay attention that little bit more. But when Adrian uses it, I'm a wreck. It's like he does it on purpose, dragging the syllables out slowly whilst his eyes hold me captive. He smirks, before continuing. "I don't understand how you never had a boyfriend, or anyone of interest. What makes me so special?"

Our food arrived, and I smike at the waitress before picking a chip up and biting into it.

"I don't know," I answer honestly, as he studies me with interest. He picks up his burger, balancing it carefully so the fillings don't spill out when he bites into it. "I've just never felt that...connection. I mean, I've fancied guys, obviously-"

"Like who?" he demands, after swallowing his burger with a gulp. I chuckle at his reaction before ripping the lid of the ketchup carton.

"Jermaine is good looking," I say carefully, as he stares at me in disbelief. "But too much of a player for me. I don't play games."

"I cant believe you're admitting you fancied my best mate on our first date," he grumbles, biting into his burger aggressively as I shrug.

"You were with my best friend, imagine how I feel!" I exclaim, as he cringes.

"I'm never gonna live that one down am I?"

"No," I smile, as he grins at me, reminding me that this conversation was probably overdue. "What can I say, is it easier being with your ex best friends ex, or your exes ex best friend?"

Adrian frowns, before we both burst out laughing.

"Do you mean- is it easier for me, or you?" he summarises, before pointing st the burger. "This is so good, by the way."

I give him a smug smile as we continue to eat, picking up where we left off.

"I'm too jealous to be in your position," Adrian declares, as he sips on his coke. I raise my eyebrows inquisitively, as I fish out the gherkin from my burger. Adrian watches me as I continue to examine it, before he continues. "I saw you kiss a guy, once, and I nearly murdered him. That made me angrier than seeing Rachel on that guys lap," he confesses, and I can't help but do a double take.

"You liked me then?"

Adrian smiles, and I feel a flutter of activity in my stomach.

"I think I've always liked you," he confesses, wiping his mouth with a napkin. "But I've just never paid it any attention until we were...alone."

"I felt sorry for you," I admit, as he frowns at me with interest. "I thought your relationship was unhealthy. Sorry," I cringe, and he laughs.

"You're not wrong. This," he indicates between us as I finish off my food. "This is what a relationship should be like. Being able to sit on a first date, talking about your ex."

I burst out laughing then as he joins in, his fingers reaching out for mine as I protest.

"It's not a first date! I'm sorry, I'm socially awkward."

"Nah, you're not. I love that we are like this. Nothing is off limits. Which leads me to my next question."

I look up at him nervously as he leans forward, my eyes locked on his as he speaks. He gazes at ne seriously, before taking a deep breath.

"Will you marry me?"

I choke on my drink as he roared with laughter, the serious expression now gone from his face.

"You fucker!"

"Ah, I'm sorry, I had to-"

I throw a stray chip at him, and he simply leans back laughing as I scowl at him playfully.

"My answer would be no, just so you're aware," I tease, as he shakes his head still grinning at me.

"It better not be when I ask you for real," he warns, as we get up and head for the exit, disposing of our rubbish on the way. I glance over at him as he slides his arm around my shoulders, pulling me close to him.

"Adrian, I'm never gonna marry you," I say, as he stops, turning me towards him. His eyes search mine, a smile still playing at his lips when he speaks softly.

"God, I hope you are. I've never wanted any of that shit until you."

His lips graze mine, and I find myself responding eagerly, our bodies speaking a language our minds were slowly beginning to understand. His hands were lost in my hair, and none were wrapped around his waist when I heard her.

"You've got to be joking. Are you still not over your stupid little holiday fling?"

We break apart to see Rachel smiling at us icily, countless shopping bags on each arm as she rolls her eyes at us. The girl beside her isn't familiar, and she looks at us with interest.

Adrian sighs, before turning back towards me.

"Ignore her, she will go away," he instructs, as I smile sweetly at her.

"Looks like this is getting serious after all," I shrug, as she laughs bitterly.

"You're nothing special, Sav. You're just the new toy who has finally decided to open her legs. Enjoy my leftovers."

She sends me a death glare as Adrian turns to call after her, my heart in my mouth.

"Hey Rachel, it's so much better being with someone I can actually hold a conversation with. I thought after years with you my brain cells had dried up, but nope. Still there," he taps the side of his head as she storms away in disgust. He turns back to me, concern in his eyes as he speaks.

"I'm sorry about her, she really is vile."

"You need to stop apologising Adrian," I whisper softly, cupping his face in my hands. "She is nothing to us."

He leans down, pressing his lips against mine as my mouth opens in response. I realise I'm now pressed up against the wall, and the whole shopping centre can see us kissing like love struck kids.

"I love you, Savannah. I really do," he mumbles against me, as I bite my lip with delight. I don't think I'll ever get bored of hearing him say that.

"I love you more," I say, as he grins against my jawline, peppering kisses along it as I moan softly.

"I know it's the first date and all, but will you come home with me?" he asks gruffly, and I giggle against him.

"Are your mum and sister in?"

His lips have found the sweet spot on my neck, and I gasp as he nibbles it slightly.

"What?" he murmurs, lifting his head up to finally meet my eyes, his lips swollen from kissing me.

"Never mind, let's go," I declare, tugging him after me.

He doesn't need much persuasion.

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